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“Cute as hell” Monica Foster still won’t take our South Beach Challenge

Let’s be honest, Monica Foster looks like shit in all these pictures that are being used here and much older than she really is. She looks very ghetto and 3rd world also. She is such an egomaniac and a shut in that she thinks she looks cute and that may be true in the privacy of her mommys house. She is definitely the cutest woman in that house but when your only competition is a 70 year old lady, you need to take your show on the road and find out the truth. Even in her make believe world of Twitter, not a single person agreed with this statement and favored or retweeted her.

We asked her to go down to South Beach with the beautiful people to prove that she turns heads and nothing. She wont do it. She is within a short drive so there is no excuse. Until she gets out in the rude world, she will never learn that she is just not a head turner. If you look at someone like Misty Stone, she turns heads. Very unique look and why she has many adult toys in her likeness including a full 5 foot tall doll.

Come on, nothing like that would ever be made in Foster’s likeness and if they did and you had it in your house at night, you would be creeped out.

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