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We have some cool other sites being built with the a PWL look, feel and script using its backbone and one is for escorts leaks. Yes Mercedes Ashley is the leading super star porn star escort hooker lol.  Another is about fanboi stalker leaks and yes Sean and his fags like Whiteacre and Spiegler will be the super stars with the first post and wikis. We will let you know when released.

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It is sad

It so sad!
Honestly I knew her from SG but none of us even want to be around her anymore.
She is obsessed and he is like the biggest guido ever.
Tinfoil hats anyone?

Darkos mom

Even her sick mom can pull it together and do something legitimate tjsy requires talent…not exploiting herself. Having a serious illness and having the heart to not give up on her career…..trying to set an example but instead seems like her own child feels the need to compete. IMO…draw your own conclusions…When she deadlifts too much weight with Harker in the gym and breaks her back then well see who has compassion for her.Selfish and foolish.God help her…..maybe if she leaves that clown she’ll wake up.

Leanni Lei

Would you please delete discriminating words in this page: Please be so kindful. Who wrote this bullshit???

How sick are homosexuals and people who support them? ILL SHOW YOU!

Fucking faggot piece of dog shit mother fucker gays that keep spreading there HIV in straight porn need to all be FUCKING &i**@! and anyone who is friends with them, hires them, or supports them needs there head checked. If you support gayness or think it is not abnormal then you need your head check also and need to watch the video below.


WARNING straight males dont eat before you watch this! Faghags that come here might find this arousing….

Anyone recognize this house?

FROM OUR PORN GOD ON THE FORUM: The amount of whores I have got paid to fuck at this house and the amount of porn parties I have been to. Anyone recognize it? Look at the famous fountain and tell me if I am wrong or its the same house.

VitalyzdTv claims is his house in the video below but not sure if he is lying or he bought it cause he didn’t own it back when I use to fuck in it for porn companies.

Talk about this porn house here

GirlsDoPorn Names – ID List

This is an ID list of the porn chicks from the amateur porn site

E008 Alexandra Varacallo
E015 Rebekah Farris aka Rebekah Astleford aka beckifarris aka beckidoes aka Brooke Lee Adams
E016 Jesika Kelila Streit
E059 Stephanie Ann Gaguski
E060 Stephanie Tran
E069 Brees Kelly
E074 Morgan Rudolph
E091 Lauren Toth
E093 Felicia Bachman
E096 Desirae Wood aka Megan Loxx
E098 Rachael Romito aka Brooke
E100 Tiffany Taylor
E104 Anneka Lettunich aka Anneka Mia
E107 Nickole Vessi
E111 Brooke Kagen Campbell (1)
E112 Mae Meyers
E114 Courtney Adamez aka notclassy (1)
E118 Amanda Garza aka amandagarza13 (1)
E120 Brooke Kagen Campbell & Courtney Adamez (2)
E124 Amie Ragsdale
E126 Stephanie Mitchell
E128 Amanda Garza (2)
E132 Jenna Hamilton
E134 Kenzie Bay
E136 Tosh Locks
E137 Kayluh Blain
E138 Stefanie Hibler
E139 Natalie Nunez
E140 Chelsea Hutchinson
E143 Kayluh Blain
E147 Ashley Lucero (1)
E151 Audrey Ramona Brooks
E152 Katie Fierros aka Mila Fierros aka Mila Doll aka ExploitedCollegeGirls Isa
E153 Ashley Lucero (2)
E154 Mindy Anne Spurlock aka MindyAnne1 (1)
E155 Zoey Ray
E157 Holly René Hutchens aka Holly René Ensign
E158 Blake Riley
E159 Nicole Angeline Morales
E161 Bri Jeaner Martin
E162 Mindy Anne Spurlock (2)
E164 Nathalie Facundo
E165 Noel M Griffin
E166 Alexis Adams
E167 Nikki Blake
E169 Taylor Ann Fairchild (1)
E170 Melissa King
E171 Nichole McCoy aka Whitney Westgate
E174 Taylor Ann Fairchild (2)
E178 Mia Hamilton aka Mia Summer Prio aka Alannah Monroe
E181 Stephanie Dukes (1)
E184 Summer Ray Brown
E185 Tessa Schaefer
E186 Teddi Rae
E187 Staci Starr
E188 Jenna Ivory
E190 Rachel Johnson aka JessieTaylorXXX aka Jesse Tayler
E191 Katya Weston
E193 Stephanie Dukes (2)
E196 Crezelle Lacandula
E197 Staci Starr
E199 Karolina Rynkiewicz aka Karolinka Ryn
E201 Brittany Deocampo
E203 Tasha Marples
E206 Katie Brownson (1)
E207 Taryn Strombach
E208 Kayla Basche
E209 Natalie Lust aka Tori Lynn Gaines
E213 Deidre Lynn Moonan
E214 Katie Brownson (2)
E217 Rebecca Young
E218 Kendall Yorkey
E219 Sara Marie Johnson
E220 Morgan Wellinger
E221 Kholi Jewkes aka Scarlet Red (1)
E224 Casey D’Alanno aka Marry Lynn (1)
E225 Chichi Zhou aka Alina Li
E226 Lexi Mulae
E228 Adrienne Sweebe (1)
E230 Ariel Thompson aka Ariel Eve aka arielevee
E231 Olivia Bippus aka Katerina Kay
E232 Casey D’Alanno & Kholi Jewkes(2)
E233 Alessandra Petro
E235 Adrienne Sweebe (2)
E236 Samantha Autum
E240 Amber Gasner aka ambielee5
E241 Ashley Graciesi
E242 Morgan Fille
E246 Kristy Althaus (1)
E249 Selena Green-Vargas (1)
E254 Selena Green-Vargas (2)
E255 Codi Dawn Widner
E256 Byrae Rodriguez aka Nicole Rodriguez
E257 Kayla Clement
E258 Taylor Rodgers aka misstaytot (1)
E260 Jennifer Nieves
E261 Bella Foels (1)
E263 Dyllan Funcheon
E264 Alexa Nelson (1)
E265 Meredith C. Jackson
E266 Kristy Althaus (2)
E269 Bella Foels (2)
E271 Alexa Nelson (2)
E273 Taylor Rodgers (2)
E275 Casey Byrd
E280 Madalina Zimmerman
E289 Taylor Rodgers (3)
E290 Monica LaForge



PWL has obtained a photograph of PAUL KRYSCUK SR. from 1965 in his Marine Corps days. The photo was shared by his son Pauly on Twitter along with the tweet: @paulyharker This is my dad at 23 years old in the Marine Corps. pointin two 45’s at the camera. The apple dont fall far.


Paul Sr. was in the US MARINE CORPS, possibly THE VIETNAM WAR and was a SUFFOLK police officer for over 30 years. His son is a coward that tweets, trains, jerks off on camera and abuses women on camera. How does Pauly figure that he has half the courage that his dad did? What has Pauly done?


One thing that is similar between the two Kryscuks is their bad hair genes. Paul Sr. is completely bald and Paul Jr. can expect to be in the same predicament in the coming years. Kiss it goodbye, Harker. You wish you inherited your dads balls instead of his baldness.