Christian Wians AIDS controversy: Positive, negative, undetectable or unknown?

Can anyone confirm that this high risk HIV trannyfucker has AIDS?

Wians has just admitted to returning from fucking trannies in the same location that Darren James caught HIV from a tranny and he even admitted that several of the models he was to shoot with tested dirty, forcing the cancellation of shoots. Now there are two reports on this page of him “trying to get AIDS” and one that says he definitely does have it. Can anyone confirm?

christian xxx aka christian michael wians already has full blown AIDS

why u say christian xxx is “trying to get aids” ?? he has had it for years now and it is well known in the biz.. thats why he only works with trannies… christian coyly suggests that he only works with trannies that get tested?? but truth is NO ONE GETS TESTED IN TRANNY PORN!!! ALL TRANNIES ARE HIV INFECTED PROSTITUTES!!! DUHH!!!! get real please!


Trannyfucker: Back to Brazil BAREBACK trying to get AIDS again


Two years ago I fulfilled one of my lifelong porn goals and traveled to Brazil where Darren James contracted AIDS to do a bunch of scenes with some of the hottest Brazilian TS boys in the world.

I worked with Bruna Butterfly, Sheylla Wandergirlt, Walkiria Drummond, and many other smoking hot TS babes.

Of course all of the ones I really wanted to fuck were either in Italy, stopped performing, or wouldn’t get tested (and we all know what that means). Carla Novaes, Rabeche Rayale, Veronika Freitas, Nikolly Gaucha, Kalena Rios, Carla Cardile, Renata Davila, Ariadny Oliver, the list of the TS boys I wanted to bang who were unavailable was very long indeed.

My life and career now has changed drastically since I last saw Jay Sin and his crew. I haven’t shot any scenes for anyone else but my own site in over a year. But I have known him for over 10 years, so when he calls me to come back to Brazil to do some scenes…I am on the next flight.

He told me that he wanted to shoot 12-13 scenes and pay me well, but the icing on the cake was a scene with Sabrina Suzuki, one of the most popular Brazilian TS porn stars in the world. I was excited and ready for another adventure in Brazil.

I had a comfortable flight to Sao Paulo as it was a very empty flight and I had an entire row of seats to myself so I could lie down and stretch out. Its about a 15 hour journey, which thanks to all of my trips to England and Thailand, I can now do standing on my head. I finished my book on the oral history of MTV and honestly it was one of my favorite books I’ve ever read, so full of information that I was constantly writing notes and checking stories. I highly recommend it.

We were all staying at the same hotel as last time off Rua Augusta, which is nice because I know the surrounding area pretty well. The gyms, restaurants, and supermarkets are all in walking distance as well as a huge shopping mall. Its a very TS friendly part of town, and you will see 10-20 TS boys just walking around or in a restaurant, at Starbucks, and shopping at the stores. Very cool indeed.

I arrived in the afternoon, and after a quick nap to recharge my batteries, I was off to the gym with a burst of energy. I couldn’t rest and relax this trip, because I’m doing yet another Half Ironman Triathlon on May 7th in St. George, Utah.

Jay Sin wanted to get started immediately and so at 9pm that evening we headed to one of the love hotels for the first scene of the trip.

Stefany Santos is a relatively new performer, but he is super passionate and high energy. We hit it off immediately and our chemistry was excellent.

The TS men here in Brazil are always rock hard at the drop of a hat and at all times. It really is very impressive. I was going to be topping and bottoming in every scene (except for one which happened to also be my favorite scene of the trip).

The room had an awesome pool/hot tub outdoor area, but it was too late at night to use tonight.

Jay Sin brought literally every color, size, and shape of lingerie to the shoots. Impressive collection sir.

Stefany and I worked well together and it was a great scene and a fantastic start to the trip.

What an amazing ass!

Working for Jay Sin is always difficult for me (and I would guess all male performers) as he is super super super technical and wants to get exact shots no matter what. There is constant stopping and starting, and its extremely difficult to get into a rhythm. Also, the majority of veteran male performers know exactly what directors want and so they tailor their performance to that. There is very little need to stop the camera at all during most scenes because the male performer controls the action. But Jay Sin wants nothing to do with that. He stopped me because I was moving the girl around too much, even though I was moving her for Jay Sin’s benefit. haha. It’s a huge shift in the way I usually operate and very frustrating. But I can’t argue with his methodology because he is running literally the top earning TS website on the planet. The man knows his stuff and always has.

The next day was a brand new TS named Kalliny Andrade and his monster cock.

He was beautiful and sweet and very nice. We also hit it off immediately. He also had a giant ass.

The scene went smooth enough…until it was his turn to top me. Then his cock, which curves to the left and went up (and was incredibly large), was constantly opening me up in places I had never experienced before. Which is a polite way of me saying that I was dirty and couldn’t get clean. So the 15 minutes of footage we shot, he just threw away and told us we would start again tomorrow. Brutal, but at this point I was stuck. What could I say?

Day Two was not much better. I think I had a stomach bug from the travel. I was taking Imodium AD, not eating, using the enema, and trying to eat a few heavy starchy food like crackers or bread. And it ruined the flow of the scene with the constant stopping, and changing sheets, etc. etc.

I am glad Kalliny was very patient and understanding so we could finish the scene. Afterwards he met me for dinner and we had a conversation using Google Translate while eating chicken, rice, and french fries (also known as frango arroz and frites in Portugues haha).

Jay Sin didn’t want to use a love hotel today because it was a national holiday, Tiradentes Day, named after a martyr for Brazilian independence from Portugal in the 1700’s. So he decided to use my room as the setting for the scene.

The boy was also brand new, Nanda Molinari. He was a chain smoker and had lots and lots of energy.

This scene went much smoother on my end and his, but it was plagued with constant power failures from the lights short circuiting it every 2-3 minutes. Just brutal for my flow.

What a booty tho!

During the scene Nanda got so worked up he grabbed my head to kiss me, but did it way too hard and actually banged her mouth into my face. Instantly we both had cut lips and he was bleeding from the mouth. Hahaha, it really stunned her.

He still had lots of energy after the scene as well

I found that many of the TS here are hyper-aggressive and lack passion at times. Its hard to put my finger on exactly why, and its not all the boys but many of them. I had to tell them to tone it down a bit at times haha.

We switched hotels for the next shoot and we also shot earlier in the day like 2pm. Ideally I want to shoot at 11am, but its hard to get TS boys on set and ready to work that early. Also the traffic during the day in Sao Paulo is brutal. Remember everyone a male libido is at its highest in the morning and lowest in the evening.

Danny Bendochy was absolutely beautiful. He was about 5’5, mid 20’s, fantastic smile, great boobs, hard cock, and perfect attitude.

The obligatory butt shots…

Another scene with unreal sexual chemistry and we rolled through the scene much faster than usual.

He is more of a bottom than a top, but he enjoyed topping me and so did I as I came while he was inside me. good times.

After the scene he was showering and I noticed the giant Phoenix tattoo on his back. Yikes. haha #badmemories

I also got his phone number for when I had time to shoot a scene for my own website because Danny would be perfect, well almost perfect as he speaks zero English.

We took the next day off to recharge our batteries, get some rest, do laundry, and organize our schedules. I spent some of the day shooting a POV handjob/blowjob clip with Rafaella Ferrari, who I met through Jay Sin previously. He is a tall blonde goddess that speaks passable English (and also has a giant Phoenix tattoo). I will talk about my POV handjobs here in Brazil in a later blog.

Erika Shinaider was up next. I had met Erika previously on Instagram while he was traveling through Great Britain, and he was not very nice to me. I asked her to shoot and she said she would never do a non-condom scene. And that she wanted 4000 pounds for a scene. So when I heard Jay Sin booked her for a non condom shoot for much much less than 4000 pounds, I laughed and couldn’t WAIT to meet her in person.

Erika also speaks very fluent English and he is a very savvy girl. He didn’t want to answer my questions about her instagram posts so I just laughed them off. He has an absolutely perfect ass and has had lots of surgery.

He also got rock hard almost immediately and was rock hard while I was fucking him and while he was fucking me. He was another boy that wanted to hurt me and make me feel pain until I had to explain to her that this is on camera and should be kinda romantic and passionate. Then he did a 180 and wanted to make out with me the rest of the scene. No problem!

I enjoyed shooting with Erika, he was a lot of fun and a great performer. I think the fans will really enjoy the scene.

The entirely red room made me think of The Shining, so I called it the Red Rum Room. haha. But on the positive side it had an old school hot tub and sauna in the room.

The next day was a hilarious fail. Jay Sin’s assistant had already picked up the boy and he was in the front seat for the ride to the hotel. We tried to make him laugh or smile and he was having none of it, which was an ominous sign.

When we got to the room, it was obvious that he was a perfect 10 and amazingly beautiful. His name was Flavia Almaida and he told me that he had a boyfriend and that he would only touch me when the camera was rolling. Alrighty then!

Jay Sin tried to start taking pictures and I swear to god this was his posture and attitude the entire time.

We tried to start the scene but there was just no way. My cock and I had zero point zero interest in fucking the coldest, shittiest attitude from a TS in the Southern Hemisphere. So about 8 seconds into my attempt, I just told Jay Sin “no fucking way am I doing this tonight chief” and the scene was effectively over.

Jazz was livid at the boy for being such a cunt. He told Jay Sin that we weren’t paying him a fucking cent and I agreed with him. So then he waited around for a cab and I tried to talk some logic into him. Why did he go test, then show up for a shoot, and then get all the way here to be completely shitty to me? Now he is making zero dollars and going home. He said it wasn’t her fault, and I said that’s not the point….either way you are still making NO MONEY. He just didn’t care and so he left with nothing and so did we I guess. Definitely not good times my friends.

This trip was not exactly going to plan at this point. We had one more scene and then we were headed to Porto Allegre to shoot with Sabrina Suzuki, one of the hottest & most famous of the Brazilian TS porn stars. I was REALLY looking forward to working with him too!

Thaissa Guimares was really tall and smiled all the time. He had a killer body and looked like a lot of fun. We also hit it off immediately.

It’s always a good sign when they want to take a selfie with you before the scene even starts!

paperwork is never fun to do on a porn set…

Jay Sin wanted to focus on his ass and her cool tan lines. I just wanted to make out with him and fuck that big ass for days.

It was also a smoothly done scene (although it took her awhile to orgasm) and I was glad I got to work with him.

After the scene we had to reshoot the ending of Erika’s scene so I had some time to kill with Thaissa. We ate some sandwiches and talked about Las Vegas. Cool boy, no very cool boy.

The next day the boy was cancelled because he tested positive for syphilis. Actually this was a recurring theme 2 years ago and again now. So many of the boys had syphilis and clearly didn’t know it. Very scary.

Danny told me that her roommate was Juliana Nogueira and that he would love to shoot a scene. The interpreter said no way, he would never do it. I insisted and a few hours later, the interpreter told me he had made a mistake and it was another Nogueira who wouldn’t test. And so I was going to get to work with Juliana Nogueira!

Juliana has been a very popular porn star for many years and he is absolutely beautiful! I was super stoked!

I walked into the room on him wearing his tshirt as a hat…

Our scene was in the Valentine’s Day room. Which was perfect as we were making out literally from the minute I stepped into the room to the last second when I left.

Juliana was absolute perfection. He was sultry, sexual, and beautiful. His skin was perfect, his boobs were great, and he loved to suck cock and get fucked.

The camera loves him and he clearly loves the camera!

He is a natural bottom and I fucked him in literally every position. Oh baby!

We took a nice soak in the hot tub after the scene

Of course I got his number so I could shoot a POV handjob/blowjob clip with her.

How could I pass up another chance to work with Juliana?

When we got back to the hotel, Jay Sin told me that he had some bad news. Literally another 7 girls had tested positive for syphilis and so our mini trip to Porto Allegre was canceled and they were going to send me home early the next day.

Terrible luck for me. Instead of doing 12-13 scenes I did 7. The only positive was that I got 3 POV handjob clips with gorgeous and famous TS porn stars for my own site. Oh well, at least I got to hang out with Jay Sin & Jazz and spend more time in Brazil. I really like it in Sao Paulo, its a cool city. I would definitely come back maybe even for my own website next time.

You will be able to see all of the scenes I shot in Brazil on Jay Sin’s OFFICIAL website.

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