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Check this instant classic tweet from Alexandra Mayers, failed pornographer and cam whore:


It’s always fun to learn that you live in the heads (rent free) of individuals who are jealous of you and who are trapped in hopeless situations they can’t escape (like living in a nasty low income trailer, facing an unattractive wife daily…). Have a peaceful #Sunday 

Like a child she takes potshots at Donny, libels him and then attacks his wife before wishing people a “Peaceful Sunday.” What an absolute miserable phony who will spend her Sunday alone and in pain.

Let’s break this down. First, she doesn’t really live rent free in Donny’s head. He just responds to her constant posts about him. And since she hasn’t stepped onto a porn set in 10 years and pretty much even flunked out at web camming, she shouldn’t be talking about any aspect of the XXX industry if her “life is great” as she claims. And let’s tackle that statement next.

Someone whose life is great and who is savvy on social media certainly would be posting pictures of themselves out and about in Florida, you would think. At the beach, at nightclubs, museums, riding their bike, hiking and such and everything she claims to be into and they would be surrounded by family and friends. Not only is she never seen out in any social settings and only in her car or her mom’s house but she is NEVER and we repeat NEVER pictured with another person. She has to be the biggest loner in the state of Florida. It is as if she is living on death row in solitary confinement.

As far as Donny living in a “trailer,” we haven’t seen evidence of that. He appears to own a boat or several boats, is a passholder at the overpriced tourist trap theme parks in the area and is constantly on the move. Where is the proof he lives in a trailer – Oh wait, consider the source. Someone who is on the hook for two hundred grand for calling someone who is not a prostitute a prostitute and being genius enough to pick on the wife of a powerful attorney while doing so, said this. Nothing to see here. More lies from a compulsive liar.

Now whether or not Heather Deep is attractive or not is subjective but she certainly has a shitload of fans so many people do consider her attractive. We do not consider Mayers attractive now or at any point in the past but some people might so again, looks are subjective.

We do not know why Donny would be jealous of someone who continues sucking on her mother’s tit at age 39 1/2, is a couple hundred grand in debt just for shooting their mouth off and has absolutely no job, career, romantic or motherhood prospects but hey, if Mayers is happy living that sort of life, good luck to her. 🙂

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