Alexandra Mayers weight problems due to diet, not lack of exercise

Going to the gym will do nothing for Alexandra Mayers’s ballooning weight because she has no discipline when it comes to shoving fattening foods down her throat. She posts videos of herself at the gym and she appears fatter every time. No improvement at all for all of Joan’s wasted money on gym memberships. This is similar to Christian Michael Wians who appears around 60 years old, fat with a triple chin despite showing videos of himself in various gyms and bragging about how fast he ran 10 miles. Yeah, “Chief,” your terrible diet is why you’re old before your time and we saw the disgusting, unhealthy foods this meathead consumed on a daily basis because he took pictures of it and posted it on his now failed blog.

Problem is these oversexed perverts have poor impulse control in every area of life and can’t learn what to eat to lose weight and so they remain fat and bloated despite hours in the gym.

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