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Coco is sitting blocking people on twitter Sunday morning claiming her life is so great. LOL

I love waking up Sunday morning talking to Speig’s and watching the cock eyed bucked tooth monkey Coco the Gorilla DANCE LOL on Twitter. She just made a video sitting on the beach high as a kite and drunk from last night claiming how great her life is. She went on to say she was sitting there trolling twitter and blocking people like me hahahhaa. Yea this is what COWARDS do that are so tough!

Alexandra Melody Mayers aka failed check taking hooker MONICA FOSTER you are nothing but a failed at everything in life low life piece of nigger trash on welfare and food stamps living with mama Joan Rucker Mayers at 623 NW 47th Ter Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 at 40 fucking years old that hates your life and knows deep down in side what a failed piece of shit you are and you are fooling NOBODY! You know everyone around you and that knows you HATES YOU AND WANTS YOU DEAD EVEN YOUR OWN FAMILY INCLUDING YOUR OWN MOTHER!

Shit my 4 ex baby mamas that I hate have more respect for themselves and are more of a success than you and thats saying alot and even they want you dead. Give it up trying to fool anybody about your loser failed life. You are scum and failed and nothing more whore!

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An example of a photo we used here that was later changed by Eddie.

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