Terminate HIV infested faggot Michael Weinstein from AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Someone needs to Terminate HIV infested faggot Michael Weinstein from AIDS Healthcare Foundation for trying to involve his gay problems with AIDS into the straight porn industry. HIV and AIDS are gay problems not straights as PWL has proven time and time again every time there has been an HIV breakout in straight porn because of a homosexual not a straight.

We need the PWL army to sign this petition to get this faggot the fuck out of here.



Monica Foster wants to be like daddy and fuck homosexuals

Thats right Monica Foster, better known as Monica Dumpster, born Alexandra Melody Mayers wants to be just like her faggot cock sucking father Ivan Mayers and suck and fuck HIV infested faggot cocks. Monica just asked the faggot trannyfucker to fuck her. Read below.


Retweeted by Monica Foster

#News: If I have to return to #porn, I’m going to ask @ChristianXXX1 to be my first scene partner. If he rejects me, I’ll find someone else.

Sean Matthew Tompkins bigger trash than a ghetto nigger bum!

You know whats bigger trash than a ghetto, thieving, drug abusing, drug dealing, rapist, slang talking, panting hanging down, homeless, criminal, gang member, 10 by having, low class, pussy ass thinking he is hard and a bad ass, trash nigger???

A white version of one named Sean Matthew Tompkins.
I was reading old post on PWL and found an old thread about him and a link to his old twitter and was reading his tweets from the beginning of 2009 and this scumbag listens to the most annoying nigger rap like this one.

read his twitter from the bottom up at some of this shit. Its sad to see a 40 year old man with 4 kids act this way and think he is a black punk kid.

Here are some of the better tweets.

Sean Tompkins [email protected] 15 May 2009
@devDillinger what’s good
Sean Tompkins [email protected] 15 May 2009
@Attevocai yo. Can u get one of ur people to get me a write up 4 a club that’s poppin. I need it for collapse
Sean Tompkins [email protected] 16 May 2009
@Kimsuet still haven’t put gas in it its sittin in my driveway its past the E thou
Sean Tompkins [email protected] 16 May 2009
Gona see how far past the E my gas gage will go

Gay mafia leader Derek Hay after Tiffany Fox SHOCKING MUST WATCH

WOW Tiffany Fox is in hiding out in the UK from the gay mafia in Los Angeles and going after gay pimp Derek Andrew Hay and his illegal escorting ring The Luxury Companion and Gay Jew pimp child rapist Mark Speigler.

Donny Long was the first to expose Derek and Spiegler with http://www.derekandrewhay.com and http://www.markspieglergirls.com which was the original pornwikileaks by the way, so really you can blame Derek Gay and Spiegler for PWL.  Donny has been screaming for the feds to lock these 2 scumbags up for many years and now yet another whore that was shit on by him is also screaming for someone to do something. This video is a must watch to the end so check it out.

Persia Decarlo aka Natasha Bastani

I’ve uploaded 2 mug shots of porn star Persia Decarlo aka Natasha Bastani. She was arrested on two separate occasions in the state of Florida both in 2010.
The first image is of her arrest in Collier County, Florida on 5/5/2010 for possession of cannabis marijuana. Here is the link for verification:
Although this same mug shot image appears on another site that claims the arrest was for a burglary – occupied conveyance unarmed and the link for that is here:

The second image I’ve uploaded is another mug shot when she was arrested for a DUI in 4/18/2010 at 6:51 am.
The same image can be found here as well: