Tompkins: “yes, i know were he is within a block “

Scumbag child rapist, stalker, porn scumbag, hanger on, deadbeat, loser Sean Tompkins must be planning a trip to Thailand soon – to have sex with underage transsexuals on the recommendation of his hero, lowlife child rapist Christian Wians. He will also pay Donny Long and his ex wife a visit:

“yes, i know were he is within a block …of course she left him and im not giving up her location…Without giving up to much, Donny has a court date coming up..Im trying to get that location now”

Good to know the deadbeat is spending his time well, trying to get all that back child support caught up by stalking people that are halfway around the world.

Rod Daily Real Name Joshua Rodgers HIV infested faggot wiki

Rod Daily Real Name Joshua Rodgers is a HIV infested faggot that needs one of the biggest wiki pages here. This stupid queer shutdown the straight porn industry of 2013 by giving his fag hag Beard Cameron Bay HIV and has had a free ride being protected by the gay mafia run media. Everyone please go put on blast on his page everything about this queer and his family and anyone around him including his dog.

Rod Daily Wiki

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Mark Spiegler Girls need a kicking

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