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Articles by zippy

Donald Lee Shore is of no matter

There isn’t any reason to kick Donald Shore since he so unhappy with himself that he must spend literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like someone that he can never be. Trannies are…

Alexandra Mayers is under house arrest

We were thinking about why Alexandra Mayers is always alone and always in the house and we decided that she is basically under house arrest at this point since she doesn’t like to go out…


POOP BOY SAYS PORNWIKILEAKS DISCRIMINATES AGAINST HIS FETISH! poop boy demands to be allowed on pornwikileaks as he says they are discriminating against his taboo. he says he wants his civil rights and allowed the…

Men like @TFPWL used to chase after me

Wow! So having balding, overweight, convicted felons who are scamming pornstars with his shitty PR and etc, that’s a highlight for the cross eyed monkey! Now we know that successful, hot, white men never shown…

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