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June 2015

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Sean Tompkins protects women beaters

It’s funny how Sean Tompkins talks down on people in his shitty blog site about people he doesn’t like, yet he won’t ever blog about his good friend beating up on his wife. Especially when…

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Pepper Foxx page. The one with 2 xs.

someone is besmirching the wrong person at this page. Although she looks like Pepper Foxx, it is not her. The real Pepper Foxx / Pepper Foxxx is Vianka Romero from Los Angeles. It is…

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Please Stop Hacking This Website

To the people who repeatedly hack and tear apart this website, I ask you, “Why?” Isn’t it basically the same thing as stealing money from the fat retarded kid at school? Or beating up the…

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My latest website

“in between beating up German bodybuilders and banging hot chicks i like to build websites . Bow down to god long then go check out my latest [MOD: REMOVED SEANS WEBSITE] POW BOOM BANG, THOSE…

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Donny Long interview?

Us fans of Donny want to hear more from the king of truth. fuck all those fags and haters. any plans on interviewing this man, the crusader against the fucking faggots?

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Cindi Spiegler is a man

It’s not a woman. Cindi Spiegler is a man. It’s a fictitious person that this “man” uses to hide behind to talk more shit to people. You can’t take legal action against someone who doesn’t…

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PWL Biggest leak

We have not forgot and will be releasing the biggest leak ever but its taking more time than we thought. Just sit tight and when its released everyone will be blown away cause its well…

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