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Broward County Judge Michael G. Kaplin, hope you find my letter well

Open online and paper letter to Broward County Judge Michael G. Kaplin but page 2 not posted online.

Dear your honor,

You have a criminal stalker terrorist in your courtroom lying to the courts filing false restraining orders and using your courtroom to harass people and there families with process servers. This has been going on for over a year now. Alexandra Melody Mayers has a long history of this in your courtroom with many and has even used her mother to also do it under her name Joan Rucker Mayers of 623 NW 47th Ter Deerfield Beach, FL 33442. What she is doing is criminal and we hope you take proper legal action and lock her and her mother up where they both belong.

Attached on page two is a list of her social media accounts and websites where she criminally stalks, extorts, libels, slanders and harasses her victims including the victim your are not able to serve in her case in your courtroom as he does not even live in Florida and Alexandra is just doing this to harass the mans father at his address where he does not live but its failing as he has a gate outside with cameras and knows about this and could care less. Much like everything Alexandra does its a fail and thats why she lives with her mother at 40 and sits jealous and bitter stalking people she is jealous of all day and night from mother Joans computer.

Joan houses and funds her daughter Alexandra’s terrorism and more than likely will be present when Alexandra shows up again to waste the courts time on “Hearing on 08/15/18 @ 2:00pm Room 10150” They have both made countless threats to many people online including threatening to go back to Las Vegas where Alexandra failed as a ugly hooker and throw acid on her foes. The FBI even visited Joan’s home a couple weeks ago because of the countless death threats they are posting online.

Here is a page with proof:

Alexandra was also sued for libel and harassment of a mother online and has a judgement against her for 166k in Las Vegas court which I have also attached.

Now please see just yesterday Alexandra CRIMINALLY stalking, harassing, threatening, libeling and slandering the very person she filed against in court on her very website “LINK REMOVED” please see page 2 attached with links to all her and her mother Joan’s terrorism online and LOCK THEM UP WHERE THEY BELONG WHEN THEY COME INTO YOUR COURTROOM!


PS: Judge Rod Bare is in the picture and you can ask him about Alexandra!

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