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Dear Ashli, (A letter to Ashli Orion from a PWL fan)

Dear Ashli,

I’ve been a big fan of yours for a while now. You seem really talented and sweet!

Ashli Orion aka Breanna Echevarria

I love your ass and your hot look and watching you move your sexy body while you wear skimpy panties!

Ashli looking hot in panties

You seem really fun like you’d be a nice girl to date or be my girlfriend. If you were my girlfriend I’d keep you home on my couch so we could have sex all the time!

Wanna be my girlfriend?

I also love to watch you fuck black guys…

Sometimes I wish I was black

Even though I don’t really think it’s right that you do that kind of thing…

Say it ain't so Ashli!

I’ll bet your dad’s real proud of you!

That's my girl!

I saw you on youtube where you were singing a song about sucking cock.

That was pretty funny! Did you write that? I think you’re really talented. Not at songwriting but at sucking cock.

Kiss me!

You seem to really like sex. Do you like sex?

Did you just cum Baby?

I see you as kinda like the slutty girl next door type of girl who I could just meet in the park and take home to smoke some weed and fuck. Are you like that?

Are you lost?

I saw on that Porn Wiki Leaks website that your real name is Breanna Echevarria. That’s cool.

Please be my friend

I’m not a stalker or anything but I was just curious and I had to look you up on facebook under your real name. It looked like it was your real facebook page! You were acting all weird in your photo! You have a good sense of humor I bet!

Just for kicks I emailed you. Did you get my message?

You've got male!

I was trying to be cool but I’m getting kinda pissed cause you didn’t email me back. Don’t be a bitch I mean damn it’s like we’ve already fucked cause I’ve been watching so many POV scenes of you while I jerk off.

I feel like I know you

Anyways, it’s really not that cool that you don’t email me back. I’m one of your biggest fans. I was at Exotica LA last year and I almost asked for a picture with you but i’m kinda shy sometimes. It makes me angry cause I think maybe you’re a phony even though you seem real cool in your movies.

Damn you're hot!

I’m wondering why you don’t respond? I found a phone number that was supposed to be yours from another website but you didn’t answer.

Please pick up!

I’ve seen videos where you fuck strangers so I know your a slut. Why won’t you answer?

Can you talk?

Don’t be scared I just want to talk to you.

I just wanna talk to you

If I knew what grocery store you went to I could show up and pretend that I just ran into you?

Paper or plastic?

I’d try to be cool and not let on that I jerk off to you all the time. Should I do that?

Dairy section

This is getting frustrating. I just want to talk to you! Anyways, what are you doing this weekend?

Girls night out

I read somewhere where you said your boyfriend works on the weekends and you said you like to masturbate on the couch alone?

Home alone?

Maybe I could drop by?

Is anyone home?

We wouldn’t have to do anything. It’s not like i’m thinking dirty thoughts or anything.

I love conversation

We could watch a movie!


Oh damn Ashli! I’m gonna cum just thinking about you!

Is this premature?

This always happens to me.

This never happened to me before I swear

Oh well. I’ll call you again.

Fuck off creep!

By the way, my name’s Travis.

Hi, i'm Travis

Anyways, call me back or answer my email and let me know what you think of me okay?

Is it hard?

Your friend, Travis

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