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Christian Michael Wians mom, Pat Wians
Office: (214) 648-0259
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Joel Lawrence now in mainstream movies?

Joel Lawrence was another not only straight porn god but also one of Donny Long’s many supporters and agents when he owned Gold Star Modeling. He also hated Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler and would war with the fags. He was run out of porn by the gay mafia and was forced to close and hide. I was watching a show and saw what seems to be a clean cut him. He looks younger but makeup and Hollywood do wonders so whats your thought? Is this Joel? Go to 13.53


60 Year Old Woman Blows Away Two Young Punks – Guess what color they are?

You guessed it cause only 5 niggers would try and rob a 60 year old lady.

Beulah Montgomery, had just turned 60 the day before, when she was approached by 7 young punks playing Knock Out. One of them hit her and a second was attempting to hit her, so she reached for her gun. She fired 5 times and two of the young men fell down dead. One was hit in the stomach and one in the chest. The other five ran off after finding out their elderly victim was less than helpless. Montgomery had been mugged before and started carrying a gun for protection. The move paid off.

“All I could feel was pain and I said to myself I had made it to 60 and I wanted to at least see 61. Then I started praying and I asked the Lord to guide my hands.”

Beulah is a member of the neighborhood watch (uh oh, I can see an Al Sharpton moment coming on) and says that she always carries a gun now after being robbed once before:

”It’s a shame you can’t walk through your own neighborhood where you are supposed to feel safe without being assaulted and mistreated. I purchased the gun hoping I would never have to use it, but I’m glad to still be in the land of the living.”

Police have not yet charged Montgomery with anything, but she was detained and then released. Montgomery has no prior arrests.

In a related story out of Philadelphia, there were three knockout game attacks, including victims 61, and 80. All three victims were white and the attackers were black. Race may have played a part in the attacks.

Anikka Albrite Escort Review – The night I almost die PART ONE

I called up Anikka Albrite pimp Mark Spiegler at 818-326-5403 to setup a hour with her and almost ended up dead. So when I called Mark I told him the key words that I wanted to hire her for a “POV” which is me her and my camera to make a movie in the porn world but to Mark its the code words for a John hiring her just to fuck her. Mark told me her rate for the hour would be 600 dollars and I agreed. I get a knock at the door and this old, fat, disgusting Jew with a lisp shows up at my door named Mark with no girl. He pushes his way through the door saying he is hiding from some crazy hooker that saw him down the road that wants to kill him. I asked why and where Anikka Albrite was and he said she was on her way there and that the hooker chasing him was one of his previous models that worked for him. I asked him why she wanted to kill him and he just said she was nuts and couldnt answer the question. So Mark rambles on for over an hour and during this time his phone rang several times at which time he would yell and fight with different people on the other end of the line.

Then I get a knock at my door but its not Anikka Albrite when I answer its some big black guy asking for Mark and he didnt look happy. I said there was no Mark here and then the angry big black man then calls me a liar and tells me he is going to beat me up if I dont let him get to Mark. I then let the guy in and he cant find Mark and leaves. After the man leaves I start calling Marks name looking for him and find him outside in my barn hiding laying in a huge pile of horse shit with hay on top of him. Mark gets out and runs back into my house and sits on my couch getting horse shit everywhere. I had horse shit all over the carpet and couch so bad I had to throw them away.

So now I get another knock at my door and this time again its not Anikka Albrite but an angry cracked out looking black hooker missing teeth. She tells me she is going to give Mark a face reconstruction and if I try and stop her she is going to give me one as well. She then pushes her way in the door and again cant find Mark.

To be continued !