Alexandra Mayers should move to Portland, OR


We all know Alexandra Mayers will never move from Florida but if she does, why go back to L.A. like she claims she has plans to do? She already failed there. There is no going back to L.A. Not an option. Since she is a far left, man hating, racist, leftist, extremist, feminist pig she needs to look at Portland, Oregon as a relocation spot. Here is a short video about the city. And for those sending in comments about not liking PJW and preferring Mark Dice, well, tough shit. PJW might not be as good as Dice in your opinion but he makes good points in his videos. Just don’t watch it if you don’t like him:

Mayers should find some fellow feminist man haters to shack up with. They can live 8 or 10 to a house like they are college roommates. Except they will all be over 40 and bitter fails that can’t get men interested in them. This is basically what the typical life of the anti-White, man hating, racist Trump haters is like. Sleep until noon, troll the internet for awhile, go join a protest and then pass out on meth and do it all again the next day. Rainy, shitty, far left, depressing Portland is an ideal fit for Alexandra Mayers and she needs to look seriously at it if she plans to get out of mama’s house and move West.

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