Another response to “AMM’s” Twitter meltdown

This will be another blog that goes over AMM’s DLDS (Donny Long Derangement Syndrome) and responds to her lies, racism and false statements.

“you bought her for about $10 USD”

This is not only libel but racism. She is calling all Thai women hookers. But like the other blog said, Mayers was like a $2 whore on cam. It was literally two bucks a minute to rent this whore.

“It’s weird how everyone just keeps taking everything from you DCS. You had your studio taken, then your career taken, even the name of your little bully blog was taken. At some point soon another guy will take your demon, and she’ll take your kids…”

But there is only one PWL. TFPWL has no wiki and no name leaks and such and PWL’s Alexa traffic rank in the US is also higher. So what was really taken? It is flattery that this clown has to use the name of this site to generate traffic to his gossip blog. No originality at all.



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