ANOTHER model of Gay Mafia Pimp Scumbag Derek Andrew Hay of LA Direct Models killed herself and IS DEAD! Olivia Lua DEAD!


Can someone please write a public letter calling out the officials in Fagaforina that are protecting this British pompous faggot and not locking his faggot ass up! This is like 4 girls in a month dead because of this faggot forcing girls to fuck faggots and driving them to suicide WTF. Olivia Lua now dead! ANOTHER OD SUICIDE! Other media outlets in Dereks pocket are refusing to report of this but our sources say that Olivia Lua was at a porn party and ODed because she was depressed about Derek Hay forcing her to fuck homosexuals and threatening her to not give her work unless she fucked his homosexual models.

I am in a rush with limited time if someone can please write a bigger post about this and Olivia Lua and call out the scum protecting him. Wonder if any of these girls fathers want info on how to find Derek Hay because we would love to get it to them.