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Articles by zippy

Kris Slater is bisexual

Kris Slater is bisexual and likes to be strapped like Chad Diamond here is the evidence: Kris Slater gets a Handjob by an older Gay Guy: Kris Slater get strapped:


Trannyfucker Ramon is currently listed on the Category Straight Male Porn actor. you should correct this mistake.

Kris Slater

Kris Slater is bisexual and did or still does gay porn. Delete him from the Category Straight Male Porn God and correct the Article of him.

One Of The Most Mysterious…

Does anybody know the data/bio of Sophie Strauss / Melisande / Katie Reynolds? Even just her real name? She seemed to be one of the most low profile actress out there. Not to pompous about…

What does Monica Foster know about art?

What does Alexandra Mayers prostitution name Monica Foster know about art?Absolutely nothing! This woman has yet to come to the realization that she doesn’t possess any artistic ability and that includes performing nude in any…

Please Remove my name from your site

Please remove my name from your website, it’s affecting my new life! Sincerely, Siegfried Lamond Cornegan NOTE FROM MOD: Name removed for now but I have never heard of this person. If another mod knows…

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