Why its been so quiet and PWL for sale CHEAP 10k

We have been slow at approving post and not releasing anymore of the hacked playboy database of porn stars IDs and 2257’s for a couple reasons. First off all the gay mafia media is still ignoring the hack and until one big news site breaks the story the others will be all scared to talk about it. Another thing is even though PWL is not really for sale we had an offer and possible buyer that wanted PWL but the deal fell through. We have decided if someone wants it they can take it for 10k or highest offer only cause we are tired of waiting for google and the rest of the shit to happen so we can move forward. Once we get fully indexed and traffic goes back to normal which could take months we will not be selling the site for 10k though.

If you look at google we now have only 16,900 pages indexed. When we took the site offline 2 years ago it had 405,000 pages indexed in google. We will get reindexed and all the traffic back but it takes time. We also had a Alexa ranking of 20k and our whos amungus showed about 150 people at a time on the site, day or night, at any given time when now its about 20 to 30 but growing.

Everyday we are getting more and more pages indexed and the traffic is going higher and higher and the more new backlinks the faster it will happen. Even if you guys just tweet the site link a few times a day it will help. Anyways for questions email pornwikileaks AT yahoo DOT com

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Breach at Playboy HACKED – They are FUCKED

There has been a breach in the Playboy servers. They may have been hacked or possibly even a employee that supports us getting the homosexual criminal scumbags out of straight porn. Could also be someone that works for Fabian and doesn’t like him cause of all his illegal tube sites. Either way we predict big problems for Playboy are coming soon and everyone has the Gay Mafia to blame. Remember what we did to AIM Healthcare. Hey Derek Hay your neighbor Vivid’ is next.

We are getting thousands of documents and ID’s from Playboy and its producers. We are slowly organizing them and approving them for public viewing under our Leaked Model Releases, 2257 documents, and Porn Stars ID cards section. We will be busy exposing every homosexual and Fag Hag that works with them slowly for the next few weeks. Everyone that has ever worked for Playboy or any of there many websites we have your 2257 and ID’s and they are going public.

Hey faggot Eric Matis you shouldn’t have fucked with the bull cause now you get the horns. We are hoping someone at Naughty America leaks all there stuff to us next as that company loves hiring HIGH HIV RISK homosexuals to fuck female talent.

Here is a PDF with a bunch of model info from one of many dvds

This is something that news teams will have to cover its just a matter of which ones pick it up first then the rest will follow. Press please contact pornwikileaks AT yahoo .com




Phase 2 of checkmate for the gay mafia, 2257, Model Releases & IDs Releasing

Phase 2 of checkmate for the gay mafia: 2257, Model Releases & ID’s Releasing. For those of you that don’t know there is a law called the 18 U.S.C 2257. It basically requires anyone that not only films adult content but distributes adult custom content to keep a record of the persons ids, model releases and 2257 document which has all the models information proving they are over the age of 18.

2257 info is not normally made public but is very easy to buy or get and because of the large amount of criminals, illegal pimps, underage models with fake id’s, and homosexuals endangering straights lives and ruining straight porn working in untested gay porn and then jumping the fence into straight tested porn along with the females that like to work with these small dick sissy loser closet homosexuals, we here at pornwikileaks are going to make every 2257 document and id from every porn movie in the history of porn public which are millions. The only exception to this will be straight male porn gods and or any female like Brenda James that has publicly refused to knowingly work with these assholes like Christianx and supports getting rid of them from the straight porn business.

When we released over 15k porn stars real names we put gay lover, dike, fake doctor, Sharon Mitchell and her health testing shop out of business straight away. We also have caused many of teachers, lawyers, and just about anyone you can think of to lose there jobs after porn because of us exposing there real names. Now its time to expose all the illegal pimps violating the man act, human trafficking, pimping and pandering, and pimping underage girls. Derek hay and Mark Spiegler are our 2 biggest targets. If you are angry at us doing this please feel free to help in our fight against these loud mouth losers that cant keep there fag holes shut and are causing everyone big problems by harassing straights and ruining straight porn.

If you are a straight producer or director, or even straight male talent that has access to these 2257’s please leak them here 2257 leaked documents like many already have. We ask that you upload them to our wiki first and embed them in that forum and name the photos properly with the models real name like the ones already up there. We have thousands more that have already been leaked there but they are being organized,and renamed for release.

We guess that world media will pick this up again and run crazy with it but hopefully this time they will be smart enough not to be so PC and gay and cover our true mission of why we are here and the facts instead of calling us homophobes lol. These homosexual criminals must be stopped before more people get HIV and millions of more dollars are lost in the porn business. Its time they jump the fence back where they came from and stay there.

Here are some samples that need stage names attached.

File:Jaime Leigh Turney Ids face shot.jpg

File:Szeolac magdi Id cards.jpg

File:Becky Johnson 2257.jpg


File:Szeolac magdi 2257 Model Release 2.jpg

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Mercedes Ashley John Juanelo Luna Guillén writes into pornwikileaks

Now beating on Mercedes Ashley is like beating on a dead horse but its so easy and fun we have to do it yet again. It maybe also the fact that she looks and sounds like a dead horse. Mercedes will fuck anything or anybody that will pay the 9.95 for her website and film it and then put it up for others to see. Mercedes Ashley’s wiki page is world famous with over 55,497 unique visitors and the main photo has not only gotten the attention of fans but of the syphilis infested fat fucks family and he wants it removed. Here is what he wrote on our forum, enjoy.



I am the guy in the photo at the top of the site with Mercedes Ashley. My name is Juanelo Luna Guillén and I am from New York, NY 10011. Somehow, some family members got a hold of this site and have seen the photograph and this has caused great embarrassment for me. The rash you see on my body was caused by syphilis which has been treated. I have been working on my weight and have been trying to improve my financial situation as well as trying my hand at online dating. I no longer view porn. I would like to ask that my photo be taken down and all comments about me removed. If this is not removed within 72 hours, I will have no choice but to contact an attorney. Thank you.

– Juanelo Luna Guillén

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State of Califonia department of industrial relations finally taking action

Pornwikileaks caused lesbian fag lover Sharon Mitchell owner of AIM healthcare to shut down and told you all we would get rid of the gay pimps and gay mafia ruining straight porn next and its happening. The California Department of Industrial Relations is finally taking action against gay illegal pimps Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler. For 8 years super hero porn mega star Donny Long has been blogging about the 4 laws that these homosexual pimps break everyday and we have blogged about it many of times also and begged people to report them. We have even tweeted them complaining publicly many of times just in the last month. Its looking like all of you reporting and complaining is paying off and they are going to take action.

All these porn pimps in Los Angles violate the man act by human trafficking, pimping and pandering models to Johns,  double dipping taking money from the model and the hiring company, and sending talent to unsafe work places. Read more here California agency laws.

Please don’t stop and keep reporting them and complain to
sending a letter to:
Attn: Licensing and Registration Unit
P.O. Box 420603, San Francisco, CA 94142

Basically what it looks like is California is just sick and tired of the bullshit all the fags have caused in straight porn and are running everyone out of the state making it impossible to shoot porn in LA. Didnt Donny long warn of the fags going to cause this for the last 8 years? HMMMM

Looks like everyone will have to join the other 355 porn stars getting there own work and stop being pimped by these illegal gay mafia pimps pushing homosexuals on the straight talent pool.

Here is the post going around from someone.

Get ready to see major action taken against LATATA members for violating section 1700.33 of the California Labor Code, within two weeks.

The ironic thing is the Department of Industrial Relations is going to only go after licensed agents. This is phase one of the DIR going after the agents. The information they will get from the agents in this investigation is going to be used for a phase two attack, on other issues, and specific code violations.”

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EXPOSED Closet fag or straight?

We need everyones help to put all males currently working in straight porn into the right section. This is one of the key reasons for Porn Wiki Leaks being online and we must help warn the females who is a high HIV risk and not to work with. any male who is doing or has done gay porn is gay escorting and a hazard to the straights and the straight industries structure. Condom laws and others are being put into place cause of these fags spreading HIV over and over and over again in straight porn and they must be stopped.

Any male that has done gay porn needs to go into the Closet homosexual crossovers section.

Any males that has only done straight porn goes into PWL Army Section.

Here is a list of some males on agency sites but please feel free to add more as you find them.






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Gay version of Wizard of Oz XXX – Will Ryder dating Michael Vegas?

After years of homosexuals spreading HIV in straight porn and shutting down production costing companies millions of dollars and making condom laws you would think directors would stop hiring gay escorts like Michael Vegas. (All Media Play) Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder is one director that is just too stupid to learn and is still hiring these gay escorts and putting them in straight porn movies. Jeff use to hire only straight huge cock super hero porn gods like Donny Long, Lee Stone, and many more but now he is hiring small cock gay escorts to fuck fag hag porn whores. Jeff is making a porno called “Wizard of Oz XXX” but he should be calling it “Gay Wizard of Oz XXX” cause in the movie is gay escort next patient zero mini cock Michael Vegas. Maybe Jeff is getting some free escort services from Michael when he hires him.

File:Michael Vegas.jpg

After finding this picture of Will Ryder it would seem that Will maybe also a closet homosexual cause he sure looks like one and is now hiring them to risk the lives of straights.

Maybe Will can start to finally hire trannyfuckerxxx and get some man ass from him also.

So if you are interested in seeing fags fuck fag hags buy a movie from (All Media Play) Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder

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Obama loves his black HIV faggots

Well for those of you that don’t know Obama made it legal for soldiers to fuck each other in the ass spreading their HIV and also legal to fuck animals. Let me explain this better, you go to work and earn money everyday to pay for some black faggot to ass fuck another black faggot and then fuck your dog and spread HIV all because Obama loves black fags. Now I am sure all the fags and fag hags are going to call us homophobic racist for not supporting our tax dollars paying black faggots to fuck our dogs and other black faggots to spread HIV. Read this story below to learn more.

An Army base in the Southwest has the highest number of soldiers who are HIV-positive.

Fort Bliss, which straddles Texas and New Mexico, was home to 13 soldiers with HIV last year, the most in the Armed Forces.

It’s the second year in the row for the 110-year-old installation, the Army’s second largest, which had 11 positive service members in 2011.

“There are a number of commonalities among our soldiers who have been affected,” wrote Maj. Gen. Dana Pittard in the base newspaper, the Fort Bliss Monitor. “All of our recent cases have been a result of men having unprotected sex with men. African-American and Latino soldiers were affected disproportionately in far greater numbers.” Pittard also revealed that majority of cases “resulted from online solicitations for sex, particularly from the websites Craigslist, Grinder, and Adam for Adam.”

We’re all for risk reduction and raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, but we can’t help like feeling Maj. Pittard is both pointing fingers at post-DADT gay soldiers and reassuring everyone else it’s not their problem.

Or maybe that’s just us.

As you might imagine, a positive status can derail a military career: “Soldiers with HIV cannot serve outside the Continental United States and are permanently non-deployable,” writers Pittard. “HIV-positive soldiers may not attend military schools greater than 20 weeks or schools that incur an additional service obligation.” (Um, maybe it’s time for the military to revisit that policy?)

The Army routinely tests soldiers for HIV every two years, with the percentage of positive service members generally lower than in the civilian population. But many of us know firsthand the havoc living in the closet can wreak. Doing so in the military—first under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and, then, later, under the heteronormative culture of the Armed Forces—can lead people to make some bad choices.

That doesn’t mean they should be ostracized. What about the 772 other STIs contracted at Ft. Bliss last year—is anyone calling those people out?

At least one senior officer at Ft. Bliss has her head on straight: “Being openly gay [in the military] is not a risk factor at all,” says the base’s chief public-health nurse Elizabeth Miller. “The risk factors are that they are engaging in unprotected sex.”

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