Is Sonny Hicks gay? You be the judge.

So this weeks closet homosexual that says he is not gay is Sonny Hicks. We all know that anyone that talks shit to or about super straight porn hero legend Donny Long the great is either a closet case or a fag hag that hates straight cocks that will give her pussy a good hard fucking.

Sonny Hicks .jpg


Last week we exposed closet case Chad Diamond that lied to Donny on twitter and said he wasn’t sucking cocks or taking it in the ass from untested gay dudes in the gay side of porn. This week we are shinning the spot light on Sonny Hicks. Not even sure who this guy is but we are betting that he came from gay porn and somewhere out there is his gay name waiting to be exposed. The reason we think this is cause a few weeks ago Donny tweeted Sonny Hicks asking him if he did any gay porn and Sonny tweeted Donny.

“Sonny Hicks [email protected]
@Realadultjobs Only do chicks dude”

Then yesterday closet homosexual next patient zero gay porn dickhead Michael Vegas was popping off at his fag hole and tweeted Donny and Sonny saying.

“@Realadultjobs @sonnyhicksxxx don’t listen to this clown. He is just a trouble maker to drive traffic to his subpar website.”

Then Sonny decides it would be a good idea to tweet Michael back saying:

“@ItsMichaelVegas Oh I’m well aware. I’ve kept my head down this long… Haha thanks for the words for sure dude ✌”


Now would a straight guy talk or look like Sonny Hicks? You be the judge but I am guessing one of you will find and post his gay porn name and gay porn.

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Waiting on google now

PWL has been working hard behind the scenes even though you dont see it. We had some issues with google indexing our site due to a couple things. We had to remove our RSS feed news forum that pulled stories from other sites and placed them into forums. We also had to put up a page everywhere on the tube so when people click it they get a message.  We have resubmitted and are waiting to see how google responds. Until google reindexs our site we will not be releasing any large leaks to the public. Once google reindexs us we have some large things in store for everyone so stay tuned.

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Mercedes Ashley escort review

We had to post this Mercedes Ashley escort review that a fan posted on the 33 page thread about her and her life. Also remember she is still HIV positive.


Mercedes Ashley still pops off and still has not learned she is only kicking herself and making more of her fans kick her when she pops off. This will be a nice feature top search for her when we get back in google which we are working on and thats why we have not been blogging much till thats fixed. Anyways her it is and enjoy.

Sorry to have to do this.

This is my first posting here and was hoping it did not have to be about the following subject.

All I know is that I had never had an STD before my private with Mercedes Ashley (after 15 years in the hobby) and I had a clean bill of health. One week after I come back, I’m sick with the initial phase of a genital herpes infection…open running sore, fever and other flu-like symptoms. My doctor placed my exposure to the virus during the previous week (while I was with Mercedes Ashley). I hadn’t been with any other partners (providers or otherwise) in more than five weeks prior to my trip.

Mercedes Ashley is not cheap. She offers a GFE experience with 24-hour companionship. She’s supposed to be very exclusive and upscale. She’s supposed to be safe and discreet and her clientele is supposedly successful and responsible executives, professionals and the like.

It didn’t live up to my expectations (it wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t the experience of a lifetime), and on top of it all, I caught herpes while I was there. And, I don’t believe I’m the only one who has been exposed to the virus there. Mercedes Ashley is still listed as being available for privates. For all I know she could still be working and putting other guests at risk.

Let the buyer beware. You may get less than you bargained for. Or, you might get more than you bargained for. I’m just glad I don’t have to explain my herpes infection to a wife or steady girlfriend. And, I’m grateful it’s not a life-threatening disease. But, I’ll never be able to have sex or any intimate contact with anyone else from now one without putting them at some amount of risk. The virus can even be spread with skin to skin contact between outbreaks. I guess I’ll have to find a girlfriend who’s also got herpes. I don’t want to put a provider at risk and I don’t know if I’d want to be with a provider who willingly serves the herpes community.

If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t have gone to Mercedes Ashley. I would have went to Montreal and snuggled with a lovely French Canadian girl in some nice cozy hotel room with a fireplace. Or, I would have gone to Nevada. Or, had a big name provider fly in to see me.


This wasn’t the 40th birthday present I bargained for.

If you’ve been to Mercedes Ashley in the last month, I urge you to go get tested and make sure you’re okay. Some people have no symptoms or only minor symptoms when infected with genital herpes. Other people have stronger symptoms, like I did.


If you’re thinking about going to Mercedes Ashley, think longer and harder before you make the deposit and book your airfare.

Maybe I’m just unlucky, but do you want to take that chance?

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Mike South aka Michael Thomas Strother shuts his fag hole

We had to put this up cause it appears after 8 long years of super porn god master of the gods Donny Long kicking around and exposing fags, fanboy captain save a hoes, criminals, and just scum that dont belong on earth it seems Mike South which is all of the above has ran and hide back in his hole in the gay side of Atlanta where he belongs.

With the combined effort of PWL and Donny Longs site kicking the gay fanboy around he has nothing to say and just ignores even his own brother Victor Strother kicking him around on twitter. This is what we call a laughing stalk. See we here at PWL, We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

Mike South for those of you that dont know is a gay Jew mafia member that failed out of everything in porn trying to be talent that had to resort to making a few movies with his own money paying street hookers out of pocket. He has a bad lisp and him and his gay friends like jerking each other off on girls faces degrading them in bukkake movies.

Mike South back 2 years ago attacked PWL and Donny Long every way he could making up total off the wall  stories with no truth to them what so ever.  Many stupid people may have believed or wanted to believe his lies so much that they did believe them but fact is nothing that fag says is true.

Unfortunately he was named one of the captain save a hoes that brought PWL down but the fact is he didn’t do shit his whole life but kick himself. We being right here kicking his ass in his face proves that.

Anyways we are pleased to announce that now many people see this and are starting to pay him no attention what so every including the gay news reporters that made him sound like a hero and now look stupid cause we are right here. Here is a shot of his Alexa traffic ranking diving hahahahaha. Remember the higher your alexa ranking the less people go to your site.

We are not even reindexed in google yet and get more traffic than him right now which you can see from our whosamung us button at the bottom of the site but Alexa will take months to give us the ranking we deserve. WAIT TILL WE HIT WORLD NEWS AGAIN AFTER OUR NEXT RELEASE.

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Whats going on with pornwikileaks

We here at pornwikileaks have been quiet because we have a lot of things going on behind the scenes including a server move coming up. We have way to many fags and faghags looking to hit us with HIV infested dildos and need to keep our site secure at all times. We are glad to see a lot of the straights are back posting on our forum and would like many more that want to see the criminal gay mafia gone out of straight porn.

See running a monster like PWL is not easy and  is very time consuming. We will need to move back to a dedicated server overseas for the tube to work right cause of the load and we have to be ready for the massive traffic when the site breaks world news again so that the server doesn’t fall flat on its face and the site go down for days or weeks from the traffic overload like last time.

Not to worry PWL has some huge leaks waiting in line to be released that will shock the world and really kick the haters in there asses. This leak maybe the most life changing experience for the porn industry that thousands have ever been affected by before in the history of porn and keep in mind who to blame for continuing to kick the bull. The people responsible in the gay mafia must pay if it means the whole industry taking a kick AGAIN for there actions. Hopefully the industry will kick them back after its kicked but don’t think so cause the industry people are not that smart so we will just continue to leak info and expose the truth. The gay mafia ruining and taking over straight porn must go and we will not stop till they are gone.

We will not accept these homosexuals to claim they are not gay anymore either after they fuck dudes asses and suck cock and bring HIV into the straight industry over and over and over.


One more thing that needs to be finished before this release is not only a redesign showing why we are here for the new comers but the areas that will expose it like HIV positive porn stars ALL got it from HOMOSEXUALS

and a illegal pimping section that will expose illegal gay pimps like Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler and all the hookers working for and supporting them.

House Sign Derek hay.jpg

Sign Vivid Building 1.jpg

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illegal crack hooker Kristina Rose and her illegal pimp

We are going to sidetrack a bit on this post cause Mark Spiegler the gay child rapist illegal suitcase pimp with his boyfriend Sean Matthew Tompkins is popping off at his fag hole all over twitter again with his alts.

Since in the coming post we are going to be talking about illegal pimps anyways lets touch on the subject a little bit about illegal crack hooker Kristina Rose and her gay Jew mafia illegal pimp Mark A Spiegler of Spiegler girls.

Kristina Rose .jpg

Kristina Rose Real Name Tracey Quin Perez (born on April 14, 1984) Kristina says, “I trust Spiegler more than I trust my own family.” However, her family is the Mexican equivalent of trailer trash so this isn’t really high praise. She has a gay brother named Troy Perez.


Kristina’s brother Troy Perez wears textbook douche Ed Hardy shirts and looks as queer as a $3 bill
Kristina did her first scene with super star massive cock Donny Long and got her asshole ripped open and has bowel problem because of it. Donny insisted on wearing a condom because of the horrible pussy smell he said smelled like rotten cheese.

Kristina thinks she’s cute and is very annoying. She walks around with a camera in her hands and is constantly pursing her lips and posing for the camera and then tweeting the pictures to her supposed fans.

She is one of the only people on the planet that is willing to suck Mark Spiegler‘s alleged penis and she does often so that he will try to book her for more jobs sucking dick and taking it in the ass.


Mark Spiegler has bigger tits than Kristina

She thinks she is a celebrity.

Has an affinity for wearing big glasses while making herself look retarded and unattractive.

She is not particularly attractive in general, and has a rather overrated fat ass.

There are rumors that Kristina is an anchor baby whose illegal mother plopped her out on US soil to mooch off US taxpayers. She grew up in San Diego. She dropped out of high school (probably Murrieta Valley High School), but continued her education at “make-up school.”


Kristina has bowel problems and a leaky ass and is constantly trying to get it clean in the hopes that Manuel Ferrara will someday marry her butthole

Often communicates with Johnathan Bono One Schaeffer on Twitter and possibly other sites. Rode with Bono in Mark Spiegler’s limousine in 2009 in Las Vegas. Possibly gives Bono a discounted hourly rate for her services in exchange for favorable reviews written by Bono.

Banned For Life From Venetian Hotel

“Kristina Rose admits that this year she is staying at the Venetian under an assumed name after hotel security had her arrested last year (2010) and banned her from the property for life … ‘basically I did something stupid and brought my boyfriend at the time to AVN. We got drunk and we got in a fight and I kicked his ass. The Venetian was not pleased.'”

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Closet homosexual HIGH HIV RISK crossovers EXPOSED

This list was one of the main reasons PWL was born besides exposing illegal gay pimps like Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler and all the laws they break everyday. This is a list of closet homosexual crossover talent that not only worked on the gay side of porn but work secretly or openly in some sort of gay adult entertainment including gay escorting. All the gay acts are a high HIV risk cause the gay adult industry doesn’t use testing or condoms cause most of them are “KNOWN POSITIVES” and should not mix with straight tested talent in any way but they do. Don’t be a victim and catch HIV from one of these clowns cause they told you they don’t do gay shit anymore because that’s a load of bullshit. Once a homo always willing to be a homo for money and that’s a fact.  Don’t end up like every HIV case in the history of porn which all came from a homosexuals.

Derek Hay owner of LA Direct Models

See a straight man will never turn down money to fuck some vagina cause the straight mans penis will get hard and he will enjoy fucking that vagina. A gay man on the other hand even if they are in the closet and claims they are only gay for pay in there past {which is complete bullshit} will always take money to fuck a HIV infested man shit holes behind closed doors where he thinks no one is looking cause his dick got hard for that man and he enjoys it if he admits it or not. Straight men cocks dont get hard for other men, PERIOD, END OF STORY, NO IF ANDS OR BUTS.

We here at want to make sure it is very clear why we are here and our mission before we release our next leak to all the world media. Here is the list of gays hiding working in straight porn like HIV positive Cameron Reid was and all the other HIV breakouts in straight porn.

Closet homosexual Chad Diamond



Mexican crack hooker Kristina Rose more Important than Brooke L Tompkins

A couple days ago fanboy loud mouth loser Sean Matthew Tompkins was whining to Donny on twitter trying to make deals to have him remove content off PWL. Super porn star god hero superman Donny Long decided to have some fun with him and find out what he wanted removed. See its so easy to trick a tard like Sean even Monica Foster can do it. By the way Monica was suppose to write a story about this and never came through. Anyways when Donny told Sean he would remove his family in trade for Sean shutting his faghole and pulling his shitty site offline Sean turned around and asked that Kristina Rose be removed. Thats right this sicko fanboy, pornstar, stalker, would rather kiss the ass of a crackhead porn hooker than save his daughter, 3 sons, father, 2 brothers and many more around him from this embarrassment once google reindexes our site. By the way even not in google our whosamung us proves that we are getting more traffic than all his site put together. Yes you heard that right Brooke L Tompkins of Smithson Valley High school, class of 2012, Cibolo TX. daddy cares more about scoring hooker points with Kristina Rose than what your classmates in college and future employers think of you.

Now if all that is not bad enough after being asked if he seriously cared about her more than his own daughter and the rest of his family he said that he wanted the rest of the Spiegler hookers removed also because Mark Spiegler the gay child rapist was his good friend. Now I dont know about you guys but normally when I call someone a good friend I have to atlest know them to have met them a couple times or atlest even once. Sounds to me like fagkins just wants to try and look like a captian save a hooker and trade HIV with the Spiegler hookers and thats more important than his family.

So because now we know this we will have a post coming up about Kristina Rose that she will love. Did Tompkins just kick himself and a spiegler girl again hmmmm. Not scoring hooker points from what I see.

Here are the STD infested gay loving hooker whores 2 wiki pages.

Here she is in her first scene getting ripped open by porn god Donny Long but Donny insisted to wear a condom with her cause he knew she was a Mexican crack whore. More to come stay tuned.

File:Kristina Rose Donny Long.jpg

Also Mercedes Ashley has some post coming up so watch out for those.

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Whats coming up next from

Well we can sit here all day clowning on jealous failed at life retarded fanboys and there failed actor/director suitcase pimp boyfriends but we have a mission here and are going to start focusing more on our mission very soon. Before we start heavy and hard exposing all the gay crossover talent that are ruining porn with there high HIV risk and HIV spreading and the girls that like to work with them we have some other things to do. We will also be targeting the illegal gay pimps like Derek Hay and his hookers hard. We have been updating scripts and functions of the site getting ready for all this but also making backups and mirrors of the site on different servers.

This stuff is more important to us right now and until this is down we will just be kicking the odd whore or fag here or there on the blog as they pop off. One of the other things we are setting up is our uploading/leaking system for everyone to be able to upload mass amounts of photos and data at once. The wiki u can now upload PDF files up to 60mb and this is all for the leaking of all the 2257 docs and ids we are about to release. Once this release starts we are going to be in contact with many mainstream news sites and have to have this site ready for the traffic before it happens. Anyways we have a couple post coming up including one about our favorite hooker and her pimp

Kristina Rose

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