NEW Removal service AND Testimonial from Brent Diggs brother

Pornwikileaks is now offering a confidential removal service. Read all about it here  Pornwikileaks removal service

How it works and benefits

We are the removal service for content on pornwikileaks and want you to remember that pornwikileaks site is run by the public and all its content is user submitted which leaves pornwikileaks not legally liable for any of it and not required to remove any of it. Time is money and if you want us to take the time to help you with removal of something then you must pay.

1. Email [email protected] with links to the pages you want removed and not to worry they will not post anything about it and keep all conversations private as long as you do also. If you don’t get a response from email then private message the forum admin as we get a lot of spam.

2. Pay a one time fee of $1000.00

3. Wait up to 24 hours and watch all real names and or negative removed from everywhere on the site including blogs, forums, and wikis.

4. Within 48 hours have the stage name wiki added to the list of removals wiki page and a thread posted about the stage name wiki and it not being allowed to have a real name or any negative.

5. If at anytime you find the real name posted somewhere or any negative just email us and get it removed for lifetime for free.

6. As much as you might think someone evil and or some mean group of people is behind PWL in fact we are very fair and level headed and will work with you to meet your needs.

7. As much as you think you are scared to email us cause you might be thinking it might make it worse it wont cause we promise it not to affect you negatively. Even if your a large PWL member enemy such as one of the top wikis you can still email us and have it kept secret and private but we might require more than the $1000.00 such as some removal on your part as well if you have attacked PWL or its supports which is more than likely what got your wiki so large.
How this came about
To let you know how this works and how it started we will start by telling you this story. We had a gay mans brother try and delete his brothers wiki which just made our members not only restore the wiki webpage but then update it with photos and family info. Then a thread was put on the forum with even more info. The brother offered money to have the pages removed but we declined. After the brother speaking with us about him buying the whole website we came to a agreement of $1000.00 to have the content removed and that was it. Testimonial from Brent Diggs brother:

Alright, so heres my story people. So i assume people in the industry think these people are the devil and evil but alot of you have it wrong. Im on both sides. Im not in the industry but one of my loved ones used to be (small time and has been done for a while now). At first i went on the website and saw negative and false things. I was angry at first of course because i thought the site was just to attack the performers that crossed over which i know my brother did not do. So i did my research and it turns out there are people(i will not say list names) that have badgered and attacked PWL. They claimed to shut it down but it turns out that that wasnt there intentions at all. See PWL used to work with people and sometimes even delete wikis for people but then these people wouldnt stop and kept attacking them so inturn how do you expect PWL to react? Hit them where it hurts! Which they did. Can you blame them? I cant. Anyways, So me not knowing much about the website a couple months ago i thought i can just come on here and delete it but it turns out that made it worse. At this point i felt really bad because my brothers name wasnt really out there at all and here i am making it way worse so i had to do something about it. Some people claim that there going to get lawyers and sue and blah blah blah. That def wont happen and they cant do anything about it. So instead i figured id talk to them how i talk to everyone. I sent them an email and simply talked to them about how we can work this out. They responded quickly and were actually nice about it. Of course if you attack them there going to attack back. But if you just talk to them and not attack then they are good people. PWL and myself came to an agreement that if i pay a fee of $1000 then my brothers stuff would be taken down which sounded great to me because it wasnt his fault anyway it was all mine. Also in good faith PWL actually took down half the stuff the night before and sure enough once the 1000 was deposited everything else was taken down. Of course the next day people had mixed feelings about this. People make mistakes people. This is a crazy world we live in. Im sure there will be negative comments in response to this testimonial but thats what i expect. All i can say is to not judge. Not PWL and not the performers who have made mistakes.  So for the performers that are reading you should know the people behind PWL are not evil! I promise. But if you Fuck with them they will fuck with you right back and i promise you that. Talk to them like a human being people They will work something out with you unless you went too far then im sure that $1000 will increase. And if you think they wont keep there word then you are wrong. I am proof of that. Just pay up and stop complaining. We all know in the industry is fast money so if your still in it Make a quick buck and pay up and dont mess with them. If your not still in the industry then just come up with it somehow if you want your info down. And for the people that hate the performers. Sometimes you just have to be in there shoes. You never know what events led them to the industry. Some people just do it to do it and some people are in it because its the last resort. You just never know especially in this world.
Alright people, PWL is giving you an opportunity to get all your negative stuff taken down. So for your sake id say to email them and come to an agreement and move on.
Hope This helps someone that is thinking about paying the fee.


Porn Wikileaks Traffic still growing

First off we wanted to let you know google is still taking forever day by day to reindex all of pornwikileaks pages and give us our huge traffic back. Everyday they index like 1000 more pages and now have 112,000 pages indexed out of the 405,000 + that need to be reindexed that were indexed before. Our traffic stats are growing everyday still which we are happy to see. Once all the traffic is back and all the pages are back indexed in google we will be doing a lot more press releases and blog updates.

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