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Black Homosexual scumbag Ivan Mayer of Huston Texas still popping off

This stupid black faggot that failed at everything in life including running for office is still popping off and letting his failed at life prostitute Daughter libel and make up lies about people. Her latest post on her no traffic website is attacking a couple that she is so very jealous of.

See Donny Long did not only make it in all angles of the porn business unlike Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers and her piece of shit drunken criminal prostitute sister Vicky V. Mayers but he is also currently banking rolling in huge cash off all his online websites. Something Monica wants to do but like everything else she fails.

Donny is also married to a great women that not a gold digging AMERICAN attention whore piece of shit and now having another child as Heather is 7 weeks pregnant and Monica cant find a man or get pregnant either.

This is boiling Monica’s blood that everything in life is going wrong for her and she cant get her shit together while her enemies are doing great and doing everything she wishes she could do but cant because she is a failure piece of shit.

Meanwhile her homosexual piece of shit father is just sitting there sucking cock and taking it up the HIV dirty asshole over in Huston Texas with all the steers and queers and Monicas Mother Joan Rucker Mayers is supporting Monica and letting her live with mommy while allowing Monica to further dig the families online footprint into the mud. Monica when will you learn you can only kick yourself when you try and kick the straight porn god army? You dumb failure piece of welfare food stamping collecting shit your attack post that will get no traffic just earned you and your family this post getting over 10k peeps a day laughing at you all.

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