is the next site coming soon

A new Sean Tompkins and Ari Bass site that is coming to harass and stalk porn talent called PORNWARN.COM is due up soon and will be tracked and tracing done by the U.S. Attorneys office
DOJ/FBI and other federal agencies. The two people that will be overseeing this particular site are Porn Industry stalkers and convicted criminals Sean Matthew Tompkins and Ari Scott Bass.
We don’t need to give them any publicity and just feel that the PWL army and sharpshooters and porn talent need to be forewarn.
KMA 367

Monica Foster needs a attorney

Monica Foster really needs a attorney to take on the Gay Flag Mafia in Vegas. She doesn’t have a prayer and she looks like shit right now. Too much white wine these days and maybe other stuff.
Hope she does well though. Fuck you Michael Whiteacre. We hope you get killed in a car bombing real soon you fucking fag jew dick sucker. And if Donny don’t like that, Fuck him too !


Sean Matthew Tompkins using the registration name to get over on Donny Long and others PWL members and he is going by Thosethatknowyou.
Stupid mother fuckers can’t keep the people who try to bring this blog down by matching IP’s from San Antonio, Texas or Henderson, Nevada where
Jewacre lives to catch that. Wise up stupid fucks, they are working to bring this site down.

Whiteacre is such a asskisser

Michael Whiteacre was on my radio show the other night Evil Angel radio and he is the industries biggest asskisser to this day.
His friend Sean Tompkins does all the press releases for free on his stalker website and then provides Rob Black with all the details
on John my boss and good friend and owner of Evil Angel. They are real butt kissers.

Michael Whiteacre is a dangerous felon to females with a extensive record

Michael Whiteacre alias of Ari Scott Bass 47 year old white male saxon jewsih decent is a dangerous Ex-Felon and currently a felon charged with another assault on females is dangerous and
should not be allowed around any adult events around the Porn adult industry. He is currently on probation and is scheduled for another court hearing on August 26, 2014 in Henderson branch of Clark County superior court. This imbecile was married before and used to beat his former spouse too. Consider this person 5150 and untrustworthy.

Does anybody have the address and location where and WoodRocket shoot at?

Does anybody have the address for woodrocket and shoots in Vegas? We would like to make our presence know and meet the production mgrs. at these locations and
verify permits and such. Porn is going to have a big bust coming in Vegas real soon and Harry Reid is pushing the envelope for arrest for Illegal shoots being done in Vegas.
Thanks PWL guys.