Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster: “I ruined PWL”


HAHAHAHAHAHAH This women must be off her meds on box wine at mama Joan Rucker Mayers house at 623 NW 47 Ter Deerfield Beach Florida AGAIN! When will someone get this nutbag some help? Me, Will, Sean, Matt, Donny and how knows how many other people that hate her love to come here to PWL and “RUIN” her and her family all over the internet but I have never seen her ruin anything but her and her own family!


“Ugh. How depressing. Imagine working on a project for nearly a decade only to have me come along and completely ruin it… I did the exact same thing to PWL too… Lol! and don’t forget the Cosby parody… I’m very good at what I do 😊 I’m actually the best.”

This dumb failed whore was talking about me and my project about Shelly which was a huge success and then claimed to have “ruined PWL” also HAHAHAHA. We are all still here laughing at you while we kick you right back each time you ask for it and will never stop so how did you “RUIN” anything you mentally ill delusional nutbag? WE LIVE IN YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES HEADS RENT FUCKING FREE FAILED UGLY FAT OLD HOEBAG!

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