Adam Gregory aka. Adam Adonis aka. Broderick (real name: Ryan Caley)

Ryan Caley is an ultra right wing Republican Christian Conservative from Florida and currently lives in Dallas, TX. You can see his films on Sean Cody (as Broderick) or hire him for some fun on Rentmen (as Adam Adonis). Here is a warning if you patronize his services! Do NOT engage in politics. He is an egotistic Sarah Palin-loving, liberal-hating, right wing Trump supporter!

Sean Cody’s Broderick Returns To Gay Porn As Adam Gregory, Fucks Mark Long & Brogan Reed Bareback

NOTE FROM MOD: We do not support fags however, what is this guy doing wrong? Is he a crossover? You only seem to have a problem with his politics. Listen libtard, everyone is entitled to support whatever kind of religion and politics they want. We do not shame people here just for being “Trump supporters.” Get the fuck out of here. How do you even know who this guy is? Are you a fag? Gays are some of the most intolerant people on earth.

3 Comments on "Adam Gregory aka. Adam Adonis aka. Broderick (real name: Ryan Caley)"

  1. Are you retarded? He just said he was back fucking guys in the ass as Adam Adonis

    • He actually didn’t say that, dickhead. He babbled on about politics and then posted a link. Still nothing there about him also being in straight porn and I’m not gonna look it up or click the link. Maybe be clear about if performers are crossovers before submitting blogs. If he’s in gay porn only, we don’t care.

    • Adonis is his gay escort name. So point out where the blog mentions him as a crossover.

      With that said, what the fuck does his political beliefs have to do with anything? You libtards are pieces of work.

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