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Alexandra Mayers court fails continue into 2018. Will she finally admit FAIL?

So for almost a year now dumb failed porn whore and failed bad check taking hooker Alexandra Melody Mayers daughter of child rapist fired school teach Joan Rucker Mayers both of 623 Nw 47th Ter Deerfield Beach, FL has failed failed failed in court much like she has done at everything in life. Since getting sued by Marc Randaza for 166k and now having a judgement against her she has been lying to the Broward county court claiming Him and Donny were stalking and threatening her. Well after almost a year of fail after fail in court every single month and getting laughed out of the court room last month she lied again that month like she does every month and claimed a victory which we all knew was a lie. She claimed the judge let her win and moved the case to criminal court and child protective services were getting involved and immigration and on and on and on with her shit storm of faghag shit. Now the courts website proves AGAIN we were right and the whore did nothing but LIE and FAIL and LOSE! See screenshot below:

Now as you can see in the screenshot the judge laughed her out of the courtroom on 01/31/2018 and ordered a dismissal yet AGAIN as she has FAILED TO PROVE JACK FUCKING SHIT YET AGAIN! LOOOOOOSSSSSSEEEERRRRRRR!

Monica seriously just swallow the whole fucking bottle and inject all the shit left in the bag into your arm and do the world a favor and end it all already you worthless crack whore. All you are able to do in life is FAIL and also cause everyone you have anything to do with a fucking headache. You cant do jack fucking shit right and you can do nothing positive for this world. NOTHING! Speaking of this by the way the last whore she tried to help and save yesterday got her real name outed and got attacked online due to Alexandra and her stalking online YET AGAIN.

Aaliyah Hadid = Lythi Barnette BANG! POW! BOOMSACKALACKA!

Yea Alex keep kicking yourself and your family and anyone you have anything to do with because you cant shut your fat ugly faggot fuck hole in your monkey cross eyed bucked tooth face. DUMB FUCK!

Next up Hof’s statement about the cross eyed bucked tooth Monkey and how she begged him to pimp her out but he denied her because she was too ugly and reeked of bad BODY ODOR.


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