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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Is Sonny Hicks gay? You be the judge.

So this weeks closet homosexual that says he is not gay is Sonny Hicks. We all know that anyone that talks shit to or about super straight porn hero legend Donny Long the great is either a closet case or a fag hag that hates straight cocks that will give her pussy a good hard […]

Mercedes Ashley escort review

We had to post this Mercedes Ashley escort review that a fan posted on the 33 page thread about her and her life. Also remember she is still HIV positive. Mercedes Ashley still pops off and still has not learned she is only kicking herself and making more of her fans kick her when she […]

illegal crack hooker Kristina Rose and her illegal pimp

We are going to sidetrack a bit on this post cause Mark Spiegler the gay child rapist illegal suitcase pimp with his boyfriend Sean Matthew Tompkins is popping off at his fag hole all over twitter again with his alts. Since in the coming post we are going to be talking about illegal pimps anyways […]

Closet homosexual HIGH HIV RISK crossovers EXPOSED

This list was one of the main reasons PWL was born besides exposing illegal gay pimps like Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler and all the laws they break everyday. This is a list of closet homosexual crossover talent that not only worked on the gay side of porn but work secretly or openly in some […]

Whats coming up next from

Well we can sit here all day clowning on jealous failed at life retarded fanboys and there failed actor/director suitcase pimp boyfriends but we have a mission here and are going to start focusing more on our mission very soon. Before we start heavy and hard exposing all the gay crossover talent that are ruining […]

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