6 Comments on "Angelina Chung’s Chicken – Sin Kitchen Ep 105"

  1. Isnt this Faghag not even active anymore?

    • porn wiki leaks | March 17, 2019 at 1:07 pm | Reply

      Eddie you just never learn to stop kicking yourself and stay away from PWL ehhh homo! Your VPN is not working and I tracked you to Athens Greece to your mamas house AGAIN AHHAHAHAA

  2. So you are still tracing Ip addresses? We thought that stopped. We wee promised this actually there was a post made denying and assuring us it had ended. This is not Russia or China. We should be able to post without the risk of prosecution for what we say and/or believe. So, if we disagree or do something to piss off mods we can be tracked and threatened? Of all the places you would think that would have the first ammendmant as it’s main priorities it would be a place BUILT on free speech itself. This is highly concerning and very troublesome. I need to bring this to my fellow senior members.

    • porn wiki leaks | March 17, 2019 at 10:12 pm | Reply

      We track Eddie when we need to! others not!

    • Who is going to prosecute you for posting on a forum? Are you some kind of fucking retard?

      As mentioned, protect yourself. There are many ways to protect your IP address. Do your own legwork, pal.

  3. Do you believe everything you read? Protect yourself because PWL isn’t going to protect you. Saying they don’t log IP is just damage control for the huge, colossal screw up of 2011 when so many contributors got exposed. Of course they still track IP but use a proxy to hide yours or refrain from contributing.

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