Eccentric world traveling porn guy Brandon Iron has signed on to blog FOR FREE over at Mike South’s blog – Which is struggling financially and looks like something out of 1998. The thick skinned Iron is famous for his work in porn and also going to war with performers online when needed – But only when provoked as Brandon is an even tempered nice guy. We believe this is just an oversight on Mr. Iron’s part. South usually has a falling out with most of his “friends” when they realize what a scumbag control freak he is so this should be short lived. But what a waste of good stories. The best part of Iron’s participation online was the no holds barred uncensored chat with fan bois and outsiders as well as insiders. Iron, all five feet six of him, handled himself as good as anyone – sticking to facts and staying clear of the ad hominem attacks employed by cowardly fan bois and whiny titty babies like Christianx. We will see what happens.


The GDP forum nerds that pop up on our forum every now and then and make derogatory comments about how this site “Sold out” to GDP can just place their bids to this site and if their offer beats GDP, maybe that forum will be brought back. We all know that will never happen. GDP did what any smart entity did and paid the bull before the bull could gouge them with his horns. Now GDP is a friend of this site and of our sister site, AdultFYI.COM. There is no be NO negative discussion involving GDP or PWL here. The GDP forum here was indeed legendary but that time has past. And frankly, when we did offer that forum we had way too many complaints towards the end that the forum was losing steam and not posting juicy info. Be careful what you wish for, fellas. It is time for you to move on and find another interest. Even the most stubborn PWL trolls have moved on from this site in 2016 and now it is your time to exit stage left and leave this site to do what it does best and what it was intended for – Names and info of PORN STARS. Not amateurs, not cam whores, not some dude’s girlfriend that he’s trying to get back at and not stupid off topic bullshit. We pretty much don’t give a fuck about male performers either. The forum here is probably as on topic as it has ever been and we’d like to keep it that way. And that’s that.

Question for PWL

A question – I have personal information on three adult performers. Why should I make this public? On the one hand, there’s something empowering (or is it lurid?) divulging the backgrounds of women I covet and who wouldn’t have any interest in me personally. On the other, it’s a nasty thing to do to someone. We men take great enjoyment out of their behavior. Why mess that up for us and why make their lives worse than they already are – and I suspect they’re pretty bad. There’s plenty of things each of us has done that we want kept private. So if we don’t want someone exposing us, why should we expose someone else? Thoughts, anyone??


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Grace Evangeline is back to whoring

First off, I wouldn’t consider this woman to be a porn star. She has no rewards under her belt and she hasn’t done anything that would classify her as a pornstar!

What happened to being a nurse, smart ass? I guess the hospitals won’t keep a woman who they find out sucked dick to make money.

Southern charm my ass, this woman double teams with Sean Tompkins in online harassment and cyber bullying and doesn’t stop when she’s asked too. It used to be a triple threat the biggest coward in the Pornstar industry, Cindi Spiegler, was on Twitter.

I can’t imagine having a failed nurse who whores herself and bullies people online as a mother!

This is why I say Yes to Prop 60 when it comes to people in the industry like this. Then it’ll make it easier to sue them when they get online and harass and bully people. People like her, Tompkins, and Cindi Spiegler (which is really just a fake name Sean Tompkins and friends use to bully people) is why the porn industry needs to suffer a major blow to it.