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2018, another sad year for Alexandra Mayers

2018 is another sad year for Alexandra Mayers, same shit different year for her basically. Here’s what’s in store for her:

1) She still won’t be able to get a man to date her or fuck her much less marry her.
2) She won’t get pregnant and thank god for that considering she is old enough to be a grandmother at this point.
3) She will still obsess over porn, escorting, etc and try but only fail to destroy the sex industry.
4) She won’t get any attention from anyone who is important.
5) Celebrities and politicians will ignore and block her.
6) She won’t have any friends.
7) She’ll continue to obsess over Donny Long and his life and play games with the court system to try and make it look like she’s winning against him.
8) She won’t be able to get a white dick inside of her.
9) She won’t get a job!
10) She’ll continue to post pics of her being alone and do it just to show off for this website that her life is beautiful.
11) She’ll continue to try and destroy PWL, only to keep failing!
12) She’ll continue to troll, stalk, & harass those that she hates.
13) She’ll continue to to get dunk and go on her endless Twitter rants that last for hours and helps prove how shitty her life is.
14) She’ll continue to spend money creating websites that won’t get any traffic.
15) She’ll continue to go on YouTube and Periscope boring people with her lame commentary that nobody important ever watches.
16) She’ll continue to try and promote her shit music, art, etc that will NEVER get her anywhere in life.
17) She’ll continue to LIE about getting big opportunities like being cast in a musical or a YouTube series or traveling for her concerts!
18) She’ll continue to to be a loser in life!!!!

19) She will again watch the Super Bowl alone in her mother’s house while eating fried chicken.

20) January 7 she will have her birthday and be just one year from age 40.

21) She will continue to stalk her enemies and report their social media accounts to try to silence her opposition.

22) She will not attend AEE but will again lie and claim that “She’s here” with no photo or video evidence.

23) She will continue to sell her smut online while calling other sex workers “whores” and “prostitutes.”

24) She will continue to flash her race card whenever it helps her push her narrative.

25) She will continue to claim racism while simultaneously claiming that she is surrounded by black people of great wealth and privilege.

26) She won’t make a dent in her huge $166,600.00 legal debt.





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