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Alexandra Mayers on 51 year old bully gossip blogger Sean Tompkins: Sean doesn’t try to push people to suicide: BULLSHIT!

  1. Alexandra Mayers 

    I also want to make it known that for a long time now Donald S, Ari Bass & Michael Fattorosi have bullied many people online but have tried to make it APPEAR that it’s Sean @TFPWL doing it. Sean’s not perfect, but he’s not evil nor does he try to push people to suicide

Nah, Sean just tries to push people with disorders into seizures like Bobbi Dylan. Little 5’2 Bobby Dylan who has been threatened by Tompkins that he would show up at the AVN and confront her and harassed and teased her about her condition that causes her seizures, even posting images online to try to trigger her disorder. This is after he ran out of males to threaten because no one takes him seriously since he never has and never will confront anyone face to face.

Once again Mayers proves she supports evil people in this business as long as it fits her narrative. In Sean’s case, he is a wigger with about 20 part black kids running around so whatever evil he does, is a-OK with black supremacist Mayers. She’s just trying to keep her options open so she sucks up to the biggest loser she can find that maybe won’t have a problem with her past.


To conclude, I am publicly apologizing to Sean Tompkins @TRPWL for needlessly fat shaming him many years ago in the heat of an online argument. He has said many things over the years to me, but he has evolved & changed for the better IMO. He’s also in actuality very attractive.

She isn’t sorry. She only says this now because she is fat now and old and can relate to Tompkins’s weight and age struggles. A 29 year old Mayers would be just as mean and nasty to Tompkins as she had been over the years. #FakeNews #FakeApology

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