Blast from the past: Read Desi Foxx’s Hilarious Affidavit In The Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers Defamation Case

Desi Foxx submited an affidavit, entirely in vain, in support of Monica Foster’s ridiculous Motion To Dismiss the defamation action brought against her

It’s crystal clear from Monica Foster’s pleadings in the defamation suit brought against her by Jennifer Randazza, that she would rather talk about ANYTHING BUT the facts in the case. As noted by Randazza’a attorney in court, yesterday, her arguments only go to “her perceived grievances about the adult entertainment industry, and Marc Randazza and Marc Randazza’s clients, and it has entirely nothing to do with Jennifer Randazza. And it has nothing to do with the claims at issue.”

Foster, real name Alexandra Melody Mayers, has been unable to provide any evidence to support her claim that she did not simply make up lies about Jennifer Randazza to punish Randazza’s outspoken attorney husband, Marc. Her exhibits largely consist of screencaps of pages from her own hate sites; extracts from fellow conspiracy theorist Crystal Cox’s blogs; and tweets by various people she has harassed and defamed, including TRPWL’s Sean Tompkins and Michael Whiteacre, and attorneys Marc Randazza and J. Malcolm DeVoy.

Monica Foster’s theory appears to be, “I shouldn’t have to defend myself for my tortious acts because lots of people don’t like me and make fun of me!”

Read The Hilarious Affidavit of Diana Grandmason, a.k.a. Desi Foxx In The Monica Foster Defamation Case

Diana Grandmason, a.k.a. Desi Foxx

The affidavit of one Diana Grandmason a.k.a. Desi Foxx — the so-called child advocate who 1) married a child predator/sex offender, then 2) pimped her daughter into porn, and later, when the shoots dried up, 3) did ‘doubles’ with her daughter at The Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada — was filed with the court (late) on June 29, and continues Foster’s tradition of avoiding uncomfortable realities in place of flinging blame outward.

Desi, right, performing with her daughter Elli

Desi, right, performing with her teen daughter Elli

Desi’s affidavit does not even mention the plaintiff, Jennifer Randazza, whom Foster defamed; instead it makes charges about Randazza’s husband Marc. And, naturally, it dwells on Desi’s oppression and victimhood — as “verified” by herself…


My name is Diana Grandmason. This is my statement and affidavit of what I know and my involvement with Alexandra Meyers [sic] aka entertainer, Monica Foster (‘MEYERS’) [sic], Marc Randazza (‘RANDAZZA’), the attorney who filed this lawsuit against Ms. Meyers [sic] and the relevance of their relationship that led to this lawsuit. My name is listed in several of Randazza’s recent suits though I have never been officially named a party to any of those suits. Randazza has used the judicial to harass other women activists in much the same way he is doing here with Meyers. [sic]  I am another of his victims so my experience is relevant to this case.

I met Meyers [sic] in April of 2008 when I spent 2 years working in the adult entertainment industry in Los Angeles, CA. My time since leaving in 2009 has been spent working as an activist bringing awareness to sex trafficking inside the porn industry, sharing the information gathered while there. I speak to and train law enforcement, politicians, Non-Profit organizations and religious groups about the secrets of the sex traffickers inside the porn industry and the connection to many of our societal problems related to the increase of and free access to pornography on the internet. I have been verified as a sex trafficking victim of the Los Angeles adult entertainment industry.

I have never met Randazza. To the best of my knowledge, I believe I have never communicated in any way with Randazza nor has he with me. I first learned of Randazza when, through research and investigation, Meyers [sic] became aquainted [sic] with another victim of Randazza’s stalking and bullying while using the judicial system to gain access to his victims. That victim’s name is Crystal Cox (‘COX’). Meyers [sic] took possession of the domain named in this lawsuit, related to Randazza’s family member, that Cox had ownership of and was the subject of a lawsuit.

Meyers [sic] told me she was investigating the connection to Randazza and our stalkers and had offered to take possession of the domain in an attempt to fascilitate [sic] a truce between Cox and Randazza and to ultimately transfer the domain ownership to Randazza. Meyers [sic] told me she was uncomfortable about holding it while also investigating the story. I offered to hold it until they worked the whole situation out. At the time, I had seen enough of the evidence to indicate there was a need for investigation so I felt it worthwhile to help fascilitate [sic] the process. Meyers [sic] indicated she felt the same and that was why she had gotten involved with Cox in the first place. After a short time, Godaddy moved the ownership to Randazza. I believe it may have been moved back to Meyers [sic] before ultimately going to Randazza. I did nothing during any of these transfers except to verbally and in an email to Meyers, [sic] agree to the transfer into and out of my name. This was my complete involvement with the domain that Marc Randazza is suing about and spewing conspiracy theories about gang activity and threats against his family. I have reported on articles I found that others have written and posted online, Meyers [sic] and Cox included, who have experienced the same illegal activities in their lives as I, by the same group of people who we‘ve independently linked through their open and very public trolling all over social media. Randazza is publicly right smack in the middle of several independent investigations by several independent activists, activists who advocate for completely different issues.

Before Randazza filed a subpoena in the Miami court system to get my personal information, I had approximately 3 articles posted that featured Marc Randazza on 17 different sites. Only 3. Since then, thanks to Randazza’s own activities and behavior, I’ve had to post several more as it is prudent to follow the activities of someone who is illegally harassing, stalking and threatening you. None of those posts make me guilty of any of the activities Randazza has accused me of in any of these legal proceedings.

I’ve viewed the evidence of the other independent bloggers, including that provided by Meyers [sic] and Cox, whose stories I’ve shared on my blogs and some I haven’t shared. Meyers [sic] and Cox have a valid reason to fear for their safety. I fear for the safety of myself and my entire family, at the hands of these same men.

Myself and my family have been bullied and stalked both online and physically by these same men. They have contacted our work in attempts to get us fired. I’ve attached a tweet showing they know where I live right now (Exhibit A). I have moved 5 times since leaving the porn industry in 2009, in an attempt to maintain my privacy but Randazza and the men who he’s publicly connected to continue to track and stalk our every move. Now, Randazza is using the court systems to harass and stalk his victims. Again, I’m stalked by Randazza because of 3 related articles posted when I have 17 websites and over 3000 postings.

Because I had those 3 articles posted, Randazza has accused me of the same activities he accuses Meyers [sic] of in this lawsuit. Because of those 3 articles, Randazza filed a subpoena in the Miami court system to gain my personal information from my web domain registrar, Godaddy. I was given only 3 days to object to something I knew nothing about and because of a lawsuit I’m not even a party named in (Exhibit B). I don’t have legal representation or the means to pay for it. I couldn’t learn of or apply for assistance in 3 days. My 3 posts were referenced as evidence in Cox’s lawsuit, then Godaddy gave my personal information to Randazza and the Miami judicial system gave them permission to give it. Next, these same connected stalkers post about my home on the internet (Exhibit A).

The truth is, Randazza already had all of our personal information. This is a form of intimidation he uses regularly. He needed the legal paper trail so he could use the information he had already gathered and do it very publicly in efforts to defame and intimidate us all. They’re really quite transparent about everything they do. As a legal professional, Randazza should be held to a higher standard. He should not be able to use our judicial system to harass and threaten the citizens of this nation like common mob thugs and street gang members.

I’ve never even met any of the other parties mentioned in this lawsuit except Meyers. [sic] The only connection we all have is the fact that we have all suffered stalking, harassment and threats to ourselves, our families and our support networks from these people, including Randazza, who’ve exposed themselves in social media as not only being connected but also stalking each of us online and in person. You only have to follow them for a short time to see their patterns. Once you see their pattern, you will never be able to unsee them!

I believe Randazza’s own group named it ‘Bat Shit Crazy’ when calling Cox a crazy conspiracy theorist when she exposed some major corruption that Randazza was connected to in our Federal Bankruptcy court system. It was Cox’ reporting and a federal bankruptcy court trustee that destroyed my evidence during an active class action lawsuit that initially brought our paths to cross. I believe our evidence shows a much stronger link between Randazza and the stalkers, Sean Tompkins (‘TOMPKINS’) and Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre (‘WHITEACRE’).

Randazza did not list Tompkins and Whiteacre as defendents [sic] in any of these lawsuits though I’ve had many more dealings with them in connection to Randazza then [sic] anything I’ve done with Cox or Meyers. [sic] Randazza has lost his perspective and there are several activists that are being harassed and threatened through the court systems in an effort to shut us up and stop our reporting of his connection to corruption in America. To allow Randazza any relief through this lawsuit would be an injustice to each and every one of those victims, myself included!

I conclude my statement. By signing this affidavit, I acknowledge that the facts put before this court are true and the facts as of this date, June 29, 2014.

Diana Grandmason

Clearwater, FL

Is Desi trying to distance herself from Foster the sinking ship by intentionally misspelling her last name as “Meyers” rather than Mayers? Desi knows damn well how to spell Foster’s legal name (albeit, not much else, it seems)…

Food for thought.

Clobbered by Justice crop

Randazza v. Mayers A-14-699072-C, District Court, Clark County, Nevada, Eighth Judicial District, Department 32

UPDATE:  Grandmason / Foxx’s ludicrous affidavit has been ordered stricken from the record.

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