Mark Spiegler of Spiegler Girls shocking business exposed!

This Story was leaked to us by a previous model of Mark Spiegler and the “NOW FOR THE SHOCKING PART” towards the bottom is just plain wrong and girls need to be warned.

I had no idea of what to expect. I didn’t imagine there’d be some sort of “audition” or anything to that extent. The idea was just too preposterous to be real.

Expecting some lavish Hollywood estate, my GPS brought me to a fairly unassuming apartment complex in the middle of suburbia. I was anxious. I could feel the hammering of my heart slamming against my chest. My palms were embarrassingly sweating, though I could likely blame it on the notorious valley heat. What was I even supposed to say to the guy? The journey from the car to his apartment door took entirely longer than it should have, but as I stood awkwardly at his door I knew I couldn’t stall any longer. I knocked, quietly, and then immediately panicked, worrying I hadn’t knocked hard enough. What if he did hear me and I knocked again and he thought I was an impatient brat? I waited. Longer. And longer still. My hand slowly crept up to knock again, and just as my knuckles nearly made contact with the door, it swung open, revealing something I’m not sure anyone could have expected.

What stood before me, well, I should say below me, was a rather stout man. And to be brutally frank, he was rather reminiscent of a troll. He gruffly invited me inside and sort of hobbled to what I perceived to be the living room, littered with dozens of copies of adult magazines and boxes stacked full of various XXX movies. I cleared myself a spot on the sofa and looked at him anxiously, still absolutely unsure of what to expect. And then the bombardment of blunt questions ensued.

“So, what’s your name? Andy said you wanted in the biz.”

“Uh.. Melissa.”

“You’ll need a stage name. You live in LA?”

I nodded.

“You gotta car?”

“No. Well, kinda… my friend let’s me borrow theirs-“

“That’s fine. Okay. Get naked.”

A million scenarios ran through my mind in the instant after I registered what he had just said. The one that rang loudest was that please, for the love of all that is pure and holy, please God don’t make me have sex with this man. And I’m not even religious in the least. At all.

I slowly undressed, wishing I had worn something with a few less buttons so my fingers wouldn’t keep clumsily struggling with each one. I draped my clothing over the side of the sofa and stood there, somewhat trying to shield myself but also only giving it a halfhearted attempt as I knew there was no point. He asked me to turn around. Slightly bend over. Every request was in a gruff, monotone voice. Seemingly, he was not even phased that a woman was naked in front of him, her ass in the air. I was showing myself like a show dog to a man I had only met ten minutes prior.

“Good. No scars. No bad tattoos. You’re a little skinny but I guess it’s fine unless you’re a fuckin’ druggie. I don’t have time for that bullshit.



After this Mark then asked me to get on my knees and then proceeded to pull his tiny smelly cock out and asked me to show him my blow job skills. I was disgusted and said to him I didnt feel comfortable doing this with him. Mark then grabbed me by the back of the head and said open my mouth or he would ruin any chance I had at working in the porn industry, so I did and he started to face fuck me and slapping my face calling me a dirty worthless whore. He was calling me many very bad names till I started to cry at which time he told me he was going to give me something to cry about. Mark then dragged me by my hair and bent me over a table and I said please use a condom and he told me to shut my mouth and shoved his cock very hard right up my ass and I screamed. He covered my mouth and told me if I had never had a cock up my ass then I needed to learn. He fucked me for about a minute and sounded like he was going to cum and I begged him not to cum inside me when at that moment he took his cock out my ass and shoved it into my pussy and started to cum inside me yelling im cumming. I tried to tell him no don’t and pull away but he just told me again to shut up if I wanted to work in porn.  After he was done he then threatened if I told anyone about what had happened he would deny it and say I made moves on him trying to get work in porn and he would ruin me and tell my family. Mark Spiegler of Spiegler Girls is the worst thing that can happen to any female and I want to warn others. After this I got a really bad Herpes rash on my pussy and mouth and also tested positive for Hep C. and my life has not been the same.

Shane Dizzel the next AVN reciept

Shane Dizzel will be getting an award this year at the 2015 AVN as one of Miami biggest loser’s , who by the way lives in faggot ass Coconut Grove. Fl and has shot like 21 scenes since 2009.
Last heard he has crossover and is shooting with Transsexuals and dudes with tits in South America for Bang Bros. This guy claims to be a friend of Donny’s but pop off to other members of
the DLA and word has it he is running with the fags of porn now and kissing ass for more work he can’t get anymore. Bottoms up Shaney. Heard John has more work for you in Brazil coming.

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@CindiSpiegler is really Michael Whiteacre using a alt twitter account

Hey you all’ Lola Murder here in PA Kentucky and just wanted to let you all know that that Woman beater and fan boy Michael whiteacre is really Cindi Spiegler. He is so desperate and has nothing better to do but sit on his Unemployed ass all day while his wife Christina Perriera does shows and whores herself off at the Brothels and he is at home all day jacking off to Tranny and gay porn being a total
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More Doxing Please

Need more doxing. No favors given to whores, not even if they offer free bj’s. They’ve submitted to the world of smut, so they should ALL be doxed. Their lives are essentially over anyway.
Here are some to start with:
• Dani Daniels
• Jodi Taylor
• Anikka Albrite
• Riley Reid
• Mia Malkova, and all those marked “UNKNOWN”
• Jillian Janson, as well as all the sluts who’ve demeaned themselves on Blacked & other interracial sites.
Marica Hase and all the other Japanese dimwit sluts who’ve travelled here to do useless IR, including:
Yuu Kawakami
Chisato Shoda
Serina Takeuchi a.k.a. Risa Murakami
Ryoko Murakami
Uta Kohaku
…and the list goes on


Rick Madrid hasn’t shot since 2012 and is working on the Railroad again

Rick Madrid who is a straight porn god hasn’t shot since 2012 and has left porn to drive diesel locomtives again for the Union Pacific. Michael whiteacre has been stalking this guy and
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