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Bernard Edwards’ Project Homicide

I found a shit load of dirt and history on our little gay homo with AIDS stalker Edward Bernard Prydzial aka Eddie Dzial and all the thousands of people laughing at him all over music and band forms all over the net for over two decades. The amount of fails and people laughing at this tard is priceless and you HAVE TO READ IT ALL.

Lets start with a album he tried to kick around and he called into to Howard Stern begging him to play it on air only to have Howard’s callers call in and say how bad it was and how much of a fail and weirdo Edward was and Edward went Bananas on air ahAHAHAHHAHAHAA

It was called “Bernard Edwards’ Project Homicide”

and a review someone named “The Truth” left:

The Truth

July 3, 2012

Format: Audio CD
Listened to this band today on Howard Stern – Hmmm, this Bernard fella is completely demented and has no sense of reality. He was pushy and demanding requesting his song to be played. Got personal when folk called in stating that the music sucked. Bottom line, this band sucks. Bernard sucks. And, he is one creepy fella from Detroit.”
Now after doing even more research I found SOOOOOOO SOOOOO Much gold like this page and all the other 13 pages there plus other threads plus other sites I will post about more laer as dumb fuck Edward keeps popping off at his fag fuck hole in his ugly failed mug. SOMEONE SHOULD MAKE AN ACCOUNT AND BUMP THESE THREADS!


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