Amber Lynn Bach born Laura Lee Ball Tries to Delete Her Page and a bit on what happened to the removal service


FYI.. the information you have about me… well is completely WRONG!!! So, being nice.. I tried to fix it to make it correct… but you didn’t like that.. I even added in my weight, height, age, hair color, etc…. now.. post that to your followers.. that a girl in Porn tried to “fix” your fucked up, incorrect website… as my name ISN’T Amber Lynl Bach… It’s Amber LYNN Bach… which I also tried to fix…. oh well.. for a company that says they have the real information about someone.. you’re beyond wrong..

Make sure you post this to everyone out there also… that Amber Lynn Bach was trying to be nice, join your website & forum to fix the information about her.. and you block me.. and you blast me even more with wrong BS… WOW!!

This is what you posted back to me: “The block was made by Porn wiki leaks. The reason given is Removing content from pages: Dumb slut tried to get rid of her wiki page.” OH WOW!!! Now I’m a dumb slut for trying to “fix” your fucked up information… not get rid of the page… as neither name you have listed for me is even correct or spelled correct… your information on me.. yes I do porn.. but you watch it… no I’m not a whore.. nor am I a hooker.. that is slander.. so get your words right when posting or writing about people..

Oh yes.. next time when someone is trying to “fix” their information to be true and not false.. I suggest that you let them.. you’re site would then have better credentials.

Amber Lynn Bach