Uganda’s Gay Witch-Hunt: Tabloid Lists ’200 Top Homos’ After Anti-Gay Law Signed

A Ugandan tabloid published the names of 200 “top” homosexuals after President Yoweri Museveni signed an anti-gay law Monday that makes certain consensual homosexual acts punishable with prison time.

Under the headline “Exposed,” the tabloid, Red Pepper, appears to be launching a witch-hunt in Uganda, where gay acts are already illegal.

Ugandas Gay Witch Hunt: Tabloid Lists 200 Top Homos After Anti Gay Law Signed

The new law bans promotion of homosexuality and specifies the illegality of lesbianism, too. Anyone convicted of “attempt to commit homosexuality” or “aiding and abetting homosexuality” will now face a penalty of seven years in prison. Even a person who “keeps a house, room, set of rooms, or place of any kind for purposes of homosexuality” will face seven years in prison.

Lotus Laine and Jonny Chorizo are in the same situation as Rod Daly and Cameron Bay!

These two are an industry HIV outbreak waiting to happen. Lotus Lain’s real name Dalilah Christina-Marie Lewis lives with and is the baby’s mama of cross-over gay/fag male talent Johnny Chorizo.They both are originally from Bakersfield and Chorizo is a veteran of the U.S.Navy and was put out on a medical discharge and is currently getting VA disability every month. They live together at 12632 Oxnard St. Apt.#A , North Hollywood, CA 91606 . Lotus’s/Dalilah’s phone number is 661-345-2986 and she uses the emails [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] . Her twitter is and his is .If you look at who he follows on twitter it is all gay/fag profilesmostly.. By Lotus’s/Dalilah’s own admission he is bisexual in his personal life and engages in gay/fag encounters all the time.The gay/fag Johnny Chorizo

This is the fag hag Lotus Lain

I have more info on this if needed. The truth needs to be out on these two and they need to be run out of the industry before they become talent zero!

Mike South just like other fags accuses others about stuff that really he the one guilty of

Mike South just like all the other failed and fluked out of everything in porn gay losers like Sean Tompkins, Mark Spiegler and all the other scum that talk shit about successful straight male porn gods like Donny Long  are just jealous. As always Mike South proves he is “bitter about his failure in an industry that he should have succeeded in”

Just like all the other fags he accuses others about stuff that really he the one guilty of here is what he said:

“I had hoped that Rob had matured some but as it turns out he is just another Donny Long, bitter about his failure in an industry that he should have succeeded in….being born into it and all.”

Hey jackass how many scenes have you performed in? How many scenes have  you directed? How many studios and sets have you owned? How many production companies with employees have you owned and ran? How many major porn companies have you shot movies for? Brazzers? Playboy? How many successful profitable websites have you owned? didn’t think so jealous loser.

Guess what pal Donny Long has done all of the above and more than anyone in porn and sold his empire to and is retired rich laughing his ass off still kicking all you fags!!!






CDC Says HIV prevalence for faggots with tits was nearly 50 times higher than other adults – When will Christianx get it?

HIV prevalence for transgender women was nearly 50 times as high as for other adults

HIV Among Transgender People

African American femaleTransgender communities in the United States are among the groups at highest risk for HIV infection. The term gender identity refers to a person’s basic sense of self, and transgender refers to people whose gender identity does not conform to a binary classification of gender based on biological sex, external genitalia, or their sex assigned at birth. It includes gender-nonconforming people with identities beyond the gender binary who self-identify as: male-to-female or transgender women; female-to-male or transgender men; two-spirit; and people who self-identify simply as women or men.


The Numbers

Because data for this population are not uniformly collected, information is lacking on how many transgender people in the United States are infected with HIV. However, data collected by local health departments and scientists studying these communities show high levels of HIV infection and racial/ethnic disparities.

  • In 2010, more than half of the HIV testing events among transgender people occurred at non-healthcare facilities (55.1%). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the highest percentage of newly identified HIV-positive test results was among transgender people (2.1%). For comparison, the lowest percentages of newly identified HIV-positive test results were among females (0.4%), followed by males (1.2%). Among transgender people in 2010, the highest percentages of newly identified HIV-positive test results were among racial and ethnic minorities: blacks/African Americans comprised 4.1% of newly identified HIV-positive test results, followed by Latinos (3.0%), American Indians/Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians/Other Pacific Islanders (both 2.0%), and whites (1.0%).
  • In New York City, from 2007-2011, there were 191 new diagnoses of HIV infection among transgender people, 99% of which were among transgender women. The racial/ethnic disparities were large: approximately 90% of transgender women newly diagnosed with HIV infection were blacks/African Americans or Latinos. Over half (52%) of newly diagnosed transgender women were in their twenties. Also, among newly diagnosed people, 51% of transgender women had documentation in their medical records of substance use, commercial sex work, homelessness, incarceration, and/or sexual abuse as compared with 31% of other people who were not transgender.
  • Findings from a meta-analysis of 29 published studies showed that 27.7% of transgender women tested positive for HIV infection (4 studies), but when testing was not part of the study, only 11.8% of transgender women self-reported having HIV (18 studies). In one study, 73% of the transgender women who tested HIV-positive were unaware of their status. Higher percentages of newly identified HIV-positive test results were found among black/African American transgender women (56.3%) than among white (16.7%) or Latino (16.1%) transgender women; and self-reported HIV infection in studies made up of predominantly of black/African American transgender women (30.8%) was higher than positivity reported in studies comprising mainly white transgender women (6.1%). Studies also indicate that black transgender women are more likely to become infected with HIV than non-black transgender women.
  • A review of studies of HIV infection in countries with data available for transgender people estimated that HIV prevalence for transgender women was nearly 50 times as high as for other adults of reproductive age.

Prevention Challenges

Individual behaviors alone do not account for the high burden of HIV infection among transgender people. Many cultural, socioeconomic, and health-related factors contribute to the HIV epidemic and prevention challenges in US transgender communities.

  • Identifying transgender people within current data systems can be challenging. Some transgender people may not identify as transgender due to fear of discrimination or previous negative experiences. Since some people in this community do not self-identify as transgender, relying solely upon gender to identify transgender people is not enough. Gender expression may fluctuate for some transgender people due to issues such as perceived safety or reluctance to identify as transgender in certain situations. The Institute of Medicine has recommended that behavioral and surveillance data for transgender men and women should be collected and analyzed separately and not grouped with data for men who have sex with men. Using the 2-step data collection method of asking for sex assigned at birth and current gender identity increases the likelihood that all transgender people will be accurately identified.
  • It is important to avoid making assumptions about sexual orientation and sexual behavior based on gender identity because there is great diversity in orientation and behavior in this population, and some identify as both transgender and gay, heterosexual, bisexual, or lesbian. For example, transgender men claim a variety of sexual orientations and have sexual partners that include gay men and transgender women.
  • Transgender men’s sexual health has been understudied. Compared to transgender women, little is known about HIV risk and sexual health needs among transgender men. One meta-analysis of 29 studies involving transgender people showed that only 5 of them had separate data concerning transgender men.
  • Behaviors and factors that contribute to high risk of HIV infection among transgender people include higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse, sex work, incarceration, homelessness, attempted suicide, unemployment, lack of familial support, violence, stigma and discrimination, limited health care access, and negative health care encounters.
  • Police policies can conflict with public health initiatives. For example, some law enforcement officers and agencies view the presence of condoms as evidence of sex work, even though public health initiatives identify condoms as a way to prevent HIV infection.
  • Discrimination and social stigma can hinder access to education, employment, and housing opportunities. In a study conducted in San Francisco, transgender people were more likely than men who have sex with men or heterosexual women to live in transient housing and be less educated. Discrimination and social stigma may help explain why transgender people who experience significant economic difficulties often pursue high-risk activities, including sex work, to meet their basic survival needs.
  • Interventions that address multiple co-occurring public health problems—including substance use, poor mental health, violence and victimization, discrimination, and economic hardship—should be developed and evaluated for transgender people.
  • Health care provider insensitivity to transgender identity or sexuality can be a barrier for HIV-infected transgender people seeking health care. Although research shows a similar proportion of HIV-positive transgender women have health insurance coverage as compared with other infected people who are not transgender, HIV-infected transgender women are less likely to be on antiretroviral therapy.
  • Additional research is needed to identify factors that prevent HIV in this population. Several behavioral HIV prevention interventions developed for transgender people have been reported in studies, generally involving relatively small samples of transgender women. Most have shown at least modest reductions in HIV risk behaviors among transgender women, such as fewer sex partners and/or unprotected anal sex acts, although none have involved a control group. Behavioral HIV prevention interventions developed for other at-risk groups with similar behaviors have been adapted for use with transgender people; however, their effectiveness is still unknown.

What CDC Is Doing

white manCDC and its partners are pursuing a high-impact prevention approach to advance the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and maximize the effectiveness of current HIV prevention methods among transgender people. Activities include:

  • Providing support and technical assistance to providers that help community-based organizations enhance structural interventions for transgender people (condom distribution, community mobilization, HIV testing, and coordinated referral networks and service integration).
  • Funding researchers to develop groundbreaking HIV prevention interventions for transgender people. Examples include Life Skills (for young transgender women aged 16-24) and Girlfriends (for adult transgender women).
  • Releasing campaigns under the Act Against AIDS umbrella, such as Let’s Stop HIV Together to address HIV-related stigma and raise awareness, and Testing Makes Us Stronger to increase HIV testing among transgender men and women.
  • Issuing awards of $55 million for HIV Prevention Projects for Young Men of Color Who Have Sex with Men and Young Transgender Persons of Color (FOA PS11-1113; September 2011), to provide effective HIV prevention services over 5 years to young transgender people of color and their partners regardless of age, gender, and race/ethnicity.
  • Revising the fields used to identify transgender people in the National HIV Surveillance System, which is used for reporting diagnoses of HIV infection. In addition, CDC has developed guidance for state and local health departments that collect these data. Some city or state health departments include data on diagnosed HIV infection among transgender people in annual, quarterly, or special reports.

Chrissy today admited to running from Donny Long

For those of you that don’t know super porn hero Donny Long once confronted faggot Christian Michael Wians aka Christianx at the famous Hollywood Vice club at Shy Loves birthday party. Donny was going to pound Chrissy’s faggot face into the bar till be wasnt breathing in front of a crowd of porn people when Crissy got teary Eyed and begged Donny not to hit him and then ran out the back door crying.

Team Long Winning@TEAMLONGWINNING 15h


Team Long Winning@TEAMLONGWINNING 15h


ChristianXXX@christianxxx1 15h

Lol I should have known Donny Long has nothing else to do but troll people online & talk about 2007 from a couch in pattaya #sad

What do people say about Mark Spiegler?

What do people say about Mark Spiegler?


Angela Sherman
3 days ago

Eww this is disgusting..this dude is in porn? Thank God i’m not really a fan lol! Have fun watchin this dude!! Dry heaved
3 months ago

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synagogue of satan you filthy jew.
Jimmy Hollywood
1 month ago

William Thorton
3 weeks ago

That fucking fat jew motherfucker,i hope america becomes a fascist nation and use the military to hang and burn that fat kike.
7 months ago

what “show/movie” did you take this cut this video from?
Stuart Edwards
6 months ago

what was this guy convicted of? is he for real,a child molester?
5 months ago

hook nosed piece of garbage!

Is Duke University porn star matrix model Belle Knox?

Duke University Freshman Outed as Porn Star

Duke University Freshman Outed as Porn StarExpand

And the ensuing fallout is raising interesting questions about our acceptance of female sexuality.

It all started when Duke Freshman Thomas Bagley spotted a girl in a pornographic film that looked a lot like his classmate. She admitted that that was her and swore him to secrecy; he then spilled the details at his next fraternity rush event.

Sadly and predictably, the response ranged from people publicly tweeting about how they wanted to bang the Duke freshman porn star:

To anonymous posters on CollegiateACB claiming that she doesn’t deserve privacy, respect, or even protection from rape because of her profession (“She should’ve known what she was getting into” is a common excuse). A sampling below:

Duke University Freshman Outed as Porn Star1

As a result, the outed porn star, sat down for an interview with the Duke Chronicle, giving some interesting soundbites about the financial security and sexual empowerment that her job gives her:

On Duke’s $60,000 tuition:

At a private, top-10 university like Duke where the full cost of attendance is steadily creeping to $60,000 a year, Lauren said she turns to the adult film industry to help supplement her financial aid.

On why seemingly more respectable professions, like waitressing, are out:

“I worked as a waitress as a job for a year in high school and not only did it interfere with my school where I was barely sleeping and wasn’t doing my work, but also I was making $400 a month after taxes. I felt like I was being degraded and treated like s—t. My boss was horrible to me,” Lauren said. “For people to tell me that doing porn and having sex, which I love, is more degrading than being a waitress and being somebody’s servant and picking up after somebody and being treated like a lesser, second-class citizen, that literally makes no sense. To be perfectly honest, I felt more degraded in a minimum wage, blue-collar, low paying, service job than I ever did doing porn.”

Duke’s repressive sexual culture:

“I feel like girls at Duke have to hide their sexuality. We’re caught in this virgin-whore dichotomy,” she said. “Gender norms are very intense here and I feel like that’s particularly carried out by frats. I think that being a woman at Duke is extremely difficult. I think that being a sexual woman at Duke is extremely difficult.”

And how porn gives her the opportunity express that sexuality:

“I have always been a very sexual person, and I’m also bisexual, but I haven’t ever felt really welcome,” said Lauren. “But when I’m in Pornland, I feel at home. This is where I’m meant to be, with these people who love sex and are comfortable about it.”

Yet she has continued getting messages shaming her or asking for sex. “Reputable” websites even offer snide comments about how she could possibly expect privacy when she’s given on-campus interviews and been invited into the university’s classrooms to lecture on her experience. This all proves her point about the virgin-whore dichotomy, not just at Duke, but in America in general. This phenomenon also played out when high schooler Robert Marucci faced bullying and was allegedly expelled, then merely suspended, for starring in gay porn this past January. Both of these cases seem to show how unacceptable it is for someone to participate in porn, especially if they are still students of a certain age who refuse to apologize for engaging in this type of sex work.

In Lauren’s case, the backlash threatens to obscure legitimate concerns about the porn industry. She herself has hit back at the Duke Chronicle for calling her “naive” when she asserts that the porn industry is not coercive, or when the writer observed that she “showed off” an iPad and other items, supposedly purchased from her earnings in the adult filmmaking industry. To their credit, the Chronicle has responded by standing by their article, but also decrying the treatment Lauren has gotten from her community:

Lauren’s story has brought important questions—about sex work, feminism and the perils of the Internet—to light. But mostly, this story smacks of an all-too-familiar sexism at Duke. Porn actress or not, Lauren should never have experienced vicious name-calling, strangers’ sexual claims to her body or the threat of sexual violence. No woman deserves such treatment, and yet too many Duke women experience it every day.

Exactly. People can be critical of porn and the exploitation that occurs in such an industry all they want, but they should do so by affording its participants respect for their perspective and their basic humanity.

Image via Getty.
104 participants
cassiebearRAWRPhoenix Tso

To be perfectly honest, I felt more degraded in a minimum wage, blue-collar, low paying, service job than I ever did doing porn.

The sound you just heard is the sound of a hundred anti-porn feminists’ heads exploding in unison. Tuesday 5:49pm

She’s a College Republican.

I wonder at the cognitive dissonance there. Tuesday 6:01pm

Uh, no, not really. I think it actually illustrates a big part of WHY I don’t like porn — think through the implications of this statement in terms of the intersectionality of gender, class, and power here. Tuesday 6:01pm
cassiebearRAWR and 100 others…
38 participants
IGotABlueberryForADaughterPhoenix Tso

Yeah & in 4 years she’ll have school paid for while the rest of them (myself included) have loans for the rest of their lives, (minus the trust fund babies).

I also love the fact that he recognized her while WATCHING A PORN but she’s the gross one… Tuesday 5:55pm

HAHA I was thinking the exact same thing! Tuesday 6:00pm
Here today, Gawn TomorrowIGotABlueberryForADaughter

IGotABlueberryForADaughter and 34 others…
44 participants
GetInTheRobotShinjiPhoenix Tso

Hey, America. You see this story? Yeah, that is the rape culture you hear feminists talking about. The fact you see people saying that she deserves to be raped or that she is just an object for someone to pleasure themselves with kinda proves how these beliefs are ingrained in our culture. That is a problem. Tuesday 5:50pm

it’s funny because she stars in rape porn videos and videos where she’s being abused while gagging on a man’s penis. If you’ve seen the video, there is no way that you can say it is empowering for women. Tuesday 7:03pm

Doesn’t mean she deserves to get raped. The fact you believe a fictional portrayal of rape fetish porn between two actually consenting adults means someone deserves threats of sexual assault is far more disgusting than a women gagging on a penis on film. Tuesday 7:08pm
tonedeaff and 40 others…
42 participants
Dukes_of_AtlantaPhoenix Tso

Why are dudes obsessed with porn stars? Why would a porn star be that special to sleep with?

Tuesday 6:01pm

because she’s someone they see but will never have. Tuesday 6:07pm

For the same reason you take your car to a mechanic to get it fixed. The assumption is that if it’s your job to fuck, and you are good enough to be famous for fucking, then you’re probably pretty good and it. All that said though, I have to think that if I had the chance to bang some pornstar I was infatuated with, I’d probably pop my cork in 30 seconds and ruin the whole experience. Tuesday 6:28pm
Dukes_of_Atlanta and 38 others…
12 participants
jer102Phoenix Tso

All this hate and objectification for someone in a legal profession, funding her way through an expensive college in a job she enjoys. Nothing for the person that showed the depths of his character in breaking a promise of trust.

What a wanker. Tuesday 6:02pm

I read a great comment about female comedians on Jez a while back, about how men are put off by them because women are meant to be ornamental while men are instrumental. I think the same theory carries through here – it’s okay for a women to be coerced into sex by a man and be there for his pleasure. But as soon as she’s getting money or power or pleasure from it, she has suddenly crossed a gender boundary that the strictest gender binaries don’t allow some men’s mind to understand. Therefore she is a threat and deserves to be destroyed. Tuesday 6:42pm
Jane Eyrerys Targaryenjer102


Tuesday 8:12pm
jer102 and 8 others…
19 participants
DestructoBeamPhoenix Tso

not to be churlish, but maybe if she just went to Chapel Hill, she wouldn’t have to do porn to pay for school. Tuesday 6:04pm

Or maybe she wanted to go to Duke, and therefore chose to do porn to pay for it? To imply that she “had” to, when she clearly states that she likes what she does, is pretty churlish, actually.

It implies that A) doing porn is automatically bad and B) she has no agency, because she was either forced into it or only says she likes it/thinks she does. Because brainwashing, patriarchy, blah, blah, some damn thing like that. Tuesday 6:11pm

good point, but I’m not suggesting she lacks agency, only that if she set her goals more realistically – going to a school that’s almost as good but costs about 1/4 the amount if she’s in-state and probably 1/2 if she’s out of state – none of this would have happened. sounds like she’s not very happy there anyway, which I can understand, having gone there myself. if you want to do porn, fine; if you want to go to one of the most expensive schools in the country, fine. but both those actions have consequences; she’ll have to live with them, and all the theory in the world won’t be able to protect her from that. which I suspect you understand. Tuesday 6:26pm
bogartcat and 15 others…
13 participants
crowTrobotPhoenix Tso

I wonder how many students attacking her have mommy and daddy paying their tuition. Tuesday 5:49pm

I had my parents pay for my expensive private college, and I never for one minute forget it. This girl deserves nothing but props for standing up for herself and paying her way through school. Where is the outrage, by the way, that getting an education basically forced this girl to have to choose between a lifetime of loans or doing sex work? Tuesday 5:55pm

as a Duke grad, I can tell you: all of them Tuesday 5:56pm
ElliLady and 9 others…
20 participants
realTexan1944Phoenix Tso

Why is her job or other personal choices of any sort, any ones damn business? Her life and her choices are hers to make and no ones to judge.

Tuesday 5:54pm

That’s not realistic. This was clearly a risk of participating in a porn film made for public consumption. She chose to take the gamble and she’s dealing with the completely foreseeable fallout. Tuesday 6:06pm

WHAT? The only reason there is fall out is because people are unreasonable judgey jerks. Tuesday 6:16pm
rh0218 and 16 others…
5 participants
chingachoochooPhoenix Tso

“I found out a girl in our freshman class is a pornstar. I’ve now made it my goal to fuck her before I graduate.” –

You’re not her type asshole! Tuesday 5:49pm

ya gotta love the amateur-hour losers. Tuesday 6:06pm

Totally. Tuesday 6:17pm
Fluter”Freebird”Dale and 1 others…
5 participants
AnneEgermanPhoenix Tso

So much head shaking:

1. Oh, the double standard…the guy was watching her movie, consuming the product she made…and she is the one who needs to defend her choices? It’s cool to watch the film, but not cool to have appeared in the film? Augh.

2. If he saw a straight male classmate in an adult film, I’ll bet he would have been awed and filled with admiration. Not so sure if he’d seen a male classmate in a gay adult film, though…something tells me he might not be so excited about that (or about admitting that he was watching gay porn).

3. How come everybody who acts in an adult film is called a “porn star?” Not everyone who appears in a mainstream movie is called a “movie star.” Tuesday 5:59pm

#1 is interesting in combination with her comparing it to working as a waitress. How many blue-collar jobs do we want to exist and benefit greatly from, but look down on people for doing?

It’s so fucked up that so many people’s worldviews are such that their standard of living depends on a class of people they regard as trash. They don’t want those people to stop doing those jobs, they just want to be sure everyone knows their place. Tuesday 6:13pm

3. How come everybody who acts in an adult film is called a “porn star?” Not everyone who appears in a mainstream movie is called a “movie star.”

This seriously infuriates me for no good reason. What do adult film performers who have legitimately achieved “star” status even call themselves if everyone who’s fucked on camera is a “star”?

I blame Smashmouth. Tuesday 6:18pm
abrasax2 and 1 others…
10 participants
hollydollyPhoenix Tso

Could be me, but why the fuck is no one outraged that in America, tuition costs are now so high that the only way to really pay for it without resorting to massive loans is by doing porn? WHAT THE FUCK? Is this the 19th century at the start of the industrial revolution or is this the fucking 21st century in a goddamn economically advanced country?

I mean, good for her that she likes having sex and doesn’t mind doing porn to pay for stuff, but I honestly believe NO ONE should be needing to do a job like that to pay for college. Hell, one shouldn’t even have to be a waiter to pay for college. A job next to doing college should be to supplement your income, not pay for the whole thing. Tuesday 6:09pm
Maxine Shaw, attorney at LOLhollydolly

Yeah, she pretty much lost me at $60,000. Tuesday 6:28pm

Because she chose to go to a private school where tuition costs are that high…. There are tons of schools you can go to for 1/5th that price…. Tuesday 6:36pm
hollydolly and 6 others…
5 participants
IHateGoatsPhoenix Tso

I’m amazed by the “you can’t rape a porn star” attitude. Anyone want to explain that one? Tuesday 7:37pm

There’s really no logical explanation, but I’ll try: porn stars are down for anything. If a bunch of dudes want to run a train on a porn star, she’ll supposedly agree to it. If someone she finds unattractive wants to have sex with her, she’ll do it just because she’s a porn star, therefore they have absolutely no standards. Tuesday 8:39pm

Yeah, it’s a myth(not that they can’t be raped specifically, but that pornstars always want sex from everyone at all times) popularized by gonzo pornography where pornstars are portrayed as willing to fuck people they supposedly just met. It’s all an act, of course, as they are all just other pornstars that they were contracted to have sex on film with ahead of time. It’s also supported by some pornstars who make it seem like they are always down for sex any time any where, but this is also just act to appeal to the fantasy of the audience. It takes a real idiot to actually believe anything they see in porn, but unfortunately, many young men(and old men, and just people in general) are idiots. Tuesday 9:58pm
bogartcat and 1 others…
3 participants
gorotoPhoenix Tso

The desire to tell everyone something like that creeps me out. I don’t hear life-destroying secrets and then feel eager to go spread them around, at all. The idea that her porn would be the shameful action, and not the “purposefully destroying girl’s reputation for fun” is insane. Tuesday 5:53pm
4 participants
thesebootsPhoenix Tso

This is not the point of the story, but I FUCKING HATE fraternities and most of their members. Not every frat guy is awful, I know that because I know some of the non-awful ones, but the majority that I meet are complete assholes. I also live in Dallas which is the land of current and former frat guys, and they are all so self-important, entitled finance blowhards. Fraternities perpetuate sexism and promote rape culture, and that behavior does not stop once the guy walk the graduation stage. Tuesday 5:56pm

I was in a fraternity, and I really like my experience and most of the people I met, but frats are definitely magnets for all of the worst types of men. From the ones I dealt with personally, most were reasonable and good people, but I was lucky enough to join a smaller fraternity where I knew everyone and had some say in the dudes we brought in. The bigger frats always seemed to have the most immature, cookie-cutter, douchebags.

Thank you for acknowledging that Frat-guys are not a monolith. Tuesday 9:48pm

Some of my closest guy friends are (f0rever?) members of frats and they are some really great guys. I even dated a “fratty” guy for a long time who was and is still lovely. Not every frat guy is the worst but most are far from the best. I agree that the smaller frats tend to be better but I also think it is different from school to school. What would be a “good” frat one place is a “bad” one at another school. Fortunately, I went to a college that lacked greek life so I didn’t have to deal with frats on a day-to-day basis. Now that I’m out of college and I like to party, all I seem to find are what tend to be the lowest of the low for frat guys. Don’t look the way they think you should? They won’t even give you common courtesy when you pass each other on the street. It’s also kind of polarizing to be at a bar and realizing that every dude in the place is dressed the same. Shouldn’t North Face be sold out of black vests by now? Tuesday 10:10pm
8 participants
Timothy BurkePhoenix Tso

Other discussions of this case bring up that she’s apparently performed in a specific simulated rape porn fetish. I don’t know if that changes anyone’s opinions here or not. Tuesday 6:49pm
2 participants
nic10Phoenix Tso

Well, that’s one way to avoid student loan debt…but hopefully none of her future employers see it… Tuesday 5:58pm
Rooo sez BISH PLZnic10

I’d say granted, she was gambling hard trying to pull something like that off at a place like Duke … but I’d also say she’d have had a much better shot at it if dude hadn’t shot his mouth off.

All bets are pretty much off now, I’d say. Tuesday 6:40pm
1 participant
ElanorPhoenix Tso

The kids at her college judging her are the same kids who are going to be thousands of dollars in debt while all her loans are paid off and forgotten about. Also why can’t men keep their mouth shut? They always say girls cant shut up but they blab just as much if not more than girls. Tuesday 6:23pm

LaGiuliaPhoenix Tso

In twenty years, that kid who thinks he is entitled to get into a girl’s pants just because she does porn (so she will fuck anyone, right?) will be the president of a company you work for, your Congressman, possibly a candidate to the Presidency.

And he’ll likely still be a dick. Wednesday 4:45am
2 participants
BlueJeansPhoenix Tso

…..And we’re sure this isn’t just viral marketing for a sequel to I Am Charlotte Simmons? Tuesday 6:00pm

I’d read it. Tuesday 6:24pm

FauxcusedPhoenix Tso

What an asshole.

If someone asks you to keep something you find out secret then… wait….

“fraternity rush event”?

A frat boy?

OK. That explains everything. Of course he is a douche. Wednesday 8:39am
6 participants
MissMaritPhoenix Tso

I love watching porn, and it’s great to see a young woman in the industry who can act as a feminist role model. Porn actresses are perceived as being subhuman at worst and a victim at best. It’s so refreshing to hear an articulate, intelligent young person assert her own humanity and agency.

You do you, Lauren! Tuesday 6:03pm

I love to reality that she gets treated as less than a person for doing porn, but the guy who recognized her from watching her videos (and breaking the promise of staying silent) has absolutely zero social ramifications. There is just so much wrong with that. Tuesday 8:00pm

re: ” … Porn actresses are perceived as being subhuman at worst …” – in this case, could it be influenced at all by the marketing and the product itself? The student makes specific types of rape/abuse porn that advertises the actresses using incredibly derogatory language. In one video I saw, she had the word “used” written across her face. This is not the type of porn that promotes the dignity of women. I do not think she deserves to be ostracized, however, it is not unimaginable for me that when a woman consents to being abused that the consumers of the product are unable to separate their thoughts of the woman’s personal and business life separate. Of course, I have very low expectations for the humans around me and mostly assume they will go with whatever is the easiest, emotion-based, ego-satisfying choice. Tuesday 9:20pm
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Here today, Gawn TomorrowPhoenix Tso

This reminds me of a quote from Identity (from what I recall “Whores Dont Get a Second Chance.”

Its sadly the attitude that we have towards women and sexuality in America. a woman expressing sexuality, enjoying sexuality, and even talking about sexuality gets clumped into ‘whore’ group. And basically its ‘once a whore, always a whore’ bottomless pit.

I personally blame a lot of factors (in America), but I’d narrow it down to lack of sexual education including sexuality/gender-bias sexpectations. ‘sexploitation’ of women in pornography & media in general.

Very interesting. And sadly its gonna get washed away as an isolated case, and this is gonna go on for awhile. Tuesday 5:57pm
fromonelatoanothe<3s2dismissHere today, Gawn Tomorrow

I read a great comment about female comedians on Jez a while back, about how men are put off by them because women are meant to be ornamental while men are instrumental. I think the same theory carries through here – it’s okay for a women to be coerced into sex by a man and be there for his pleasure. But as soon as she’s getting money or power or pleasure from it, she has suddenly crossed a gender boundary that the strictest gender binaries don’t allow some men’s mind to understand. Therefore she is a threat and deserves to be destroyed. Tuesday 6:41pm
tilap27Here today, Gawn Tomorrow

Compare this with the much more positive (though not a 100%) attitude that gay men have towards gay pornstars. Tuesday 7:01pm
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Actually Valeria LukyanovaPhoenix Tso

I don’t exactly understand how participation in porn is being equated to female sexuality in the opening of this story. It seems extremely counter-intuitive to goals of female empowerment and liberation. That female sexuality can be compared to the transaction of having sex on camera for money. Tuesday 6:55pm
kschenkeActually Valeria Lukyanova

True, but this particular women DOES find connections between her sexuality and the work she does in porn. The quotes from her are pretty clear that while others have had very, very bad experiences in that industry, hers have been overall positive and she finds her own strength in it. And people are still giving her shit about it because of course, they don’t like thinking about women being open about their sexuality this way or really ANY way.

The opening line could have been written a little clearer, but I understood what they were going for. Wednesday 9:27am
Actually Valeria Lukyanovakschenke

I suppose I just can’t accept that sort of libertarian reasoning. Individually it works for her (I would still argue against that, but that’s irrelevant), but that doesn’t give the author the right to make blanket statements like the one I brought up that seem to correlate female sexuality with exhibitionism as a default. Surely you can see the repercussions of that.

I also don’t think any job can or should be tied to someone’s sexuality. In my view that removes the element of consent. Wednesday 6:55pm
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AubinMagnusPhoenix Tso

I’m kinda curious who she is in porn, but I don’t really need to know. She should have all the respect and personal privacy she wants, as long as she enjoys what she does. Tuesday 5:59pm
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cptoddPhoenix Tso

An interesting way to frame what this person thinks are the logical inconsistencies in the “feminist” position. Tuesday 6:02pm

Also, not surprising that all the dicks this strawfeminist would take are black in his mind.

Because more than empowered women, gender equality or a society that shrugs off the patriarchy, these dudes will ALWAYS be more afraid of black dick. Tuesday 6:47pm

Sven.T.SexgorePhoenix Tso

Loved the responses by ‘Lauren’ even if the article/interview was pretty obvious in its opinions/biases from the start.

Yes some porn can be exploitative (in terms of the actors – exploitative of women in general is another debate) but that doesn’t mean all must be. If this is what someone enjoys, and they can make a living off it, more power to them if it is their choice. Tuesday 5:59pm
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joe smithPhoenix Tso

You make films where you fuck and suck and you’re surprised someone recognizes you? I personally don’t care; i have friends who have done porn (and some who still do). Guys watch porn. So long as he didn’t steal it , i have no real problem with him recognizing her. She wasn’t “outed”; her face and the rest of her was already out there. She consented to it and got paid for it. She doesn’t deserve to be ragged on (it’s her body; she can do as she pleases) but she doesn’t deserve anonymity. Nobody stole a sex tape of her and broadcast it on campus. Wednesday 12:17am

MoralltachPhoenix Tso

Again with this “outed” bullshit.

Yes, she’s a person like anyone else, and deserves respect regardless(ish) of what she does for a living. She certainly doesn’t deserve to be seen as a purely sexual object or worthy of rape or have to endure sexual claims to her body or name-calling.

BUT she also doesn’t deserve privacy. It was kind of a dick move for that one guy to promise not to tell anyone and then go back on that, but she’s a performer in a film industry that’s then published to the internet. She can hope no one recognizes her (and should, given the reaction), but she can’t be too surprised that between tens of thousands of adolescent men, one of them ran across her video. Tuesday 6:58pm

TadKosciuszkoPhoenix Tso

You know what one of the coolest things about this article is?

It opens with the full name of the frat douche that ran around telling everyone, then only gives the first name of the woman in question much deeper in.

I wish more articles prioritized like that. Tuesday 7:23pm

GetInTheRobotShinjiPhoenix Tso

I’m sure a look into the browser searches of her accusers would quickly show how much of depraved sexual deviants THEY truly are. I’ve come to find that the most outspoken people like the folks who are attacking her have the strangest porn histories. Tuesday 7:11pm