Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster FAILS AGAIN with her empty threats!


This dumb cock eyed bucked tooth monkey is dumber than dumb and even dumber than her failed school teacher mother that got fired for not stopping for a school bus Joan Rucker Mayers of 623 NW 47th Ter Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 and every time she opens her ugly fag fuck hole in her ugly face she proves it. She is due in court yet again today where she will lie lie lie lie lie and claim she is being stalked, threatened, and harassed when in fact she is the one STALKING, THREATENING AND HARASSING OTHERS.

She this morning tweeted this:


“Goodmorning & have a great day my peeps ☀️ I woke up today & realized I already won before I even knew about the game. This year really gave me a new appreciation for the legal system. Who knew putting together civil court lawsuits could be as gratifying as songwriting 😎 LOL!”

Yes you dumb ass the “legal system” has helped you soooo much ahahhahaa. Your a fucking joke. You waste your time every month going to court for 2 years lying to a domestic violence judge trying to get a restraining order which you cant get for over 2 years now and get laughed right out of the courtroom cause your too dumb to get someone served.

You have been sued and OWNED to the tune of 166k and still not learned you cant win you dumb nigger. Now you are threatening to file a lawsuit against someone that wont respond and you cant serve so you can get a default judgement which you can all of about wipe your ass with as its worthless anyways and here is why. You call that winning? HAHAHAHHAA Damn you are dumb. Here is how dumb you are yea! That default judgement you can do nothing with unless that person owns property and if and when he ever wants to own property which we all know he is too smart for that all he has to do is to contest it in court in front of a judge not only will it be overturned but because you lied to a court to get it and he can prove you did it to further your criminal stalking, libel and harassment of him and his family you will be sued and on top of that criminally charged if he is smart enough to push the state for you using the state against him with your lies which he can prove. Remember you dumb nigger you dont know who owns or runs this site and never ever will and you telling courts otherwise is lying to the courts and this can be proven in a court of law.


Fun times ahead!


“Fat Rolls” Foster

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