Shy Love real name Sheelagh Patricia Albino (born November 27, 1978) a.k.a. Sheelagh Blumberg a.k.a. Sheelagh Patricia Albino-Gonzalez INFO NEEDED

WELL WELL WELL Seems Shy Love real name Sheelagh Patricia Albino (born November 27, 1978) a.k.a. Sheelagh Blumberg a.k.a. Sheelagh Patricia Albino-Gonzalez From The VIP Connect which we all know was laying in bed with Mike South aka Michael Thomas Strother fanboi stalker and John Stephen Forbush Failed pimp of Metro Talent has taken things to the next level.

See Sheelagh Blumberg has never been very bright from failing as a porn star, to failing at being a hooker, then to failing at being a pimp with The VIP Connect to now failing at hiding the fact that she is not only working with stalkers in our industry that are attacking innocent people but now she has crosses the line.

See John Stephen Forbush told the wrong person that he was putting up a .me about someone in our industry to attack them and there family and there kid, the dumb fuck outed himself on owning the site when this person told us about it. John you shouldnt have such a big mouth.

So heres the catch, the site has a picture of someones child and is attacking the person and there child and libeling them with lies which is nothing shocking for a scumbag like Forubush to do but the picture of the child came only from none other than Shy Love aka Sheelagh Blumberg.

See we knew Shy Love was laying in bed with Mike South and feeding him lies to attack others with and we knew John Forbush and Mike South were also doing the same laying in bed together but now we know that Shy Love is working with John Forbush attacking others in our industry.

YUP! Shy Love gave a picture of someones kid to John Forbush and told him to make a .me website about this person. Well Shy the clock is ticking for you and the PWL army is coming.

See Shy Love is in Holland working illegally on a tourist visa on her Israel passport hooking and pimping and the Holland Immigration is now looking for her. We need the PWL army to do a few things. First we need the city she is in and if possible an address. We also need family pictures of her and as many as you can find. Since Shy likes to post pictures of Children then we can do the same as she also has children. Shy this is just the start. Since you like to have people make .com’s about other well we are masters at that shit so stay tuned hoe. When we are done with you, you will be lucky if you get let in to Africa lol.

Makes me wonder could Shy Love be the person getting Monica Foster to attack Donny Long and others and maybe even paying her to do so? I dont remember Monica Foster ever attacking Shy Love.

Monica Foster published in a German website

Monica Foster has been showing off about being quoted in what she claims to be a very popular German website! First off, how would she know if it is since she’s NEVER been to Germany not can even speak the language. It must be a huge accomplishment in her life, even surpassing getting an education, making good money, owning a nice car, having kids, getting married, etc.

This idiot is basically celebrating over nothing just to show off in front of her 13,000 FAKE BOUGHT followers in which the only the two that actually pay her any attention is Barry & Desi, all the rest are bots!

What a loser!!!

Danny D gay porn name Matt Hughes real name Daniel Martin needs a wiki update! High HIV Risk Gay Escort from Gay porn

Why is Faggot Danny D gay porn name Matt Hughes real name Matt Hughes not listed under

This faggot needs a huge wiki and also to be put into the high risk section. His wiki needs more gay porn pix for the females to see and be grossed out by.

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