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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Bobby Manila took Christianx Naughty America shooting gig

Revenge is sweet.  Finally, a victory for the straight man. Bobby Manila is one of porn valleys most respected directors and POV performers. He likes to stay on the down low and has shot for most everyone. He doesn’t fuck trannies or shoot trannies and he doesn’t like Christianx and his HIV infested risk taking. […]

Derek Hay has enemies in Florida

Derek Hay, the most hated man in porn aka the gay pimp who runs LA Direct models, is already having problems in Florida after trying to expand his prostitution ring there since late last year. As we all know, Derek Hay is a pompous cunt who will stop at nothing to fuck over everyone, including […]

Monica Foster rape story is a lie

Monica Foster is telling a tall tale about being raped three years ago by a guy who’s name was Chance. She didn’t remember much but said it happened after a porn party. Well, Chance got wind of her bullshit lies and decided to post a response on our board: “Hello, my name is Chance and […]

Diane Duke and Sharon Mitchell fail at scamming people AGAIN!!

We have some interesting things unfolding after Diane Duke from the Free Speech Coalition and her lawyers wanted to shut down After they made a public statement about wanting to take PWL’s free speech rights away, and PWL found out why. It turns out the FSC had had funded $13,000 dollars for AIM health […]

Porn Wikileaks Fan Signs: A preview of coming atractions…

As the Porn Wikileaks continues to go viral a new trend is beginning to take shape, PWL fan signs. Feel free to join the cause by posting you fan sign in the forums! Enjoy! PWL Fan Signs         Notice: Making a Fan Sign is cool but doing so has no bearing […]

Three people show to Free Speech Coalition’s “Industry Wide” meeting

Diane Duke is a real party animal. No doubt when the Free Speech Coalition closes up shop after failing to organize the pool of porn performers in the adult industry, she has a great future promoting and planning parties and events. The Free Speech Coalition, aka Fag Speech Coalition, held an “Industry Wide” meeting on […]

Is this a Hate Crime?

A particularly offensive image has surfaced from one of the anti-Semitic porn projects Mark Spiegler and two Spiegler girls collaborated on. Here we have Jewish Spiegler client Dana DeArmond LICKING a Menorah in a sexual way while naked (in “Nice Jewish Girls”). It’s not even a 9 branch Hanukkah Menorah, which is the equivalent of […]

Juelz Ventura Gold Digging Spiegler Nazi Whore

Juelz Ventura aka Shayna Lefevre was apparently married to Milwaukee Brewer Bill Hall. But when he lost his job due to poor performance in 2009, she filed for divorce the next day! Nice one! Another gold digging porn whore! Juelz has said several times she was married to a pro baseball player at age 20 […]

Naughty America Confirms Christianx is Fired

Porn Wikileaks is getting more and more powerful and making people open there eyes. There is no ignoring us with the high traffic we get and people are having to take action and do the right thing. This is a serious post but there is a video at the end that is a parody of […]

Mark Spiegler Profited from Nazi Porn

It appears Mark Spiegler, who is Jewish, booked his client Dana DeArmond (also Jewish) to perform in Nazi concentration camp themed fetish porn. DeArmond told an interviewer “I worked for Rocco Siffredi in Europe last year-it was in a scenario where I was being held prisoner by Nazis”. Evidently it features her being sodomized by […]

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