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Alexandra Mayers gets ignored by Mike South & Sexy India

Alexandra Mayers woke up super early today not to go running, not to get out and look for a job, but to troll the porn industry! First thing in the AM and even before the sunrise, Alexandra Mayers decided to get on Twitter and troll the porn industry. This is nothing new as we have witnessed countless times and proof of each time has been made available, which is one of the many reasons why the failed faghag cross eyed monkey is so angry with this website that she will fail to get it knocked down.

An online argument between Sexy India (a successful black pornstar and escort) & the piece of shit Mike South exploded on Twitter yesterday evening. Sexy India was accusing Mike South of racism and body shaming women. It was funny how she made fun of his website for being outdated!

After getting the eye burgers out of her eyes, this argument caught the cross eye of Alexandra Mayers! The failed performer, who blames racism because she couldn’t succeed in the Porn and sex industry, made the argument her business! She dragged in Dwight Cunningham and the Luxury Companion and stated that racism sells in Porn. Alexandra Mayers then decided to try and make herself look like she succeeded in the argument for her loser fanboys like Barry Nelson and the Fat Albert look a like, Kelly Robinson, by challenging Sexy India to talk shit to her and accused her of being a slave. Sexy India never responded to any of the idiotic tweets of Alexandra Mayers because she’s an irrelevant dumb ass that the whole entire porn industry knows and laughs about! PWL didn’t cause this, she brought this on herself!

Alexandra Mayers then did her “research” while still in her pajamas, and found out that Sexy India is a legal courtesan at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. As we all know, Alexandra Mayers was never good enough to work for Dennis Hof because he doesn’t contract women who are cross eyed and was unable to get her own independent rates at more than $140/hr!

Jealousy truly dominates this woman 24/7!

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