Alexandra Mayers continues to stalk PWL

Everytime there is controversy here at PWL, stalker and long failed out of the business Alexandra Mayers injects herself into the situation and “offers her advice” to the performer who claims they are being bullied by PWL. As we noted earlier, PWL are the ones that get bullied, harassed, stalked and invited to kill themselves on a daily basis by angry performers that regret their past life choices. Mayers, butt hurt that she could never get PWL taken down with her black, female, liberal, pro-gay privilege, sets up shop out here on PWL and waits for any type of controversy and pounces, pretending to befriend the naive young performers. In her latest attempts to be a save a ho, she has taken up Emma Hix’s cause.

Emma Hix, you are dumber than you seem if you think Alexandra Mayers is “standing up” for you or is remotely interested in your situation. She is using you and other young performers to push her anti-PWL victim narrative. You better be careful because she is a manipulative, creepy predator that has six figure legal debts for stalking and harassing a mother and wife in Las Vegas. Look up Randazza vs Mayers. The court documents are public record. Go ahead and lie down with Mayers and you’ll get fleas.

Once again for the record, PWL is the victim in this case with The Hix Mafia storming the blog comments and forum with hate remarks, name calling and encouragement for PWL members and contributors to commit suicide. IP addresses have been tracked and if any PWL member harms themselves, you will be the ones in trouble.

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