Alexandra Melody Mayers having Donny Long Derangement Syndrome for the 5th day in a row!

While fag stomping straight male porn god Donny Long is out with his wife and kids enjoying spring break Failed porn whore hooker Monica Foster the FAILURE thats 40 years old sitting bitter living with her faghag failed mother Joan Rucker Mayers at 623 NW 47 Ter Deerfield Beach Florida with her failed hooker sister Victoria Mayers  is having a meltdown of Donny Long Derangement Syndrome for the 5th day in a row now all day and night! Its epic to watch all the things that are only true to herself she tweets about Donny. Its as though she is sitting dreaming these things didnt happen to her and happened to Donny instead! Every tweet you can just take Donny’s name out and add Alexandra’s and it fits PERFECT! Watch!


“you bought her for about $10 USD”

awww wait Donny’s wife was never a hooker but Alexandra was the “$10 USD hooker” in Vegas OPENLY ONLINE AND ON HER VIDEOS and FAILED after taking a RUBBER check from Lenny and becoming the world dumbest failed hooker and got run out of Vegas! HAHHAHAhA

Ok sorry I know I know its not nice to kick the mentally ill but wait this autistic retarded cock eyed gorilla needs another kick!

“It’s weird how everyone just keeps taking everything from you DCS. You had your studio taken, then your career taken, even the name of your little bully blog was taken. At some point soon another guy will take your demon, and she’ll take your kids…”

HAHAHHA Wait lets be real here folks! Monicas pussy stank too her life in LA away but Donny SOLD his studio to one of the biggest companies in the world and moved forward to working behind the computer. Her “Career” ended when her pussy stank and failures aired all over the internet but Donny’s “Career” is doing very well in porn right here

Bully blog? If she is talking about we are right here and laughing at you LOL and kicking your dumb failed money ass.

As for kids or someone taking away someones other half well Donny has his wife and kids with him enjoying life while u got divorced in all of about a couple days and didnt your own mother abort your child ahahhaha YEA #FACT!

Never stop you fucking idiot. Go after you openly gay homosexual father Ivan Leacock Mayers to come fuck your ass some more you fucking Idiot!


Image courtesy of Alexandra Mayers’s “Good Friend” TFPWL

Alexandra Melody Mayers more than 20 years younger and about 50 pounds lighter


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