Alex Mayers CRAZY FUN Spring Break Weekend and Week!

Well while normal people in the world are out with there families and or out parting it up enjoying life at this beautiful time of the year during spring break we figured we would head over to Alexandra Melody Mayers page and see what she is up to, I mean she is so successful and wealthy and ALWAYS winning right guys? First though I want to see what Donny Long is up to shall we? Here goes!

Day time Lunch in key West at Jimmy Buffetts Margaritaville with the wife and kids! Man Key West is NOT cheap at all and neither is Jimmy’s.

Out parting it up at a night club with a bunch of hot ass teeny boppers spring breakers at night living it up like he is a teen movie star!

Next day out with wife and kids doing fun family things and bragging about all the money he is spending!

You get the picture folks! This seems like someone with a good and normal life happy with another half and kids to enjoy life with ehhhh!

Now lets see what a black failed racist hooker thats broke living with her mother Joan Rucker Mayers at 623 NW 47th Ter Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 looks like shall we!

Im not even going to give her the attention of posting her tweets here but there are several hundred and she basically sat alone at her mothers house and in the cheap pino her mother is leasing for her, single, broke, lonely, failed, hating her life, hating her family, wanting to die, stalking, libeling and terrorizing all the people she is jealous of. Her twitter looks something like this! Donny this and Donny that and Donny this and Donny that and Donny this and Donny that and Donny this and Donny that and Donny this and Donny that and Donny this and Donny that and Donny this and Donny that ALL WEEKEND LONG AND EVEN ALL DAY TODAY FOLKS! AHHAHAHAHA Today she expanded it onto Donny’s wife and kids and others that hate Alexandra that she is jealous of.

She then went on to making some videos coaching others about dating, marriage and relationships HAHAHAHA Yes folks. The failed check taking hooker that lives with her mother at 40 that was married for about 5 minutes to Popoviciu, Catalin Mihai only to get dumped in a divorce back on 03-03-2005 and didnt even get a penny

is telling people what to do in relationships! She also went on her normal usual ranting all day and night about porn also coaching everyone about porn ahahhahaha. Yes folks the women that got thrown out of porn for not being able to wash her own pussy right and got HIV from fucking faggots and then ran out of Vegas for being the world dumbest check taking hooker! AHHAHAHAHAHA. I am sure people are lining up to take advise from this failed at everything in life LOSER ahahahahhaha. Anyways im glad to see all of us here at PWL and in the porn biz live in this nutbags head rent fucking free at all times and haunt her worse than a ghost in a haunted house!




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