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2 years in a row, Desiree Brennan doesn’t get any birthday wishes on Twitter

Two years in a row, Desiree Brennan, who takes pride in her Twitter followers even though they don’t pay any attention to her, had announced that it was her birthday, no one acknowledged her!

Hell, even Sean Tompkins, just one of the people that Desiree is obsessed with, tries to alienate, and thinks that he likes her, she had tweeted to him that it was her birthday and he didn’t even wish her a happy birthday. Even Goddess Vienna, Ari Bass, and Crystal Hefner didn’t wish her a happy birthday.

Another year goes by and Desiree isn’t able to get a man to become attracted to her fat ass. Another year goes by and no man wants to duck Desiree, date her, or anything else. Another year goes by and Desiree’s Twitter followers don’t pay her any attention.

No wonder why she hides her identity while she talks shit, imagine how much more of a loser and failure she is if she were to reveal more about her pathetic life!

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