Christianx vs Keiran Lee Twitter war: 10 years later

In late 2008 on now defunct PWL sister site, a legendary thread chronicled a war of words between homosexual Christianx and straight porn performer Keiran Lee. The site was one of the earliest versions of PWL but it was eventually seized and overrun by posters that PWL didn’t want, Monica Foster, porn forum rejects and other Gay Mafia who were attracted to the open posting policy and the fact that they could be cowards under anonymous names. But before the downfall, there was a thread about a Sunday afternoon Twitter war between Christian Wians and Brazzers Keiran Lee. Basically, Christian, the then producer for Naughty America, was proud of working himself to the bone while Lee was more of a fan of working smarter, less hours while enjoying life and making just as much if not more money than the overworked homosexual Wians. And Christian taunted Lee for it. Well, cut to 10 years later and Lee is seemingly swimming in cash while Wians is now fucking the bottom feeders of the business (Trannys, fattys, grannys), sometimes going to 3rd world countries to do so and trying to sell subscriptions on his low quality sites just to try to get through the next 20 years when he can finally retire. With a lot of miles on his odometer, it does not appear Wians will make it.

Keiran’s social media shows that he owns a home in California, belongs to a country club and has a Range Rover, a Porsche and a Cadillac in the driveway. Plus, he works with young and attractive girls. Chrissy rents and not even in California, drives his tired old Honda and just socks all his money away preparing for when his dick goes limp for good. It appears he is no longer with his beard either.

10 years later and straight male porn god Keiran appears to have easily won. It’s not close. Straights always win. Mark this one down for the good guys.

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