Sophia Delgado makes BIG money from

Sophia Delgado this week came out from hiding and appeared in Sacramento to tell the State Legislators that condoms needed to be provided and that porn has too many fags
with HIV and using antiviral meds to depress the detection of the deadly AIDS virus from being detected in the HIV test talent uses to work. She was very brave and
AHF has reported to have paid her some BIG money and long with Cameron Bay who has just bought a new home and cars and such along with Rod Daily.

Looks like porn is really getting fucked with the that FSC idiots in there and Loreli Lie and and others, Looks like your getting your asses beat hands down.
GO LOOK FOR ANOTHER LINE OF WORK. And take Diane Duke with you. Welcome back Sophia.

Sean Tompkins and Michael Whiteacre have all the stolen AIM casefiles in Texas

Sean Tompkins that fat piece of fag shit over at TheFagPornWikkiLeaks.Com homo site and his little Jew fag friend have the stolen case files from AIM in their possession
at 411 Tanglewood dr. San Antonio, Texas. Whiteacre is already facing criminal charges of domestic violence and felony assault charges and the PWL army has been in contact with
his Clark County Prosecutor to assist to have that piece of dog shit criminally convicted and imprisoned. They are some very nice people and want more assistance if possible from the
good folks over here at this great porn industry site. If anybody would like to assist and have anymore info on Mr. Ari Scott Bass, 46 years old and a former informant for the FBI please feel
free to contact the Clark County District Attorney office and provide information.

Carter Cruise is the latest porn whore to disrespect her parents by whoring for Gay Jew Child Rapist Fag Mark Spiegler!

Now that Asian Whore Alina Li is no longer getting pimped by Gay Jew Troll Pimp Spiegler, one has to wonder what whore will take her place. The answer is Carter Cruise. This whore was asked if her family knew what she did for a living and she is quoted in an interview that “Yes they do. I gave them an ultimatum. I told them I was going to do this and they could either accept it or I would never talk to them again. They know how I am, when I make my mind up about something, it’s made up.” This cunt is so delusional that she thinks that it’s better to have guys jerk off into her face than to have a family relationship!

donny Long: Im baaack! and now is back live

Whats interesting about this is not only his is back online but also his

Could Donny Long be about to shoot some new stuff and clown the fags?

Donny Long – porn Star info and news blog

Donny Long: Im BAAACK!!!!
June 27th, 2014 · No Comments is back up and running and I will have many shocking news updates for you so hang tight and keep an eye out you guys.



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Attention All PWL Army members. Sean Tompkins the fag that runs that shitting TheFagPornWikkiLeaks will be in Vegas on Monday and Tuesday to try and testify against Monica Foster at the Vegas Courthouse in the Randazza bullshit lawsuit that they put together. All memebers are instructed to bring all high powered
rifles and mount the buildings across the street with scopes. Take that piece of shit out along with Micheal”Strap on Man” Whiteacre. You will be promoted and have
bragging rights like a crossover fag into straight porn. We will not forget what you have done for the Industry and all man kind.

Nina Hartley and Ernest Greene at industry’s two phoniest motherfuckers

Nina Hartley and Ernest Greene are the Adult Industries two of phoniest motherfuckers around today.
Remember not so long ago that both were pro condom and through it was best to keep the fags in check
with condoms being used in porn production? well now both of the two phony fucks are in that age of sucking
dick for a paycheck and look how old that old 60 year old bag is ? Fuck that shit. Talking about talking out of
both sides of the mouth. That goes for Eli Cross too. Fucking prick cocksucker.