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Monthly Archives: April 2011

How do you spell GFE?

(Click here to join the fun!!!) How do you spell GFE? GED!!! Introducing the ugly and classless prostitute and porn whore Mercedes “Pinto” Ashley!! Stay in school kids. You don’t EVER wanna be like this bitch!! (Click here to join the fun!!!) (Click here to join the fun!!!)   (Click here to join the fun!!!) […]

Greg Centauro is dead

(Discuss this thread here) Greg Centauro is dead. Greg Centauro (born January 10, 1977) was a French porn actor and director. He lived in Budapest and died on March 26, 2011 of acute heart failure (cocaine overdose?) after breaking up with porn actress Blue Angel. He had a cocky confidence on camera that the girls […]

Free Speech Coalition attempts to silence Porn Wiki Leaks!!!

(Discuss this thread here) Free Speech Coalition attempts to silence Porn Wiki Leaks!!! Unbelievable. You heard it right. The Free Speech Coalition is attempting to quiet the voice of Porn Wiki Leaks and shut PWL down. (click link for info) This is the same organization that “supposedly” champions free speech rights and stands behind controversial […]

Hunter Bryce aka Kathryn Johnston is dead. Rest in Peace.

(Discuss this article here) Hunter Bryce never awoke from her sleep the morning of April 13, 2011. She was 30 years old. The adult press has been using the term “passed away” as if she were a 90 year old grandmother and not the hard partying porn star hooker that she was. In the new […]

Porn Wiki Leaks suppository – a tough pill to swallow

A tough pill to swallow?

The Porn Wiki Leaks suppository has landed on your desk. What will the porn industry do? Call the police? Who is Donny Long? And who’s really behind all this madness? Is the gay mafia invloved? And what do those Porn Wiki Leaks people really want? Is it true what they say? What’s Monica going to […]

Is AIM Healthcare closed for good?

(Discuss this article here) AIM healthcare has closed their doors for remodeling? They can’t be serious. Could this be the end of the sham that is AIM Healthcare and Sharon Mitchell’s reign as a fake doctor? Did Porn Wiki Leaks have anything to do with this? Maybe next time there is an HIV outbreak (and […]

A look at the legalities of

Porn Wiki Leaks is winning again! duh! This is more info about laws and proof that all the threats we are getting are pointless and nothing can be done to stop us. This is a great read even though again they skipped over the reason behind our site and the point of all this because […]

Press release!! For immediate release to all media!! PWL FAQ

This will be our FAQ so please look them over because I bet a lot of this stuff you didnt know. PORNWIKILEAKS “You Can’t Handle The Truth” Q. What is pornwikileaks? A. “PORNWIKILEAKS is a web based media organization that is currently in it’s beginning stages of development. It’s one part pornography, one part shock […]

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