Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster SNAPS and attacks and outs her whole family because she is never wrong and everyone else is always wrong

Joan Mayers, the weak and enabling mother that allows her terrorist daughter to conduct online terrorism and stalking from her home.

Folks this is what happens when the wrong stupid whore opens her legs to a homosexual without a condom and then never tells her children NO and never tells them they are WRONG. This is bad parenting from the LGBT community at its best in plain sight! This is why sicko mentally ill LGBT scumbag Libtards should never ever have kids!

See Failed porn whore, failed check taking Las Vegas hooker and criminal online terrorist libeling harassing stalker Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster that lives with her mother has tonight lost it on Twitter and not only attacked her mother, father and sister she lives with and lives off at 40 years old but also outed the whole family by names and attacked them as well tonight.

This is a long time coming and we hope mother Joan Rucker Mayers finally throws this piece of shit on the street where she belongs and stops funding her online terrorism! If anything else now we have the names of the rest of the scumbags in this fucked up family to go after online and give THEM ALL a taste of Monica’s medicine they are supporting and funding! Let the games begin folks! Donny Long get to making some videos about this and these new Mayers that are funding and supporting Monica’s crimes!

We said it before and will say it again, we will not stop until that bucked tooth cock eyed fat saggy butt monkey terrorist loser mentally ill retard Libtard Faghag LGBT scumbag deletes every piece of libel she has posted all over the net not only on her countless social media accounts but all her websites. She claims to currently have 3 jobs LOL even though she like all whores and fags do is lie lie lie lie lie lie lie it might be worth paying a PI to follow her in the morning and throughout one full day to see if she really is working somewhere so we can warn her employer and put a stop to that BS.

Read from the bottom up!



3m3 minutes ago

I’d rather die on a street corner homeless than waste any more of my life on Joan, Ivan or Victoria Mayers. Remember that.



Money & real estate are two things very important to Victoria Mayers. She wouldn’t think twice about killing someone to attain material wealth. Truthfully, she & I are polar opposites. Everything Ivan & Joan Mayers have goes to you & your son Victoria. Congratulations.


4m4 minutes ago

that she hated the idea of her son not being my parents ONLY grandchild at that time. Well bitch, you got your wish. It’s ALL ABOUT YOU Victoria. You from here on are Ivan & Joan Mayers ONLY DAUGHTER. I’m never changing my name but I’m no longer a part of your family. 2/2

1m1 minute ago

The 1st time I was pregnant and I told my sister she gave me the most hateful look I’d ever seen her give me. I’ve seen it since – quite often this year really… But back then was the FIRST time I’d seen it. She was about halfway through her pregnancy. In hindsight, I see 1/2



WTF mom? Is it that because YOU are miserable you want ME to be miserable? Cause that’s how it seems. I am not you Joan Mayers & you have no right to harm me out of hate for my father. Doesn’t matter now, you are no longer welcome in my life. Your only daughter is Victoria.



Alexandra Mayers Retweeted 800Tag

I’m with the key word being . I’m not pro coercion. I want to know WHY my mother had nothing but negative things to say about my 1st marriage & constantly suggested I get a divorce & then later COERCED me into an abortion while celebrating my sister’s pregnancy.

Alexandra Mayers added,



I love you South Florida. It’s been great getting reacquainted over the past few years, but it’s time I move back to the west coast. Permanently.



I think I’ll start a new painting later tonight.



I’ll get as personal on social media as I want, because I’m a person. Getting personal is what healthy people DO. I’m not ashamed of who I am, and if you are, that’s not my problem.



Joan, Ivan & Victoria Mayers are all BANNED from attending my funeral. I wish to be cremated & I don’t want ANY Mayers to be in possession of my ashes. If someone could scatter my ashes around the Sedona, AZ area I’d appreciate it.



I feel better now. Should anything else cross my mind about Joan, Ivan or Victoria Mayers (3 abusive jerks who hate me) I’ll tweet it.






Ivan Mayers has told me I should never have children. My mother Joan Mayers basically forced me to have an abortion Why has it been SO IMPORTANT TO IVAN & JOAN MAYERS THAT I NOT BE A PARENT BUT IT WAS FINE FOR VICTORIA MAYERS?



“I figured something was wrong with you since you were a kid” said Ivan Mayers the last time I saw him. REALLY Dad? Then why didn’t you get me professional help IF something in actuality is oh so wrong with me? Oh I know why. Because NOTHING is wrong with me. You’re just ABUSIVE



For as long as I can remember, Ivan Mayers consistently told me he wished he had a son. No matter what, simply due to my gender I was never good enough.



As a teenager Ivan Mayers told me when white women work out at the gym they glisten but Black women just sweat and stink.



The last time I had dinner with Ivan Mayers he told me I’m fat and have a mental disorder.






I’m not certain which of my parents is more abusive. They’re pretty evenly matched… They’re actually VERY much alike (which is likely why they got together to begin with). Ivan & Joan.



For a few years my father questioned my sister’s paternity. Then he blamed ME for somehow “leading him” to question it. How in the hell was that my fault? But regardless it’s a reason today for my sister to say I should never speak to him though she accepts money from him monthly



My mother CLAIMS her sisters (one is dead) “always hated her and pushed her away”. That’s not the truth, but she likes to say that to me, because it EXCUSES how MY sister regards ME. My mother LIKES that my sister treats me like shit because she LIKES to ABUSE me.



It’s fine. I’m just a human meal ticket who’s nearly reached their expiration date. Fuck all you Mayers. Go to hell & burn to a crisp.






I have a big butt because it’s in my genetics! I am a Black woman! Why is that such a problem to you Joan Mayers? Why have you pushed me to HATE MYSELF ALL THESE YEARS? WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? WHY HAVE YOU TAUGHT VICTORIA IT’S OK TO EQUATE YOUR SISTER TO A MONKEY? COLORIST!!!!!



mother made me wear. Keep in mind, at that time of my life I was also one of only 3 people of color in my entire school. Thanks for NOTHING MAYERS JERKS. 2/2



Starting in 5th grade my mother forced me to wear panty girdles because she felt my buttcrack was too big & that my rear was too pronounced. Seriously. I was told I should never wear pleated skirts. My peers in middle school made fun of me in gym class due to the underwear my 1/2



You want to collect on the insurance? Then allow me to make sure you get your money’s worth jerks. This is just the beginning. People need to KNOW what & who you ARE so they KNOW why my pain killed me.



I was thinking today about abortion. Why would a mother push one daughter to get an abortion but not the other? Neither daughters were married, but ONE is the favorite while the other is HATED. YEP…



Yep, another day for those around Alexandra Melody Mayers to treat her like shit because she won’t be their quiet, submissive slave pretending like everything is OK when it’s not. Blame ME for everything.



I’m not sorry for one damn thing.



The truth of Victoria Mayers – just a lazy mom ashamed of being Black (who passes socially as a Latina though she IS NOT) & who treats her mother (who takes care of her son) like shit along with her sister (who she thinks she’s better than regardless of her DUI’S).



And I swear Victoria, if you do even one off thing while I’m still around you, your reality will quickly morph into something you’d never imagine. Please, call the police. I keep an updated file for such occasions. You achieved your goal girl – I’m out your life. Forever.



Ivan, Joan & Victoria Mayers – SCREW YOU into eternity! I once had a . I had a chance at a real before you utilized me as a scapegoat. You took from me my because you wanted a . May you three feel the pain for eternity you deserve. You are pure evil.



You see, it doesn’t matter WHAT I do… I was born into a game I can never win. Death is my win. I’ll never return to Earth. I’ll also never associate with this particular soul cluster again. Victoria, you have no idea how clearly I see you. May you go completely blind.



Am I missing anything? Oh! How about this… “Everything your stalkers linked to the porn industry say online about you is true & all your fault – and the only reason I prompted you to open a court case about it to make the situation worse was to punish you” – Love Mom



Blame the dark skinned girl… “blackie” is the WHORE. OH – SHE LOOKS LIKE IVAN. PUSH BLACKIE DARKIE WHO LOOKS LIKE IVAN TO SUICIDE AND COLLECT THE INSURANCE. TAKE IVAN’S DAUGHTER TO GET AN ABORTION… Yeah – that’s what Alexandra Mayers family says…



It’s kinda weird I’m the only one who looks as I do … I wasn’t going to push the matter BUT considering how badly I’ve been treated… WHY NOT? WHO’S THE REAL WHORES? SHOW ME THE DNA TESTS YOU UPPITY BITCHES FROM HELL. BE I DEAD OR ALIVE, THE TRUTH WILL BE KNOWN.



Oh, and if by chance anyone gets ahold of my – I want a conclusive test done to verify my sister & my cousin Christine do in fact share the same paternal genetics as I linking to Ivan Mayers Sr. – because I’m not so certain colorists in my family have been honest…



I’m normally not this mean, but I’ve just had enough & I anticipate my life ending towards the end of this year. It’s not sad situation – it’s just my style.



To Victoria – lol! I could say so much…. I could literally write for EONS about your ass – but giving you the satisfaction isn’t something I’m willing to do. Simply ENJOY parenthood – because it’s EXACTLY what you deserve… May your son be blessed with MANY children 🙏



To Sophia – you have a pretty face but that’s it. I suggest weight watchers.



To Lance & Laurence – your both stupid too. No need for me to go into depth as to why.



To my cousin Mitchell – you’re just plain stupid. I was your best bet and you insulted me. May you rot in hell.



And to Christine Mayers – your singing voice SUCKS and your daughter is as unattractive as you are.



And if you ever see this Marjorie Mayers – it’s quite possible, you are the WORST AUNT & GOD parent that has EVER been.



Things ain’t ending the way you think they will assholes. My death = no peace for you for eternity. FYI – I have a family member who took out a life insurance policy on me due to their anticipating I’d die soon. Guess who it was… SEES EVERYTHING and life = surprises.



My issues have nothing to do with divorce, mental illness, homosexuality, racism, colorism, or parenting. It simply has to do with generations of LIARS UNWILLING TO FACE THE TRUTH OF WHO & WHAT THEY ARE. FUCK YOU FOR ETERNITY DEAD MAYERS & RUCKER PIECES OF TRASH. ROT IN HELL.



I’m gone. I never should have been. and when you need me in the future – I WILL NOT EXIST.



a piece of shit? That I’m “fooling” people? REALLY? After I do my best to be the best daughter, sister & aunt I can be? Near perfect?!?! Ok. Well here’s how it goes from here…



going on in my surroundings. Pretty weird I went from being a computer science major in college to a stripper and NO ONE IN MY FAMILY STOPPED ME?!??!? Now I’m living a good life today and doing everything right, working 3 NORMAL jobs yet my sibling & mom tell me I’m essentially



Here’s the truth: my birth – my being – made my parents appear “normal” for years. My father’s mom Alice encouraged & cultivated that LIE. I never got to be a normal kid or live a normal life. I never knew how to even be a real human being growing up. I don’t know wtf was…



time her younger sister was pregnant. Yep. So today, Alexandra tries her best to live a good life, not bother anyone, take care of her family YET no matter what she does, she’s treated like SHIT by her family unjustly…



SOMEHOW, everything from both her mother and father’s perspective that had gone wrong in their lives was suddenly Alexandra’s fault – because she’d done porn. Her father even went as far as to say she should never be mom and her mother took her to have an abortion at the same



Now, because Alexandra wanted to be financially independent many years ago and escape her mother she tried the adult biz. Her father SEEMED ok with her choice… But after things didn’t work out Alexandra was condemned by her family…



told all her friends, family & whoever would listen that Alexandra’s father was a horrible “fag”. Alexandra’s mother’s brother Noah says it as well to all who will listen. Of course they don’t care how Alexandra feels because she DOESN’T MATTER.



the lies anymore – so oneday when Alexandra Melody Mayers was around 13, he came out “the closet”. It doesn’t seem TODAY like that should be such a big deal – right? But to Alexandra’s mom it was – and since Alexandra was about 13 years old her mom consistently (in front of her



acceptable” in her sphere of existence (which was primarily comprised of a bunch of elitist Blacks attempting to breed children who could pass as white – or at least “upper crust” Blacks). Well, things worked out for a few years, but in time Alice’s son just couldn’t keep up



Here’s the reality of Alexandra Melody Mayers: the only reason I exist is due to a woman named Alice Mayers who was in denial about her son’s true nature. Once her son crossed paths with my mother Alice saw a prime opportunity to create “normalcy” which would be “socially 1/2



FYI – my mother made it known to me tonight she will be alive WELL after I leave Earth (in other words long after I die). I’ve always known that to be the reality…since I was a child actually. I’m happy about it (believe it or not), as my life hasn’t exactly been “my own”…

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