All Jimmy Lifestyles got for his apology was a beating from the save a ho’s

Never, EVER apologize to the gay/feminist mafias. You only make things worse. Emma Hix is an attention seeking butterface whore that is out to ruin lives. She’s getting what she wanted.

Here is what Jimmy Lifestyles got for his trouble:



STATEMENT and APOLOGY from Jimmy Lifestyles. Link:

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Bro, I know you want to clear this up and you seem really contrite but it may be best to take everything down and call a lawyer. Lay low for a couple months. Chill. All this crying and shit is NOT helping you AT ALL. You fucked up, yes, but don’t compound on your mistakes.

nah i disagree man, no need for a lawyer. I talked to all parties involved before this and its not going that direction at all. Just being real my friend, just being honest, this situation deserves this kind of response. and thats not crying, i got allergies! 😉

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Be safe, talk to a lawyer. This is 2019, not 1999. Its great that you’ve cleared the air w/ everyone (not sure if that’s true as there’s more articles & more girls daily) but you’re in trouble & you don’t even realize it. Just like how you didn’t realize you were being recorded.

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From the last XBIZ article it sounds like they’re gearing up for at least civil action. In your situation I would assume everything you post about this is being saved and picked apart by people who are highly motivated to get you. Seriously consider consulting an attorney.

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You fucked up bigtime, Jimmy. You need a lawyer. ASAP. You know what your problem is? You want things to be one way… but they’re the other way. You’re only hurting yourself with your antics.

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Thanks for the video jimmy. I hope in the future this truly does change things for you, I know you mean well but I think you needed to learn that line between director and talent and learn when to be one or the other.



Wow. Good for you. That was a courageous move on owning your part and taking responsibility for your actions 🙏



Wow. I bet Harvey Weinstein and similar shitheels thought they were funny, amusing and just having some fun. It’s NOT funny or fun if the other side is not down with it. Especially if your in a position of power.

I hope the calls on Twitter for an investigation into the immigration status of Emma Hix ends. This needs to stop. Can’t we all just get along?

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I am a permanent resident here. I have all my papers. I’ve done nothing wrong to get deported. Sit the fuck down.


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Just Like jimmy tried to give Emma Starletto hush money. Lol.




“One moment in your career” fuck off 🙄 if you hadn’t made the same bad choice SO many times this wouldn’t be such a problem



you claim that you explained your plan badly- why was touching performers or putting your tongue anywhere near or on their body part of your “plan” at all? Lol



The public apology is appreciated but just remember actions speak louder than words. I hope you fulfill your apology statement.



Honestly doesn’t mean he will change.. he probably only did this because has bigger balls than he does and called him out on it. A true man wouldn’t have put her or any girl in that situation.



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That was the right thing to do, and probably not easy.



I highly recommend reaching out to a Restorative Justice counselor.



Well said. Takes a man to say the things you said. Tip my hat to your words



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Stay strong Jimmy. Glad you apologized. You shoot great product. Hope everyone concerned gives you a second chance.



this ‘apology’ would seem a lot more sincere if it wasn’t drenched in phony self-pity you’re only butthurt because you got caught




And here is how he should have handled it:

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