Bobby Manila took Christianx Naughty America shooting gig

Revenge is sweet.  Finally, a victory for the straight man.

Bobby Manila is one of porn valleys most respected directors and POV performers. He likes to stay on the down low and has shot for most everyone. He doesn’t fuck trannies or shoot trannies and he doesn’t like Christianx and his HIV infested risk taking.

Bobby Manila is one of the few people currently working in straight porn that actually likes girls!

Bobby has shot for Brazzers, Legend, Hustler, Doghouse Digital, DVSX and more. He shot most of Brazzers early scenes and helped put Brazzers on the map.

Years ago, Christianx used to complain that Bobby wouldn’t hire him to perform for Brazzers. He wined like a bitch for months and then finally Bobby hired him for one scene where this picture was taken:

Bobby Manila "Fuck you Chrissy! Im back on top!"

Well, it looks like Naughty America finally wised up and hired a talented and straight director to shoot their content.

When Bobby parted ways with Brazzers years ago ChrissyX gloated and even tried to get Bobby’s shooting gig from Brazzers!

Of course, Brazzers would NEVER be so stupid as to hire ChrissyX to shoot fag talent for their company!

It looks like ChrissyX will now be regulated back to gay hooking and transsexual porn.

Bravo! And congratulations to Bobby Manila!

(P.S. Bobby, we removed your real name from our wiki)

From the Naughty America Forums, a recent post by Bobby Manila:

“Hello Guys and Gals,

I would like to introduce myself…my name is Bobby Manila. I am very happy to be a content provider for Naughty America. I am here to support all the other great content providers here at Naughty America.
A little about myself…I have been a director for 9 years now…I have shot over 100 adult DVD movies for companies such as Hustler, Doghouse Digital, DVSX, and Legend. On the Internet Side of things…I was a Contract Director for Brazzers for 3 years and managed their Los Angeles Production Team. Currently on the internet side I shoot for Naughty America and Twistys. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, CA and I graduated college with a degree in Video/Film Art. My hobbies are photography, videography, travelling around the world, watching basketball, football, and UFC. Personally I am very shy and private…but this business has led me to be more open and enjoy meeting new people. Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy my scenes! ” :)


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Derek Hay has enemies in Florida

Derek Hay, the most hated man in porn aka the gay pimp who runs LA Direct models, is already having problems in Florida after trying to expand his prostitution ring there since late last year.

As we all know, Derek Hay is a pompous cunt who will stop at nothing to fuck over everyone, including the girls he represents.

Apparently, Derek has already pissed off a competitor in Florida, an ex-con by the name of Shawn Burnsed who has been using twitter to warn girls of Derek Hay.

See below:

Shawn Burnsed vs LA Direct – Florida Pimp Agent going after Derek Hay

from twitter:

“This is a warning to all models that want to too work [email protected] or Derek Hay he is a dirty pimp and will rip you off @DirectModels

If go to work as a web cam model for @DirectModels and you miss a Scheduled show Derek Hay the dirty pimp will charge you a $300 fee

You can reach the dirty pimp Derek Hay from @DirectModels at his cell             818-429-1050

@LADirectModels Derek Hay at his cell             818-429-1050       or you can stop by and say hi to him at the house 12252 ostego st valley villagemCA91607″

Shawn’s twitter profile:!/BTentainment

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Monica Foster rape story is a lie

Monica Foster is telling a tall tale about being raped three years ago by a guy who’s name was Chance. She didn’t remember much but said it happened after a porn party. Well, Chance got wind of her bullshit lies and decided to post a response on our board:

“Hello, my name is Chance and I’m here to clear the air.

It has come to my attention that Monica Foster is spreading nasty rumors about me raping her in a condo in Hollywood in late 2008. This is simply not true. I am here to tell the story about what really happened.

I will start off by saying that I am a proud gay man. I have slept with women before and have a daughter but I no longer have any desire to be with women. Women just don’t do it for me anymore. However, being a good looking guy, I get hit on A LOT by women and one of those women was Monica Foster/Alexandra Mayers.

I met Alexandra in the bathroom at the condo in Hollywood in December, 2008. She was telling the truth when she reported this detail. But that is where she stopped telling the truth. She threw herself at me and I suspect that she was doing a lot of coke that night. I saw her do a few lines in the bathroom and that is the reason she came in there. I was in there fixing my hair. I don’t do drugs. She offered me some but I refused. Then she came on to me but I shot her down and gave her the reasons I gave above. Plus, I am not attracted to her. Then she grabbed my package with one hand and my ass with another and forced herself on me. I pushed her away. She then called me a faggot and got violent with me. At this point, I left the party.

The rumors she is spreading about me are untrue. What I saw on her wiki horrified me and I can tell you that it is probably 100% true as she has a horrible temper and mental problems. This is a very sick woman. She is a fag hag and this is why I suspect that she wanted me so bad – Because she could not have me.”

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Diane Duke and Sharon Mitchell fail at scamming people AGAIN!!

We have some interesting things unfolding after Diane Duke from the Free Speech Coalition and her lawyers wanted to shut down After they made a public statement about wanting to take PWL’s free speech rights away, and PWL found out why. It turns out the FSC had had funded $13,000 dollars for AIM health care when they opened and that Sharon Mitchell is Diane Duke’s not only friend but secret business partner.

Diane Duke can't get enough of your money

So after AIM healthcare went out of business and closed due to several lawsuits coming their way all of a sudden the FSC is now trying to get control of all the money again.. It doesn’t stop there, now not only are the FSC trying to gain control of the money porn talent spends on HIV testing,  they are trying to rip off talent and producers and charge $20 dollars more than AIM was charging for these tests ($150 total) and $40 more than Talent Testing Service is currently charging! They also want to charge a $50 dollar a year pocket fee to join some dumb organization they’re trying to form.

Get this, they also want to charge each producer $250 dollars a month. AIM tried to do this and failed. Everyone shared the passwords. If the government is not looking into the money laundering, scams and extortion that these drug addict bull dykes are doing, then something is terribly wrong.

It’s $250 PER MONTH for Producers that are not FSC members. $150 per month if you are a member. Are they fucking crazy?

Why does the porn business even need this service? Porn performer STD status should no longer be in the hands of these tyrants. They have proven they  cannot secure test data or personal information. Nor do they care about doing so.

If the FSC cared about YOUR personal information they would implement a new system instead of regurgitating the same failed program that didn’t work for AIM.

PWL did not release ANY medical information or STD test data. PWL ONLY released real names. PWL has been falsely accused by mainstream media of releasing medical information. It never happened.

All the FSC cares about is getting the money back that they lost when AIM closed.

Porn performer testing dollars is the LIFEBLOOD of the FSC vampires. Without it they too will die.

It’s time to put a fork in the FSC. Without the support of performers and studios, they are done.

The FSC doesn’t deserve the porn industry’s money.

The FSC vampires want your money!

Below are some comments from director/producer Justdavexxx, who is really someone on the inside of the business, unlike jokes like Mike South and Spiegler. JustDaveXXX shoots hundreds of performers every year for all the big porn companies. He has his own studio.

Justdavexxx sums it up on GFY:

“Rob no disrespect to you, but my gripe and disagreement is with FSC and the bullshit agenda that they are ‘trying’ to push on the adult industry is a strait insult. They want all of this money, annual fees, monthly producer fees and all that they are going to do is point you to an adult friendly clinic (because they don’t have one) and put all of the talents information into a data base and make bank. I already can get tested and get access to a talent data base for $110 per test with out my performers paying a $50 annually and me paying $250 per month producer fees for access to talents tests online. Now RedRob, I do understand that you get paid for giving us this information and I do not hold any of this against you. You seem like a good guy, but with the numbers I, and others have posted here what makes more sense to you? FSC’s bullshit, completely laughable idea of testing in the future? Or Talent Testing which is already in place for $110 per test, with No $50 Annual talent fees and no $250 per month producers fees? How can FSC be this dumb!! I truly believe that they have no idea that talent testing exists. I’m thinking that FSC thinks that there is no other game in town and feels they can charge what they want. What pissed me off the most is not the price but the intentions of the prices per test and all of the monthly producers dues and annual dues attached to it. I do know one thing and that is when I shoot anal, I use lube.”

JustDaveXXX continues on GFY:

“Fair warning to you guys at FSC; I work a lot and deal with talent day in and day out, one thing I do know is that if you charge more than $110 you will fail before you start. And as far as me being on GFY and complaining, I can do that all day long. Because at the end of the day, I already have a place to get my talent tested and it only costs me $110. Its fast, its reliable and it already works. Before I go to any type of meeting and waste my time, I want to know what the fees are going to be to get my talent tested. Keep in mind, I don’t need to convince you, you guys need to convince me. I got another option. Best advice I can give you guys; charge $95, have the tests available the next day and you wont even need a meeting, everyone will just come.”

But this is the porn industry. No one wants to come. They just want to cum.

IF you need HIV or STD testing, go to Talent Testing Service.

Fuck the FSC.

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Porn Wikileaks Fan Signs: A preview of coming atractions…

As the Porn Wikileaks continues to go viral a new trend is beginning to take shape, PWL fan signs. Feel free to join the cause by posting you fan sign in the forums! Enjoy!

PWL Fan Signs

Photo on 2011-05-25 at 23.32.jpg 

Photo on 2011-05-25 at 23.30.jpg 

Photo on 2011-05-25 at 17.50.jpg 

Photo on 2011-05-25 at 17.51.jpg 

Snapshot 20110527 3.jpg

Notice: Making a Fan Sign is cool but doing so has no bearing whatsoever on a name being removed.

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Three people show to Free Speech Coalition’s “Industry Wide” meeting

Diane Duke is a real party animal.

No doubt when the Free Speech Coalition closes up shop after failing to organize the pool of porn performers in the adult industry, she has a great future promoting and planning parties and events.

The Free Speech Coalition, aka Fag Speech Coalition, held an “Industry Wide” meeting on Thursday, May 26, 2011.

Three people showed. Chrisitianx, Nina Hartley, and Jules Jordan.

Perhaps this is because no one cares? Where was Derek Hay? Where was Mark Spiegler?

Maybe it’s because no one trusts the FSC after realizing that they were behind and profiting from AIM Healthcare and their shoddy handling of patient data.

AIM Healthcare kept a database of performers testing history, real name and stage names and ID numbers in a public online database for years after people left the business. AIM made sure EVERYONE in the adult business had a password and for anyone else passwords were freely traded inside the industry.

Why would AIM keep all that testing history and information available online? Why wouldn’t they limit the amount of testing history available? Or allow only performers to see and share the info with whom they see fit?

We’ll never know because Diane Duke‘s fall gal, Sharon Mitchell, has gone into hiding. No doubt Sharon Mitchell is advising Diane Duke and the FSC on how to pull off this latest scam.

Free Speech Coalition: It's a joke, right?

No doubt the FSC is freaking out that they have lost their stranglehold on the business through their cash cow AIM Healthcare.

Who is going to fund the FSC if some form of Talent Testing Service can’t be implemented that they can control?

From their press release:

“Free Speech Coalition (FSC) is calling all industry stakeholders to a meeting to preview plans for Adult Production Health & Safety Services (APHSS). Performers, producers, agents and other industry members that are concerned with STD testing protocols and workplaces safety are encouraged to attend. Media also will be allowed to attend.”

Wow! Three people showed up.

I guess the entire Adult Industry just can’t wait to give the FSC control of their personal and medical information again?

Kind of ironic that the FSC’s Twitter account is @fscarmy.

Looks like this is a war the Free Speech Coalition is going to lose.

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Is this a Hate Crime?

A particularly offensive image has surfaced from one of the anti-Semitic porn projects Mark Spiegler and two Spiegler girls collaborated on. Here we have Jewish Spiegler client Dana DeArmond LICKING a Menorah in a sexual way while naked (in “Nice Jewish Girls”). It’s not even a 9 branch Hanukkah Menorah, which is the equivalent of a Christmas tree. IT IS A 7 BRANCH TEMPLE MENORAH!!!!!! This is the type that was used in the Tabernacle in the desert and the ancient Temple in Jerusalem. It is considered sacred and is the official symbol of the State of Israel.

Another Mark Spiegler girl disgracing the Jewish faith

One could argue that this image in and of itself is a hate crime. It’s like having a naked porn performer lick a Muslim koran. It could also be seen as a political statement about the State of Israel. Maybe Spiegler and DeArmond are leftist self-hating Jews like George Soros, who does everything he can to undermine Israel.

As far as we at PWL are concerned, the self-hating Jew Mark Spiegler is a profiteer of hate. He should crawl back under his rock.

(This blog update written and submitted by Bucky)

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Juelz Ventura Gold Digging Spiegler Nazi Whore

Juelz Ventura aka Shayna Lefevre was apparently married to Milwaukee Brewer Bill Hall. But when he lost his job due to poor performance in 2009, she filed for divorce the next day!

Gold Digger Juelz Ventura aka Shayna Lefevre

Nice one! Another gold digging porn whore!

Juelz has said several times she was married to a pro baseball player at age 20 who got traded when her porn career was discovered, but she would never name the player or team. After taking into account where she’s from, her birthdate, marriage age, length of marriage and date of first porn appearances.

Bill Hall dropped the ball and lost Juelz Ventura

We can report the baseball player was Milwaukee Brewers 3rd baseman Bill Hall. Hall will be thrilled with all the shit she revealed about this anonymous player- like that he was turned on by her fucking other dudes ala Steve Mason.

When she’s not trying to rake in big bucks from sports stars or being a Penthouse Pet or hooking to high end clients, She’s doing Nazi Porn that her gay loser wannabee pimp agent Mark Spiegler books her to perform in.

Typical Mark Spiegler m.o. disgracing his Jewish heritage for lunch money.

Nazi Porn from another Spiegler girl

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Naughty America Confirms Christianx is Fired

Porn Wikileaks is getting more and more powerful and making people open there eyes. There is no ignoring us with the high traffic we get and people are having to take action and do the right thing.

This is a serious post but there is a video at the end that is a parody of Christian getting fired. The icq conversation is real.

Naughty America says "NO" to gay and crossover talent

What just happened is a step in the right direction and once Derek Hay the gay pimp is in jail we will feel must more relieved. We will give you a little inside info and tell you that Derek’s day is coming and he will not be able to run from it. Anyways now for the story:

We did a story a couple days ago about porn company Naughty America possibly firing Christianx and we have now confirmed it is true. We hit them up on messenger and got a lot of info from them.

At first they tried to claim that Christian never worked for Naughty America by using double speak and claiming that Christian “was never an employee of the company.”

We knew Christian was an independent contractor so their statement was side-stepping bullshit. When we asked again they finally came clean and admitted that Christian was fired by Naughty America.

Naughty America claims to not only have fired Christianx but says they will not be hiring high risk HIV gay talent to work in or near straight porn any more. Ok so below is the whole conversation between us and them.

The conversation below is exactly what was said on icq between Porn Wikileaks and Naughty America:

-begin icq chat-

porn wikileaks
We have some questions for you when you are on.

hello im on now

porn wikileaks

porn wikileaks
We have some questions about NA and Christianx
I am sure you know who we are right?

porn wikileaks
You there?

porn wikileaks
Well thats what we thought I guess nothing has changed with you guys. We will make note of it on our site.

lol wtf?

porn wikileaks
We have some questions can you answer them?

sure but whats with the uncalled for comment?

porn wikileaks
Listen you know who we are and what we are about right scott?
We are all over the world news cnn, fox, msnbc ect.
Listen does Christianx still work for NA?

no, he never has.

porn wikileaks
The forcing of gay talent that works in untested gay porn onto the straights must stop and NA is the biggest problem
Christianx has been producing and forcing his homo friends on straight female talent for years
for your company is he still working for you yes or no?

nope, he has never been a employee of this company.

porn wikileaks
Ok listen he shoots scenes for you guys and you let him

porn wikileaks
You support the industry being shut down and the government now making condoms a must by pushing these fags on the straights EVERYONE knows this

So aside from answering your question what else can i do for you?

porn wikileaks
So you are refusing to answer the question correct? We will take this as he still works for you

well, lets see..
Scott_NaughtyAmerica: no, he never has.
Scott_NaughtyAmerica: nope, he has never been a employee of this company.

porn wikileaks
We are doing a story on our home page about him and you guys and

looks like i answered your question

porn wikileaks
No you didnt does he still shoot scenes for NA yes or no? HE HAS FOR YEARS

porn wikileaks
You guys tweet with him bragging about him being your best director

we are no longer buying content from him

porn wikileaks
We would like to put some positive out finally about you guys in this story but if you cant confirm that he is no longer shooting for you then we cant

porn wikileaks
Ok cool this is glad to hear

we have NEVER tweeted about him.

porn wikileaks
Not true the Naughty America twitter account tweets with him all the time.

he might may have tweeted something or retweeted a post of ours but we never directly tweeted anything in regards to Christan as a producer for us

porn wikileaks
Answer us this will you be having more gay crossover talent shoot movies for you or are you going to keep the high riskers out of straight porn finally? This is what our 7 million viewers a month want to hear

we dont dictate the male talent, but its up to the producers to make sure that they are tested and clear. EVERY performer has to provide this proof or we do not work with them, its that simple

porn wikileaks
Listen you know as well as I do test dont mean shit when one of these faggots take there cock out of a untested hiv positive fag on the gay porn side and use that same test in straight porn Cameron Reid proved that and gays before him also that spread HIV in straight porn
you know as well as everyone in the business that Christianx is the highest risk gay crossover in porn and a hazard and you bought scenes from him for years

interesting, do write these articles on your site the same way?

using “faggot” and such?
i mean you should to be totally legit

porn wikileaks
We are glad to hear you smartened up and are no longer but we want to know if your next director and stock of performers are going to be gay like you have been doing

porn wikileaks
Yes we do its called free speech
We dont live in gay loving HIV positive infested Califorina and we will print that. Take it to the bank
Are you gay?


porn wikileaks
You should get a laugh out of what we are about to publish then

porn wikileaks
Can you please answer our second question. Will you be buying scenes from and or with HIGH RISK GAY CROSSOVER PERFORMERS STILL?


porn wikileaks
So you are telling us you will be only using straight performers and directors from now on?

porn wikileaks
Is that nope to answering us or to “Will you be buying scenes from and or with HIGH RISK GAY CROOSOVER PERFORMERS STILL?”

no we dont our content from, or with.

porn wikileaks

(8:59:43 AM) porn wikileaks: Is that nope to answering us or to “Will you be buying scenes from and or with HIGH RISK GAY CROOSOVER PERFORMERS STILL?”

(9:00:21 AM) Scott_NaughtyAmerica: no we dont our content from, or with.

porn wikileaks
we dont our content?


porn wikileaks
oh ok lol

porn wikileaks
Listen we want to do a nice story on you guys about this so what else can you tell me you would like us to add?

We heard Johnny Castle is one of your new guys and he is a gay escort and with Derek Gay’s agency so whats up with this?

thats incorrect as well.

porn wikileaks
So he will not be shooting with or for you?

you can call our offices this afternoon to run your questions by us and we will be glad to answer them

porn wikileaks
Sorry we remain anonymous
But thanks for the offer

oh sorry, but i have people to that need my assistance, i just walked in 30 mins ago
we can discuss further closer to noon PST

porn wikileaks
Ok I think we have enough for now is there anything else you would like to add for this story?

porn wikileaks
By the way Scott how long have you been with NA?
And if you want tell us your job title with them?

porn wikileaks

-end icq chat-

Here is a parody video detailing Christian getting fired!

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Mark Spiegler Profited from Nazi Porn

It appears Mark Spiegler, who is Jewish, booked his client Dana DeArmond (also Jewish) to perform in Nazi concentration camp themed fetish porn. DeArmond told an interviewer “I worked for Rocco Siffredi in Europe last year-it was in a scenario where I was being held prisoner by Nazis”. Evidently it features her being sodomized by Siffredi in an Auschwitz-like setting.

PWL cares

Dana described it as “very rough”. It’s hard to imagine how anyone, let alone people of Jewish extraction like Spiegler and DeArmond, could sexualize the treatment of concentration camp Holocaust victims who ended up being gassed to death. But then this isn’t the only instance Porn Wikileaks knows of where Spiegler and DeArmond put a paycheck ahead of the sensitivities of Jewish porn fans.

Greedy pimp Mark Spiegler sells out his people for chump change

Spiegler also booked DeArmond and his client Kelly Divine to appear in the title “Nice Jewish Girls”. It features the two fornicating with James Deen Rothstein while he’s portraying an orthodox rabbi and they are dressed as Hasidic jews. The box cover features a Star of David flag, a menorah and Rothstein wearing a rabbinic prayer shawl. I hope these paychecks were worth selling out your Auschwitz cousins, Mark.

Not so nice Jewish girls

All of us at Porn Wikileaks are disgusted by this and we’d like to remind Spiegler that money isn’t everything. We suggest he spend a few hours watching “Schindler’s List”.



(This blog update written and submitted by Bucky)

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