Belle Noire

This fat girl from Oklahoma came out to LA to become a model, hairstylist and actress. She failed at all three and became a porno whore prostitute. Her tits are saggy deflated milk jugs. She goes on and on about how classy and elusive and artsy and quirky she is. Whatever, you’re just a whore. Her real name is Ashley Danielle Taylor. Daddy must be proud.

shitstain stadpouller always tweeting about pwl

how serious should anyone take a guy that falls in love with prostitutes?
i would say, don’t waste any time on him. he tweets about us, but he can’t find his balls long enough to come here and say his shit on this forum. so why bother with the baby?

he claims he has fucked multiple porn stars bareback, free of charge – but that they wanted him and he was only looking to work with them on business deals. bullshit. why did they fuck him then? because of his looks? please. he’s an inbred troll. he fell in love with hooker nikita denise and thought that she was serious about him. did he really think she would be seen in public with a guy like him? and a mall cop to boot? he’s shocked she went with some good looking tattoo artist. ya don’t say? what a shock!

he also hides behind religion just like racist low life hooker monica foster. total porn addicted religious hypocrite scumbag. he’s getting his ass beat one day, count on it.

Billy glide was a nice junkie

[email protected]: That’s sad about Billy. A rattlesnake tho?”–that’s the new street slang for substance abuse eh? #rattlesnakebite

Porn biz – It’s a wrap folks!

ERIK EVERHARD [email protected]_EVERHARD

Porn’s a tough biz, never seen so many people die young…. If you get out with money and health your one of the lucky ones.


Why is it that most Pooks bar lovers are all English? Could it be that more English are fags than Americans being that there are much more English in Pooks bar? Maybe someone can help me understand these wanker English that cant even speak English. There are much more Americans than English around but still more English go into Pooks bar.

duke needs to be facially abused

in some legal document this scumbag represents himself as Donald E Vollenweider.

some scenes he directs are rough porn, …. others are just sketchy. dude gives rough porn a bad name by adding ethnic slurs/throwing puke on girls who are already crying/etc

this guy deserves to be in jail.