Christianx depressed about failed career…resorts to “bug-chasing”


We have word that Christianx is very depressed about losing his job shooting content for Naughty America. Girls and people who were kissing his ass a few weeks ago because he was a director/producer will no longer take his calls. He has been re-added to many girls “no” lists and shunned from the cliquish porn crowd.

Christianx attempted to bash Mark Wood on twitter a few days ago, poking fun that Mark Wood just turned 42 years old. In turn Mark Wood said something to the effect of “good luck finding a girl that is willing to work with you lol.”

The truth hurts.

Lexi Belle picked up on the slack from there and has been bashing Christianx all over twitter and making fun of the fact that Christian can pretty much ONLY work with desperate fat whores and transsexuals, usually in some homo-type scenes that involve him getting fucked in the ass.

Colonel Wians must be proud!

So what’s Christianx doing about his current low-status? He has resorted to “bug-chasing” in between scenes.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Christianx is now attending “bug-chasing” parties and events.

The HIV spider could bite at any time

Wikipedia defines bug-chasing as:

“Bugchasing is a slang term for the practice of pursuing sexual intercourse with HIV infected individuals in order to contract HIV. Individuals engaged in this activity are referred to as Bugchasers. Bugchasers may seek HIV infection for a variety of reasons.

Bugchasers seek sexual partners who are HIV positive for the purpose of having unprotected sex and becoming HIV positive; giftgivers are HIV positive individuals who comply with the bugchaser’s efforts to become infected with HIV.”

Christianx has almost single handedly destroyed the porn business

C3X and gay pals like Derek Hay have already destroyed the porn industry which is now being forced to use condoms and dental dams for ALL scenes!

Christianx has decided that if he is going to leave porn against his will, he’s going to give the industry a little going away present.

Be forewarned!

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