Sean Tompkins protects women beaters

It’s funny how Sean Tompkins talks down on people in his shitty blog site about people he doesn’t like, yet he won’t ever blog about his good friend beating up on his wife. Especially when there’s police reports on that. Nor will he blog about Cindi Spiegler hiding her identity and harasses people.

I forgot, this ex-con is a real man because he’s a lousy father, kisses ass to a fat/deformed Jew pimp, and is in a business that treats women like shit and he has no respect for them.

This guy is a fake. One day, the porn biz will want to know why he protected a woman beater.

Foxy Lady Jessica Pulido Santa Fe High School Class of 1999 California

Seems to be Jessica Pulido from Santa Fe High School Class of 1999. Can anyone confirm this. Should be easy since
her public profile is completely open and doesn’t hide anything or any information at all.
Who became Foxy Lady porn star.
She has an open site.
Santa Fe Springs or Norwalk in California.
Here on this site: and
and an open public account she has for everyone to look at below.
Facebook page is below:

Pepper Foxx page. The one with 2 xs.

someone is besmirching the wrong person at this page.

Although she looks like Pepper Foxx, it is not her.

The real Pepper Foxx / Pepper Foxxx is Vianka Romero from Los Angeles.
It is not Samantha Nicole Johnson who is white and lives in Virginia or the east coast somewhere.

Yes they look almost alike but one clearly has a small birth mark above the lip and the other does not.
Both have open public accounts for everyone to see, but clearly the other one is not in the adult industry and
probably doesn’t want to be labeled as such.

Here is the page of Vianka Romero that I Attached. She is actually Pepper Foxx.
Someone needs to correct this.
Below is more proof. All or some are open public accounts.
here is her finebox
here is her instagram
here is her vine

Please Stop Hacking This Website

To the people who repeatedly hack and tear apart this website, I ask you, “Why?”

Isn’t it basically the same thing as stealing money from the fat retarded kid at school? Or beating up the little dork who wears thick glasses? Or picking on the midget who is incapable of fighting back?

Lets face it that the people who run this website are not computer savvy and basically mental midgets. They routinely worship Donny Long’s cock, suck up to him constantly in the hope that he will reply to their posts, are weirdly consumed on the topics of homosexuality and transsexualism, and in general are completely incapable of fighting back.

So why kick the fat boy who avoids gym class in the balls? You know these are incapably of running this website, yet alone retaliating in any manner. They are your bitch. They know it. You know it. Everyone knows it. Doesn’t this fact make hacking them utterly passé?


My latest website

“in between beating up German bodybuilders and banging hot chicks i like to build websites . Bow down to god long then go check out my latest [MOD: REMOVED SEANS WEBSITE] POW BOOM BANG, THOSE FAGS CAN NEVER BEAT ME”

Note from Mod: Sean Matthew Tompkins the only thing you are winning is a wiki and website for each and every one of your family including your kids and getting owned you stupid faggot.

Don’t forget to check out and

Cindi Spiegler is a man

It’s not a woman. Cindi Spiegler is a man. It’s a fictitious person that this “man” uses to hide behind to talk more shit to people. You can’t take legal action against someone who doesn’t exist. Notice how SHE slanders and harasses people moreso than Tompkins? Whoever this person is, they’re a coward and won’t reveal themselves because they’re just a coward, plain and simple.

PWL Biggest leak

We have not forgot and will be releasing the biggest leak ever but its taking more time than we thought. Just sit tight and when its released everyone will be blown away cause its well worth the wait. Our mods and owners have not had time to work on it as much as they would like to and its going to take more time.


Professional stalker and cyber bully Sean Matthew Tompkins has once again been exposed, this time by “@beefmangrove” and “@Roby_Omega” on Twitter. As far as this blogger can tell, they have nothing to do with us here at PWL but Donny Long managed to get the final word in this conversation.

FreeSpeechCoalition [email protected] Jun 16
FreeSpeechCoalition retweeted beef mangrove
What do U mean by “associate?” In fact, FSC distributes news, communication – we cannot control where it’s published FreeSpeechCoalition added,
beef mangrove @beefmangrove
Ironic @FSCArmy talks about protecting performers from #cyberstalkers & #trolls yet they associate with the likes of @TFPWL & @mrkikeacre

beef mangrove [email protected] Jun 16
@FSCArmy You don’t exactly dissociate from #cyberstalkers and #bullies like @TFPWL or @mrkikeacre

TFPWL [email protected] Jun 16
@beefmangrove @FSCArmy @mrkikeacre LOL says a troll…epic

beef mangrove [email protected] Jun 16
@TFPWL Takes one to know one, Sean.

TFPWL [email protected] Jun 16
@beefmangrove lol, you know, cuz i always hide behind fake accounts and talk shit

beef mangrove [email protected] Jun 16
What constitutes fake @TFPWL? Someone who speaks the truth or someone who spews lies? #stalkerfanboi

TFPWL [email protected] Jun 16
@beefmangrove channeling your inner Foster

beef mangrove [email protected] Jun 16
@TFPWL Right. Because anyone who speaks out against the industry is automatically labelled as crazy à la @MonicaFoster

TFPWL [email protected] Jun 16
@beefmangrove @MonicaFoster no. I have no issues w/people speaking out. It’s only when they lie to fit their narrative that I do my thing

beef mangrove [email protected] Jun 16
@TFPWL Yet you yourself spread lies, misinformation, and hearsay to fit your own biased narrative.

TFPWL [email protected] Jun 16
@beefmangrove im biased towards freedom of speech or expression..that even includes fake accounts like yours

beef mangrove [email protected] Jun 16
@TFPWL How much ad revenue does your site take in from @FSCArmy and their affiliated members like @kinkdotcom? #yellowjournalism

Roberto Red
[email protected]_Omega
@beefmangrove Ari Bass only cares about gaining followers! He’ll talk shit to generate attention to @TFPWL and gain IP addresses @FSCArmy

TFPWL [email protected] Jun 16
@Roby_Omega @beefmangrove @FSCArmy lol. Yea. It’s all about the IPs

Roberto Red [email protected]_Omega Jun 18
I’m limited in space or I’d list more Sean [email protected]: @Roby_Omega @beefmangrove @FSCArmy lol. Yea. It’s all about the IPs”

TFPWL [email protected] Jun 18
@Roby_Omega @beefmangrove @FSCArmy you should write up to 750 words on what you think I’m doing. I’ll post it on TFPWL

Roberto Red [email protected]_Omega Jun 18
No one never said you weren’t funny… @TFPWL @beefmangrove @FSCArmy

Donny Long [email protected] Jun 19
@Roby_Omega @beefmangrove @TFPWL @FSCArmy Roberto your talking to a bunch of faggot LIARS from the gay mafia go read