Bobbi Dylan OWNS Sean Tompkins

Once again, Bobbi Dylan sets fire to the ass of Sean Tompkins. She has made this troll her punching bag over the last year or so. Little 5’2 Bobbi Dylan abusing and slapping around this “Mountain man.”

I smell four children missing their father because he’s busy harassing Porn girls half his age. Happy 51st~
51 fucking years old and still a professional troll – oh sorry, “Computer engineer” according to fake news The Daily Beast.
It really is beautiful watching people like Tompkins and Mayers grow old and bitter. They just get more pathetic every day. Christian Michael Wians will be great to watch once he hits round 60 and is still fucking trannies to pay his rent and considering himself a success. And he will still be renting at that age. #FUCKINGLOSERS

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