Monica Foster retard logic: “Men in their 40’s that date hot young 20 year olds really want middle age, crusty old women like me!”

Just when you thought she couldn’t get any more dumb and full of herself, porn, web cam and lifelong failure Monica Foster goes ahead and posts this:

Sorry, honey, men that are in their 40’s and above that “date” and fuck women in their 20’s are absolutely doing it because they want to and like to while women 35 and above are generally not very desirable, gravity starts to take over, they stop giving their men sex and men start looking elsewhere to fulfill their needs. It’s Leykis 101. Men can’t get women 20 years younger unless they’re doing something right. It takes a certain kind of man in a certain kind of tax bracket to pull women in their 20’s when they’re 40 and above. The only men that are stuck with fat, old, bitchy women like you are the losers. Guys like say, Barry Nelson, an elderly “musician” that makes a living playing in front of 3 or 4 sleeping senior citizens in rest homes. There are several other fat black losers that tweet you compliments all the time and none could ever pull a woman in their 20’s unless they paid for it. Your stock is so low right now that men in their 60’s wouldn’t touch you. Why don’t you get the fuck over yourself and face reality?

So according to this cunt, Will Ryder never grew up yet he has a career, a business, talents that he uses to make money, a residence, pays his bills, has a library of published works that bring enjoyment to thousands and thousands of people and so on and so forth. And this turd who thinks she’s a “real woman” and a “grown up” claims to be homeless, refuses to work, when she does “work” it’s getting naked on a web cam and diddling herself for tips, her blogging history and library are nothing but negative, libelous, doom and gloom bullshit that got old 5 years ago, she blames everyone and their brother for how fucked her life ended up, sweetie, you are a child at the age of 37 and show no signs of ever growing up. Do you even pay taxes on your web cam earnings? Time to stop blaming everyone else for your problems and grow the fuck up. It’s getting real old, just like you.

Breaking News: Gene Ross reporting another HIV Breakout

Donny Long predicted this one yet again but as always everyone called him a homophobic and ignored his warning and now they will pay AGAIN!

Read Here:

BREAKING: Another HIV Breakout and porn production shutdown caused by another Gay yet again?

and Here:

A female also got HIV from this homosexual! Could Brazzers be sued?



So in one corner we have “Aunt Esther,” the iconic 70’s Sanford and Son character played by LaWanda Page and in the other corner we have Monica Foster played by Alexandra Mayers.

On the one hand, Ms. Page was 53 years old when Sanford and Son started and Ms. Mayers is more than 15 years younger than that but somehow, Mayers looks older and worse. Also, Ms. Page was usually shown in her Sunday best and had her hair done and actually had a little pride in her appearance. Mayers appears to have completely let herself go now, has the Buckwheat fro and shops at Walmart for her clothes – which admittedly is a step up from the Salvation Army and Goodwill mentioned in a previous article about her.

There are some similarities between the two women. For one thing, they are both religious nuts. However, Esther Anderson was not afraid to get off her ass and go door to door for donations and we assume, turned them over to a good cause. Mayers never leaves the house, she looks like she smells bad, we know she looks bad and has let herself go, and uses religion as a way to cover her ass when she threatens to physically harm people, kill them and maim them with things like battery acid. Also, Mayers does XXX web cam shows which is something that no real Christian would ever do.

Esther had no problems challenging men to a physical fight TO THEIR FACE while and Mayers will only do it while she hides behind her computer, another win for Esther. Esther looked taller than the 5’10” Redd Foxx which means she not only towered over the tiny 5’6″ Mayers but could also back up the things she said. Mayers is all talk and worthless without a mediation session with judges, guards and bailiffs watching over her.

Esther wins this one easy but Mayers is right about something – Black doesn’t crack for the black people that look after themselves. Mayers smoking, drug use, heavy exposure to radiation from use of electronic equipment and self loathing, anger and constant drama have worn her down and out and caused her to hit the wall before the age of 40. Oh, and there’s a reason that we haven’t seen a dirty bathroom mirror bikini selfie lately from Foster – The weight and stretch marks are creeping up and gravity has come knocking for those boobies. 😀

Monica Foster, beat up, worn down and worn out and it really shows

Monica Foster posted a very telling picture on Twitter recently that shows her looking beat up, worn down and worn out and looking very much worse for the wear with all the drama and problems that she has brought on herself. It appears that she no longer looks after herself, her hair is now in a rat’s nest, bags are under her eyes and her attire appears as if it has come from Goodwill or The Salvation Army. And still she continues fighting people that she can never beat and losing badly, which takes a toll on her health and appearance. A sad state of affairs for Ms. Mayers. Meanwhile, Matthew Holder, her former sexual liaison, gets better and better looking (We assume, as men age much better than women), probably has streaks of white in his full head of hair by now which makes him look distinguished, he probably has mastered his craft by now, making more money than when he “dated” Foster, and he probably is settling into life as a husband and father. Meanwhile, nothing has changed on the Foster front, except she gets older, angrier and uglier every single day.

Joshua Forcier and Melissa Forcier of Rhode Island

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Dennis Hof is a gay mafia fat Jew gay child rapist piece of shit

So I was talking to Gene Ross about Dennis and Gene gives me some info and sends me some email exchanges that are pretty interesting. Thanks you Gene Ross for the info and emails from Dennis.

See just like most pimps and males for that matter nowadays in any way connected with the porn industry or pimping turns out Dennis Hoff is just like the rest, A GAY MAFIA FAGGOT.

See “Marc Medoff” Director of Media Operations Moonlite Bunny Ranch 69 Moonlite Road Carson City, NV 89706 USA  VOICE: 775-246-5683 EXT: 231 VOICE: 888-BUNNYRANCH FAX: 775-246-3838 E-MAIL: [email protected]

emailed about advertising on to [email protected] when the site first came back online.

“Hey Gene:

Welcome “back.” We used to advertise with you, can you send me your current rates? Also we should have you up here to do a story if you are up to it. MM”

Then once they saw

was not the gay loving gay mafia run fag site it was for so many years before and it was activity outing closet gays working in straight porn and gay porn and kicking homosexual losers like Mike South they then emailed this:

“Hi Gene:

We decided we won’t be advertising at this time. Thanks for the information. Marc M”

So then guess who writes this story into none other than gay mafia faggot fanboi loser Michael Thomas Strother and not only a story but a story bashing pimping and prostitution?


Hi Mike:

Just recently I read with interest—and sadness—your post of May 17th,
2016 headlined Porn Is Just A Front For Prostitution These Days Here Is A List Of The Girls In Porn Who Escort And what followed were the names and photos of more than 200 girls, virtually all the top names in porn today and then some. This is of course porn’s worst-kept, but seldom-talked about (in the media), dirty little secret—that illegal and dangerous prostitution by probably over 95% of adult film performers continues to threaten the health, safety and security not only of those in the XXX video business, but the public-at-large.

Every porn producer, director, lobbyist, lawyer, agent and journalist knows almost all porn actresses are doing double-duty working illegally as prostitutes—yet the practice continues, flourishes and not a damn thing is done about it, despite the threat such activity poses to the very people within the industry that turn a blind eye to it. And they do so, while in fact, an easy “solution” exists, and has existed from the time the first X-rated film was ever shot.

As the owner of seven legal licensed brothels throughout the state of Nevada—the Bunny Ranch etc. I have welcomed hundreds of big-name and
small-name porn stars that have worked at my bordellos—you can see some of them here

Right now Sunny Lane, Cumisha Amado and Felony are here, and over the years weâ’ve had porners such as Sunset Thomas, Chasey Lain, Rayveness, Alexandra Silk, Teri Weigel and numerous Playboy playmates and Penthouse pets. But these represent just a fraction of the thousands and thousands of porn girls who have opted not to work at a legal brothel, and instead engaged in, and continue to engage in, illegal prostitution.

For more than a decade the Bunny Ranch has reached out to all the adult talent agencies in Los Angeles and elsewhere, offering employment to any and all of the porn girls they represent. We offer convenient and flexible scheduling—a typical “tour” here is two weeks—that allows for
porn gals to work for us during seasonal slowdowns, between shoots, during HIV-related industry moratoriums, and when an actress is considered “shot out.” Since the average porn star does not work for many days and often weeks at a time between porn shoots, we offer a way for them to keep earning $$$—and doing so legally, safely and securely.
We are not competing with the LA porn scene, but rather we are and obvious complement to it—for example our”high season” is the summer months, while the summer is a time of significantly decreased porn shooting. So do you how many out-of-work porn stars have been referred to us by adult talent agencies over the years? Of the thousands they represent and in response to our many solicitations—about 3. That’s right. So what do those women do instead? They do so-called”privates”, working illegally, independently and through websites, having sex with strangers with no required health or safety regulations or standards in place. Not to pick just on the porn agents—the porn journalists don’t write about and expose this horrific situation, the lobbing/support groups purporting to represent the interests of the adult movie industry don’t address the issue, and the porn producers simply ignore it. It’s the elephant in the room that everyone pretends isn’t there.

We have reached out to the LA porn industry again and again, beseeching them to encourage their adult starlets to abandon illegal hooking and come work for us. And I will do it again now. I guarantee any porn actress a job at one of my brothels, where she will be legal—guarded by the police, not arrested by them, safe—we are all-condoms all -the-time with no “director” trying to pressure you into not using them, and healthy—everyone is tested weekly and as a result there hasn’t been an STD transmission in a Nevada brothel since the entire industry self-mandated condoms in 1984.
Is “Porn Just A Front For Prostitution These Days” as the headline stated? Well, it’s hard to argue it isn’t. But the real point is is not that almost all porn stars are hooking on the side, it’s that they are doing it in an illegal and hazardous manner, while a legal and safe option is only a one-hour flight from LAX away.

Being in the forefront of providing legal, licensed, and safe adult entertainment to men, women and couples that desire it, we will always stand ready to assist anyone who wants to give up dangerous and potentially deadly illegal prostitution and hook the right way—the Bunny Ranch way.

Dennis Hof
[email protected]

Yup that would be pimp fat gay bald Jew Dennis Hof the loser rapist that has raped multiple girls that have worked at his brothels that have also came forward and spoken out about it and his loser ass. Dennis you should have paid for that ad space on and not ran to the gay mafia kissing ass because now you are a target. Have a great day and don’t let the bed bugs bite Dennis. Did I mention we are just getting started on Dennis?

Signed, The Bull


ALEXANDRA MELODY MAYERS who used the moniker MONICA FOSTER, during her failed porn career, likes to call people pedophiles. As a matter of fact, she’s obsessed with the word. She has used this ugly label on everyone from former performers to attorneys to fan bois even after she popped off about an attorney’s family and was SUED and LOST her ass. Here’s the sickening part – She’s got no proof at all that these people are pedophiles and none of them have been convicted of anything. She’s just talking out of her ass, saying the most vile, disgusting, libelous thing she can about people she doesn’t like. Most likely she’s projecting as she is obsessed with youth and young boys and most likely has thoughts of molesting young kids herself. She has been BANNED from seeing her nephew and hasn’t seen him in over FIVE years so what does that tell you?

Now, what do you suppose she has to say about ALTON STERLING, the black career criminal and CONVICTED PEDOPHILE that was killed for fighting with and threatening the police and is currently being paid tribute to by certain sick people in a sick and dying country? My guess is NOT A GODDAMN THING. *Crickets*

Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers scared to respond to Donny Long

Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers we all know has lost her mind but why is she scared to say Donny Long’s name? Doesnt that name haunt her at night? I bet so! I bet she has nightmares about him. This is the best response she has come up with:

Thank you primarily to my Mom, Dad, Sister and my many other family members – the song I post later today is dedicated to you all.

Which speak of let me remind you not only of

but and

and her failed at everything in life sisters wiki Victoria Mayers and legendary American idol failure video.

2,513,946 views of people laughing at the Mayers family failures and counting.